Lord of Columbia Series

The Story of Columbia

Fighting Tyranny: Episode I in the Neo Skyehawk Series

Fighting Tyranny is the first episode in my perma free Neo Skyehawk Series, which serves as a group of novelettes and novellas that are a predecessor to the Lord of Columbia Series, where the first two episodes can be viewed in further detail here and here.

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Neo Skyehawk Series, Book V: Fighting the Great Plan, Part II

Welcome back, guys, and I have an awesome treat for all of you reading today. As I stated a couple weeks back, Episode IV in the Neo Skyehawk Series Fighting the High Seas, is coming along well and as expected. But what I didn’t tell you all was that I already concocted a plot for the book’s sequel, Fighting the Great Plan, Part II. In doing so, the perma-free series will see two new releases within a short time of one another.

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What to Expect in the Lord of Columbia Series: A Roadmap

Last week I unveiled the cover for Missing in Columbia with a detailed description of the plot soon to follow at a later time, perhaps as early as next week. Today, I’m writing to hand you all a road map of the Series and just how many books I plan on writing before calling it.

While these plans can always be subject to change, the layout is one I’ve stuck with over the past couple of months via an outline of the series.

So how many books am I going to write?

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Introducing the Cover Art for Missing in Columbia

Missing in Columbia is Episode III in the Lord of Columbia Series and the completion of the first of four trilogies in the series. When it comes to choosing a book cover, as I’ve posted both here and on Lord of Columbia Series’ sister site, My Freedom Flame, elements of plot and genre should be fused together.

It’s exactly what I did with the cover here, and without further ado, have a look for yourself before I tease you all a bit on what this cover is all about.

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Swords of Destiny: Episode II in the Lord of Columbia Series

You guys asked for it, so today, I’m releasing the expanded description for Swords of Destiny: Episode II in the Lord of Columbia Series, which is the sequel to Northern Knights.

Set six months after the events of Northern Knights, the war between the Southpoint Empire and the Columbia Colonies is heating up. While few battles have taken place, the Columbians have spent the last six months growing and preparing their numbers for assaults on liberating strategic cities and towns from Southpoint occupation.

When returning from a Columbian Council meeting, Cain’s concern grows when a best friend turns up missing. His fears deepen when he and his sister Taj realize neutral bounty hunters siding with neither Columbia nor Southpoint are making their living seizing anyone they deem valuable and selling them off into slavery.

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The Lord of Columbia Series’ Anarchocapitalist Allegorical Twist

When one looks deep into the Lord of Columbia Series, they’ll find an allegory that the anarchocapitalist will enjoy reading. To an extent, anyway.

Now, in the age of capitalism versus socialism, many have come to associate capitalism with an evil meaning and in some cases, they’re spot on, especially in today’s world of cronyism and quid-pro-quos.

However, anarchocapitalism differs in definition.

So what is it, exactly?

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Neo Skyehawk Series, Episode IV: Fighting the High Seas


Okay, Freedom Flames, as I love to call my reading audience, the latest installment in the Neo Skyehawk Series has been named and the first draft is well in progress.

As I stated last week in my update, Book IV, or Episode IV will have a name and cover, so today I’m fulfilling my promise. Book IV will be entitled Fighting the High Seas, and it is what I’m referring to as the peak book in the epic fantasy, which provides a historical background on its sister Lord of Columbia Series.

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Update! Missing in Columbia and Book IV

As promised, I am giving you all a quick post to serve as an update to my current work in progress, Missing in Columbia, and Book IV in the Neo Skyehawk Series.

I’ve made awesome progress not only in these two works but have also embarked on completing the first draft for another book and have even outlined the first draft of another related work, so we have a lot on our plates here.

But, this post will just focus on the Lord of Columbia and Neo Skyehawk Series.

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Northern Knights: Behind the Scenes

Okay, we’re going behind the scenes in the creation of Northern Knights, Book I in the Lord of Columbia Series. Today, I’m taking you through the journey of my three years of struggles while writing this book, which is unlike Swords of Destiny, Missing in Columbia (not released yet), Book IV, or the beginnings of Book V.

From July 2015 when I really buckled down and got serious with the plot until August 2018, when I launched the book on Amazon, Northern Knights went through more changes than the techno world did between the years 1990 and 2018.

All within three years, how about that?

This is an article less about myself and the Lord of Columbia Series and geared more toward budding writers who are working on their first novel in hopes that they avoid some mistakes I made that continually delayed the release of Northern Knights.

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Lord of Columbias Series Themes

I’ve covered similar topics regarding themes but today I’m diving deeper into the theme pool as I explain to readers all they need to know regarding Lord of Columbia’s major themes.

Today, we’re talking about the following:

1) Patriotism

2) Libertarianism

3) Non-interventionism

If the above three themes sound like something from former Congressman Ron Paul, you’re onto something. Yes, Paul’s work was a major influence behind my own, as I stated in an earlier post, but today I’m looking to dive deeper into the entire puzzle in the themes behind Lord of Columbia.

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