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What is Lord of Columbia?

For those that don’t know, Lord of Columbia is a new adult urban fantasy series that takes place in the world of Gaia, which is eerily similar to our own world. The series itself is an allegory of American history, except the entirety of this history is set in modern times.

The first trilogy covers three years of modern/fantasy warfare regarding a group of colonies fighting for independence against a repressive empire that has exercised control over Gaia for centuries.


Who is Lord of Columbia For?

Something I couldn’t do was justify using traditional Anacap colors of black and yellow.

Those who love real-world history will definitely see some correlations play out in this urban fantasy series while others who are fans of the Libertarian/Anarchocapitalist sector will also find entertainment in the work, especially when I contrast societal differences between occupied and unoccupied Columbia.

Anyone who grew up watching Avatar: The Last Airbender will find the spin on element control entertaining, and those who loved Harry Potter also see a correlation between my work and J.K. Rowling’s bestselling series in many aspects, especially in the first book.

Finally, those who grew up following and supporting the NFL’s Cleveland Browns will find satisfaction in what I’ll call a sub-allegory, which one can decipher where it’s going by simply viewing all three book covers, which contain elements of orange and brown, as well as the cover of the box set.


Episode I: Northern Knights

In our first episode, we follow Cain, an arrogant college athlete gifted in the five classical elements of air, water, earth, fire, and Spirit.

Cain wants nothing more than to turn pro in his chosen sport of shotball (think handball meets rugby) and is ignorant to the imperial corruption surrounding him and his homeland. However, a military draft leaves Cain with an ultimatum when imperial soldiers rounding up high school and college-aged kids for conscription corner him and his friends.

Using their abilities, Cain and his crew ignite an uprising that hasn’t been seen in decades, leaving them fugitives from the empire’s harsh law.

Upon defecting to the one unoccupied region in his homeland, Cain and leaders of a voluntary yet powerful force known as the Freedom Flames prepare for the inevitable as the uprising in occupied colonies gain steam.

When war breaks out, it’s only a matter of time before the imperials target the unoccupied land.


Episode II: Swords of Destiny

Cain and the crew are forced to return to occupied lands when a good friend of their rebel coalition is captured behind enemy lines and imprisoned in the empire’s harshest political prison.

Cain gathers his crew an embarks on a rescue mission while witnessing the consequences of rebellion over the past ten months.

However, fate has a detour for Cain and he stumbles upon a mysterious entity who gifts him a boon that will enhance his elemental ability tenfold. Using the object, Cain leads his merrymen and women through a war-torn region, ultimately splitting up after losing each other in an intense battle.

Now alone, the crew races to rescue their friend and put a stop to the empire’s political prison system once and for all.


Episode III: Missing in Columbia

Upon being dispatched to apprehend a dangerous imperial leader, Cain is shot down and left stranded in a forested region. Only Cain and a co-partner survive the attack and soon find the forest to be infested with imperialists who are tasked with hunting down and slaughtering dissenters to the empire’s conscription.

Soon, word leaks out that Cain survived the attack as he and his co-partner face hordes of imperial troops reinforcing one another and surrounding the region from each direction.

As if it isn’t bad enough, things take a turn for the worst when they catch word that the most notorious imperial leader has returned to Columbia and is intent on leading troops into the unoccupied region of North Columbia. If the area is overrun by imperialists, Columbia will completely fall into the empire’s hands.


Extra Features!

With the work comes a preview of Book IV in the Lord of Columbia Series, Raven’s Flock, scheduled to be released in early-2020 which will kick off Trilogy II.

If you’re starved for more of my works, feel free to visit the Neo Skyehawk Series tab to download your free copies of four novelettes which serve as a prequel to Lord of Columbia, set five-hundred years in the setting’s past.

The series will give the reader a background on historical characters mentioned in the main Lord of Columbia Series. Characters like Neo Skyehawk, David ap Santos, Senecal LaSalle, Kia Romanoff, and others, whose lives and actions are important to LoC’s plot come to life in this series and their stories are told in great detail.

As novelettes, consider these to be fast reads which take up to two hours tops with each work consisting of between 10,000 and 20,000 words.


Last Call

I hope you enjoyed these small, mysterious, and extremely vague synopses of each episode and if you are a fan of my work, feel free to follow my social media networks, where you can do so by clicking the icons at the top of this page or clicking the links below this article.

And finally, guys, as always, stay tuned for more updates on both the Lord of Columbia and Neo Skyehawk Series by returning to my blog often. I cover news related to my works, my many influences, plus even a few writing, editing, and publishing tips that I’ve learned over my first year as an indie-author, so if you’re a writer, feel free to keep coming back for more.

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Who is Sir David Mathew and What is His Importance to Lord of Columbia?

Todd Matthews, Sir David Mathew. A family line that extends over six centuries. Yes, the man known more as David ap Mathew is said to have become the founder of the modern-day Matthews line, and all variations of such a line. Such a real-life cavalier inspired perhaps the most mysterious and exciting character in both Lord of Columbia and Neo Skyehawk.

In fact, David ap Mathew was my primary influence for the character David ap Santos, who is mentioned in every single Lord of Columbia and Neo Skyehawk story, despite the fact he had never appeared as a character in either series.

While David ap Santos is merely mentioned, he plays perhaps one of the most important roles in both series, which will become apparent soon, as the mentioned character comes into his own. The reader will get to know David ap Santos, but to get an idea on David, let’s have a look at the man who inspired the character.

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Raven’s Flock, Coming to You in 2020!

Dear Freedom Flames,

I hope you’re as excited as I am that Missing in Columbia has been released and is now available for purchase on Amazon. With Missing in Columbia up and running, the First Trilogy in the Lord of Columbia Series is complete, which I’m also referring to as the first season.

But, now that Season One is in the books, the focus is now on Season Two, which will bring about new characters and an entirely new situation with the first book entitled ‘Raven’s Flock.’

You guys and girls are in luck since I’m giving you a little bit of a preview as to what to expect when Raven’s Flock is released in early-2020, preferably January-February.

If you’re interested in learning more about the next dose of action in the new adult urban fantasy thrillers, strap in as I take you through some new characters, themes, and even a couple plot elements.

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Why Lord of Columbia Was Almost Days of Gaia

A Riddle

The series found a name in Lord of Columbia, which beat out both Days of Gaia and Age of Columbia, simply because Lord was a hotter search term at the Amazon market than Days and Age. It was a strategy I picked up from Derek Haines of Just Publishing Advice.

But what was the symbolism behind Days of Gaia?

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Lord of Columbia and Neo Skyehawk: Two Libertarian Manifestos

The Freedom Flames in Lord of Columbia were based on the logo of the Libertarian Party.

I’ve always considered the Lord of Columbia (LoC) as setting the stage for a Libertarian manifesto, taken from Ron Paul’s book, The Revolution: A Manifesto, which I read back in 2012.

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Fighting the Great Plan, Part I: Episode III in the Neo Skyehawk Series

Click to claim your free copy of Fighting the Great Plan: Part I.

Today’s synopsis is about Fighting the Great Plan, Part I: Episode III in the Neo Skyehawk Series and the fourth book overall in the series if one counts the prequel Eurean Kingdom, which can be downloaded here as a reward for joining my ever-growing email list.

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Finding Musical Inspiration for Writing

How Music Influenced Lord of Columbia and Neo Skyehawk

We often associate musical influences within our works. For those of us who write fantasy, it often means we’re diving deep into music that allows our creative juices to paint a picture in the mind consisting of mountains, forested scenery, rivers, and streams, among others.

Even in urban fantasy, this may bode true as well, with a main cast holding a set of magical powers the masses lack, often discovering lost or ancient secrets about the world in which they live.

Whether I’m writing, in the gym, or driving, almost every single piece of music I listen to has, in a way, influenced scenes and dialogue in both Lord of Columbia and Neo Skyehawk. Below are my favorite bands and composers, as well as details to how each affected my writing.

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What is the Author’s Purpose in Lord of Columbia?

You may’ve learned about author’s purpose in grade and middle school. I remember learning of three: to inform, to entertain, and to persuade.

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How the Cleveland Browns Influenced Lord of Columbia

Site Logo for LordOfColumbiaSeries.com

A business brand is our identity, for those of us embarking on our own in an attempt to be our own bosses and make a living on our own terms. And yesterday, while at my day job (as of March 16th 2019), I was talking to a co-worker before my shift. He stated the reason our warehouse is decked out in….wait for it….maize and blue…is because the man who founded the company has been a huge University of Michigan fan since the 1940s. Yes, he’s still living today at 93 years of age.

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What’s Your Stoicheion Element?

Stoicheion, the word I used to describe element, which stems from its Greek use, is the primary magical system in Lord of Columbia. The five Stoicheion elements, as I refer to them as, are water, earth, fire, wind (or air), and Spirit.

Each individual who possesses the ability to control a Stoicheion element also has potential to control others, such as if one can control fire, they also have potential to control water, earth, wind, or even Spirit.

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