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Month: January 2019

Northern Knights: Behind the Scenes

Okay, we’re going behind the scenes in the creation of Northern Knights, Book I in the Lord of Columbia Series. Today, I’m taking you through the journey of my three years of struggles while writing this book, which is unlike Swords of Destiny, Missing in Columbia (not released yet), Book IV, or the beginnings of Book V.

From July 2015 when I really buckled down and got serious with the plot until August 2018, when I launched the book on Amazon, Northern Knights went through more changes than the techno world did between the years 1990 and 2018.

All within three years, how about that?

This is an article less about myself and the Lord of Columbia Series and geared more toward budding writers who are working on their first novel in hopes that they avoid some mistakes I made that continually delayed the release of Northern Knights.

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Lord of Columbias Series Themes

I’ve covered similar topics regarding themes but today I’m diving deeper into the theme pool as I explain to readers all they need to know regarding Lord of Columbia’s major themes.

Today, we’re talking about the following:

1) Patriotism

2) Libertarianism

3) Non-interventionism

If the above three themes sound like something from former Congressman Ron Paul, you’re onto something. Yes, Paul’s work was a major influence behind my own, as I stated in an earlier post, but today I’m looking to dive deeper into the entire puzzle in the themes behind Lord of Columbia.

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Designing Book Covers: The Big What If?

The designing book covers dilemma has struck me, and while it’s possible I can still buy a pre-made book cover for Episode III in the Lord of Columbia Series entitled ‘Missing in Columbia,‘ a great personal debate has erupted here, so I’m polling the audience here for some much-needed recommendations and wisdom when it comes to choosing my latest book cover.


Mood or Genre

There are two elements us indie authors look for in book cover design; mood or genre. While it’s a safe pick to go with a genre-based cover early, in a book series there are times we might be able to deviate a little from such a rule.

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Channels, Pages, and Blogs that Influenced Lord of Columbia

I’ve recently spoken of many fiction influences and a few non-fiction historical events that influenced the Lord of Columbia Series, but today I want to get into some real-life YouTube channels, social media pages, and blogs that served as an influence.

Note, just because some of these works influenced the series, Lord of Columbia is still its own story and these influences were incorporated into the message and themes I used.

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Story of Columbia: Bringing the Lord of Columbia Series to Life

The Story of Columbia started back when I was a college student at Kent State University in 2010, but it didn’t come to life until Episode I, Northern Knights was published to Amazon on August 2nd, 2018.

Today, I’m sharing the story on when the Lord of Columbia Series came to life and how the series itself is just getting started with two books out and a lot more to come in the future.

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