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American exceptionalism is killing world peace – and has been doing so since the Teddy Roosevelt Era. Throughout recent American history, the self-belief and delusion that one nation, the United States, has been chosen by God to set off on a “sacred mission” to dominate humanity and its resources, as stated by Roosevelt himself.

If not by intimidation and bribery, then America would, as it’s done since the turn of the 19th century, use violence against those nations with whom they seek interest to usurp control of both governments using a handpicked tyrant and that nation’s resources.

As diplomat and historian George F. Kennan once wrote, ‘Non-Americans were to be cast in “our image,”; describing the American dominance of what he called the “Grand Era,” which included most of the world, most notably Eurasia and China.

Today, Americans believe their nation won World War II and as a result, they’re exceptional and superior to the rest of the world. Such mythology has long held a stronghold over America’s conservative evangelicals and is referred to as the Central Pillar as the need to dominate which requires two ingredients:

1. Enemies

2. Fearmongering.

Which has been seen so many times throughout American history in the 20th

Such ingredients required for the recipe of so-called exceptionalism is reminiscent of none other than propaganda seen in Nazi Germany prior to World War II and its deeply rooted racism against Asia, be it the Middle East or East Asians, drives such a point home, most notable racism towards China.

However, it’s important to add that exceptionalism is not just embraced by America’s right, but also by the left – the latter is simply far more subtle about the notion.

Further, the fact that President Donald Trump appears to seek friendly relations with Russia while continuing his hostility to China is simply no more than a divide and conquer strategy against two allies of great powers. Dividing these allies with double-standards aims at weakening both nations to continue the “sacred mission” of American Exceptionalism well into the 21st century with Orwellian-style perpetual war.

It’s no different than the game played by Henry Kissinger.

Regardless of Trump’s so-called friendliness toward Russia, they US has aggressively pursued interests in Ukraine to militarize the western border of Russia which is far more threatening to Russia than it would be to China – just like the fact the US has built 40+ bases around the nation it dubs as the ‘greatest sponsor of global terrorism,’ Iran.

Further, the US currently surrounds China with 400 military bases and regularly sails military ships in Chinese waters while flying drones over its airspace. At the same time, American-led NATO forces, 70% of which is made up by the US Military are currently amassing on the same Russian Frontier the Nazis once crossed during World War II. Of course Russian President Vladimir Putin has the right to raise alarms in relation to the US.

As this debacle around the world continues in regard to Russia, Iran, and China, we at home remain distracted with mindless entertainment that is greater now than ever before while the American government uses multi-corporate-backed media to continually spread its anti-Russian, Chinese, and Iranian propaganda to an unsuspecting American public. This has successfully duped the masses here at home that our military must be overseas to curtail aggression from foreign powers without conducting their own independent research on just how minute (if that) of a threat such foreign powers are.

Why is Russia branded an enemy?

Because they refuse to back down to the iron fist of today’s Global Imperialists, the American Empire. In truth, Russia is not the Soviet Union of years’ past, even if the corporate-backed media continually treats them as such. Russia’s crimes have been the following:

1. Playing a mostly positive and independent role in Middle Eastern affairs.

2. Like the Chinese, they have forged peaceful alliances with world nations, unlike the US who always seems to have an enemy lurking – often a manmade enemy.

Today’s constant defamation of Russia, leading to Russian Derangement Syndrome here in America, as America has literally departed back into the Cold War era, with many referring to this new standoff with Russia and its allies as Cold War II. However, in today’s world, the main aggressor is the American Empire, not the Nationalist Federation of Russia. Instead, it’s constant Nazi-like propaganda plaguing the American public with its consistent anti-Russian message reaching unsuspecting Americans who are too busy to conduct their own independent research on the matter.


Because the media of today is a corporate-backed mantra rather than an independent press, as RT’s Rick Sanchez noted during a speech at the Ron Paul Institute. The real force in today’s mass media here in America? Corporate public relations.

Just take a look at the way the news is written today and note certain similarities between the anti-Trump MSNBC and CNN and the pro-Trump Fox News. What do these networks agree on? Anything that is anti-Russian, anti-Iranian, and anti-Chinese.

Such an example can be seen on the article that inspired me to write this one from Lew Rockwell in an interview with Australian-born Journalist John Pilger – John was purged from the Guardian along with many other independent journalists the second the Guardian decided to promote the same fiction that you see in America’s mainstream media regarding propaganda against the Russians – obsessively in favor of British, Israeli, and US intelligence services with a somewhat liberal backing of the Democratic Party in America.

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