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So, I’m about halfway through Stephen Kinzer’s ‘All the Shah’s Men,’ and what is crazy striking about the work is the similarity between what happened during the 1953 Iranian Coup and what is now going on in Latin America. While the US claims their efforts are for “humanitarianism, peace, and democracy,” history paints another picture, one of America’s failed foreign policy in Latin America.

RT reported an article regarding US Secretary of State’s Mike Pompeo’s remarks where he stated the US will help ‘legitimate Latin American governments’ quell protests from turning into riots.

But what does Pompeo deem as legitimate?

Clearly, governments that he and others in the Trump administration deem ‘appropriate toward US interests’ while encouraging protests in nations whose government they deem to be ‘illegitimate.’

In other words, governments the US is accusing Russia and China of intervening in, with one instance being the socialist government of Venezuela headed up by Nicholas Maduro.

While socialism has wrecked every nation it’s ever been tried and while Maduro is clearly no angel, Pompeo clearly ignores one fact: That the US has implemented economic sanctions on nations such as Venezuela. Economic sanctions are acts of war that are intended to affect governments, but always drains the civilians of such nations of food, medicine, and resources, leading to perpetual unrest in such nations.

Pompeo also stressed there’s still an ‘awful lot of work to do’ in Latin America, but in all honesty, who is he kidding?

Just how many supposedly illegitimate governments have the US overthrown in Latin America?

Here’s a brief list since 1980:

Nicaragua: 1981-90

Panama: 1990

Ecuador: 2000

Venezuela: 2002

Haiti: 2004

Honduras: 2009

Bolivia: 2019

And people, especially Conservative America wonders why we have an immigration crisis at the Southern border?

So, Mike Pompeo continues to stress that ‘we have a lot of work to do’ in Latin America, but hasn’t the US ravaged these mostly developing nations already? Upholding repressive puppet regimes to rape the land of its resources and people of their resources?

Is it any wonder that Latin America never appears to have the means to fully join the developed world?

And as always, Pompeo warned about possible Russian and Chinese interference in the region, claiming that such countries will make good deals for governments and bad deals for citizens.

Oh, really?

Like back in 1953 when the CIA bolstered support for the Iranian coup of democratically-elected leader Mohamed Mossadegh by claiming the former Soviet Union threatened to spread communism to the region?

This lie was nothing more than retaliation to the fact that Mossadegh wished to nationalize Iranian oil for Iran, not the United Kingdom, who’d been meddling in the region since the 19th century, and when the fact modern machinery would run on oil occurred, raced for the black gold commenced in the region, with reps from the UK doing all they can to negotiate with the Iranian Shah at the time for the rights to drill while Iranians continually fought for their national identity.

So, how do the CIA and other western Intel organizations carry this out?

The answer is found in Chapter One of ‘All the Shah’s Men.’

The CIA does the following and it’s a tried and true mechanism.

1. They will recruit journalists and mainstream media heads onto their payroll to spread anti-government propaganda, much like what we see in Syria today and Libya back in 2010-2011.

2. They train recruits to start riots and plant them into the larger urban areas.

3. Riots occur, the news anchors publish pro-West and anti-government propagandist works that basically turn the public against their regime while news anchors from around the world broadcast the man-made crisis taking place.

Of course, this provides the means to the justification for potential US-led intervention, be it in Latin America or the Middle East.

Given Pompeo’s background as former CIA Director and openly stating (joking) that the CIA had entire training courses based on lying, cheating, and stealing makes one wonder whether the US-backed protests going on in Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, and Ecuador are following a similar blueprint that started with Iran back in 1953.

Per Pompeo stating the “character of legitimate democratic governments and democratic expression” and that “governments in the region should respect that” gives us a hint that the CIA likely has mainstream news anchors and recruits staging such riots on their payroll.

It has happened (and succeeded) before and could very well happen again.

I’m currently putting together a master list complete with sources (mainly books) regarding successful US-backed coups since the Iranian coup in 1953.




But let’s talk about Iran for a moment.

Is attacking Iran good for the world?

We know a few things about Iran, which completely debunks the claim that the nation is the world’s number one sponsor of terrorism: Iran hasn’t invited another nation uninvited in 200 years.

But we do know this: The US has about forty bases surrounding Iran.

How many military bases does the US have worldwide versus that of Russia, for instance?

Take a look at this map.

If I were an outsider looking in from another planet, who would be the aggressor?

The United States.

Who has been responsible for perpetual war and unrest since 1953?

Mainly the US, who can claim their military practically monopolizes NATO with a 70% military presence while the UK has 15% and the other 15% is divided between the rest of NATO.

And to this day, the US continues to propagandize perpetual war, unrest, and uncertainty throughout the world, beginning and ending with civil unrest in Latin America and the Middle East, all the while scapegoating nations like Russia, China, and Iran as the bad guys to fuel their endless propaganda and justification of overseas intervention.

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