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Police Brutality at its Worst


Pig. It’s a supposedly derogatory term used to describe police in America. But when America’s police problem not only runs out of control but is in fact usually kept out of the public eye, the insistence on worshipping such sociopaths becomes status-quo among almost all American citizens.

But the real numbers state different.

America has a police problem.

Now, I’m not condoning those who violently protest police to the point to where they’re burning down buildings and shutting down highways, contrary to such identical actions played in Northern Knights – let’s remember that the protests in Northern Knights were against Southpoint and cronyist Loyalists occupying Columbian land – quite the difference!

But before you turn around and tell me I’m either stupid or I don’t know what I’m talking about, which is usually code for “I hate you because I have absolutely no opinion to back your facts, Todd,” why not read this article, get motivated if you’re critical of police as I am, and get pissed off and tell me I’m an idiot if you’re a cognitive dissonant cop apologist.

Hey, it’s not my fault the blind – as in mentally blind – cannot think critically.

But let’s look at the facts before the cop lovers start dishing out their opinions.


Police Shootings Are a Leading Cause of Death

Yeah, you read that right and if you want, you can check my source.

Police shootings are a leading cause of death among young men, right up there with accidental deaths, suicides, homicides, heart disease and cancer.

Risk peaks in all racial and gender groups between the ages of 20 and 35.

Black men are at the highest risk, with about a 1 in 1,000 chance of getting shot by police in their lifetime while men in general face a 1 in 2,000 chance of succumbing to a police shooting.

While one might find it small, let’s compare it to the risk of dying of cancer: 6.3 deaths per 100,000 and getting killed by police 1.8 in 100,000.

Not too far off.

While the numbers are lower, the fact we’re even discussing the risk of getting killed by police as leading is something a country that champions itself the leaders of the free world should be ashamed of.

Police don’t kill civilians in free countries. Uh, people shouldn’t even be policed in free countries. And remember, America is an idea where people can live their lives without government intrusion, and that includes cops.

While some people claim we have a criminal problem, not a police problem, and if people did what they were told when a cop attempted to stop them a shooting wouldn’t occur, let me tell you this:




Hope that got your attention. Further, how many times do police need to open fire for mistaking someone for holding a lethal weapon that turns out to be an ink pen or a cell phone? The latter of which happened in their own backyard.


Fatal Shootings of Tommy Le and Stephon Clark

Let’s start with the shooting of Tommy Le, which happened back in 2017.

Three officers responded to a disturbance in King County where they saw armed men and opened fire.

Only the armed men weren’t killed.

No, the cops killed 20-year-old Tommy Le, who was armed with an ink pen.

Upon further investigation, King County justified the killing, stating, and this is no lie, that the ink pen Le held “could cause serious bodily injury if used to stab someone.”

I guess if we approach a cop these days while holding an ink pen it’ll be justified by our jurisdictions if they were to open fire on us.

I never thought anyone would be stupid enough to think ink pens could cause serious injury.

As for the King County’s Sheriff’s Office Use of Force Review Board?

The decision was unanimous.

Supposedly, Le charged at them and surrounding civilians while holding an ink pen and less lethal tactics, like a taser, didn’t stop Le.

Must’ve been a malfunctioning taser….note my sarcasm.

However, the office has been caught both misrepresenting or omitting facts surrounding the death of Tommy Le.

Initially, the office claimed their deputies killed a “knife-wielding man.”

Ah, you messed that one up, didn’t you? Sarcasm again. You lied, and you were caught in a lie. And of course, the fact Le was armed with nothing more than a pen was completely omitted before the department was caught in the lie when Seattle Weekly news editor Daniel Person questioned the official narrative. Only then was the office forced to admit the truth.

An autopsy showed Le was shot once in the wrist and twice in the back.

So how can someone charge at you if you just shot them in the back you lying cowards?

How do these cowards, who deal with dogs far less than mailmen but will shoot them anyway “fear for their life and safety” if a suspect is running away from you, holding an ink pen?

It’s why you don’t worship police. And it’s why we need to stop worshipping police. And it’s also why the word ‘Pig’ is used time and again in Lord of Columbia. It’s honestly time to stand up to these pigs and if neither counties nor courts help, it’s time for different measures.

Let’s move on to California, where police shot and killed Stephon Clark, who was holding a cell phone in his grandmother’s backyard.

One of the officers spotted Clark in a driveway and shouted, “Hey, show me your hands! Stop! Stop!”

After chasing Clark into his grandmother’s backyard, one of the officers – pigs – yelled, “gun! Gun!”

The pigs opened fire and didn’t stop until Clark lay motionless.

Again, you just shot at a man running away from you, just in the case of Tommy Le a year prior.

Again, you just stole a life, depriving the man of his Constitutional Rights of the Fourth and Fifth Amendments, among others.

These are just two of so many cases, with who knows how many more go unreported by the news media.

Again, the pigs fired because they felt their lives were at stake from a man who turned and ran from them holding a cell phone. If any normal human being committed such a cowardly act, they’d be jailed for life. Honestly, for life. But because a fake superhero wearing a costume with a plastic badge committed the act, it’s somehow justified.

And these so-called patriotic pig lovers suck pig dick and hold their lives to a higher standard, completely neglecting one of the opening lines of the Declaration of Independence (which real patriots should point to), that “all men are created equal.”

Unless they’re wearing a uniform, just like their predecessors, the British soldiers.

These people are clueless. They’re freaking clueless to the fact real patriotism means questioning and calling out your government when it’s wrong.

What’s even more disgusting?

When more officers arrived at the scene, a voice states, “Hey, mute.”

And the body cam shuts off.

What a bunch of lying, freaking, cowards.

Seriously. It’s absurd and appalling for this to happen in the ‘Land of the Free.’

Clark’s grandmother heard the shot, and rightfully declared these pricks to be murderers. That’s all they are, and any normal civilian would’ve been locked up for life at best, if not receiving a death sentence.

For more information, check out my source here.


Future Updates

Okay, so this is just one of many police accountability articles I’m looking to share here at Lord of Columbia Series, especially since police brutality ties in with one of my most underlying themes in Lord of Columbia, especially in Northern Knights. Next, I want to cover Qualified Immunity and a chilling fact that involved 85,000 police nationwide. I’ll also cover another chilling fact in which over 40% of all officers commit domestic violence.

It’s about time we, as freedom fighters, modern-day Sons and Daughters of Liberty, bring police brutality out of the darkness and into the light.


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