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Author: Todd Matthews

I'm a modern-day thought criminal who loves to confess to his own thoughtcrime through writing the Lord of Columbia Series.

The North Columbians Would Oppose Red Flag Gun Laws

Many of my gun control advocate friends and family on both the Left and Right side of the political spectrum have joined the crowd in advocating for further gun control in response to the recent mass shootings in Dayton and El Paso. However, something they often fail to realize is that increased gun control, especially red flag gun laws, do absolutely nothing to protect civilians against needless mass shootings and gives the most dangerous and violent government the world has ever seen a license to penalize law-abiding gun owners, something the People of North Columbia in my urban fantasy Lord of Columbia Series would oppose wholeheartedly.

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The Curious Case of Savannah Rivers

A little bit of character background today on one of my favorites in the entire Lord of Columbia Series: Savannah Rivers. If there’s one character that I consider a journeyman, or in this case, a journeywoman, it’s Savannah.

And no, I don’t mean journeywoman as in Savannah bouncing around from place to place in the Lord of Columbia Series.

Also, when I’m talking about character background, I don’t mean background in the same way as I would, say, giving information on the character’s life before the events of the story.

Because Savannah literally came from a different story.

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How to Play Shotball for both Competitive and Recreational Games

Okay, since so many of you want to learn more about America’s next great pastime in a sport that’s not being artificially pushed by ESPN, I thought I’d write a little article for you that undertakes the game’s rules and regulations. First off, shotball is a VERY easy game to understand, even if it can be a rather physical and at times violent game.

Bear in mind, you could realistically take the physicality out of the game by playing tag or flag versions of shotball that eliminates the tackling aspect and it’s still every bit as fun, and a great way to get into good cardiovascular shape.

So, I decided to embark on a project that I’m calling the Encyclopedia of Shotball, basically relaying game rules, as this article does, as well as actual strategies, so stay tuned because once I’m finished this product is getting bundled up into e-book form.

The good news for you shotball fanatics is even if the politics of the Lord of Columbia Series doesn’t appeal to your tastes, as it’s a Libertarian-based urban fantasy series that I’m not shy writing influences behind the series (see Libertarian Influences tab), but don’t fear, because shotball will be featured more and more on this site.

So, if you’re a fan of the sport and the Series, we can always agree to disagree on the political aspects and no, I don’t debate online, so don’t even try: I’ve wasted plenty of time doing so in my younger days when I could’ve been doing more positive activities.

I’ll be talking about the game’s history, both how it started in real life (when I wrote the rules of the game), and how it started in the World of Gaia, where Lord of Columbia is set.

I already gave a rundown of the SSL where one of the Northern Conference can be viewed here and the Southern Conference, here, so definitely check that out when you get a chance.

Now, for the rules of the game.

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Flags, Names, and Other Symbols in Lord of Columbia

So, I wanted to go ahead and give some clarification information on a few symbols and logos spoken of in the Lord of Columbia Series which are also seen on this blog. I’ve written a couple posts in the past describing a few of the symbols but this particular article encompasses every single symbol, from sports logos to the flags, one will come across when reading the Original Trilogy, or Books I through III.

During a late-night convo at a gas station (it’s actually the place to be in my hometown) friend of mine once pointed out that there’s always a reason behind me placing elements within my works. He couldn’t have been more right, and the same goes for the hundreds who have taken the time to comment on my blog.

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The Villains in Northern Knights

Several weeks ago, I released an article discussing all the protagonist characters in Northern Knights and one antagonist. Today, I want to expand on those characters who play more of an antagonistic role, which will also unveil some themes in the entire Lord of Columbia Series, which will be discussed under such character headings as I fill in a few backstories.

Most of the characters I’m outlining play a major or supporting role in Northern Knights, while other characters aren’t seen, but are most definitely discussed; one character was supposed to make an appearance in earlier drafts yet didn’t make the final cut. However, the tiny handful of unseen characters do play a major role later on in the Series, as well as potentially a major role in the Skyehawk Chronicles, formerly known as the Neo Skyehawk Series before the rebrand.

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A Q&A With Todd Matthews on Northern Knights

What’s up, Freedom Flames, this is Todd Matthews, author of the Lord of Columbia Series, Libertarian and alternative media enthusiast, and sports fanatic. Welcome to my little rundown for the Lord of Columbia Series. Since I believe all writers have inspiration, and perhaps numerous inspiration, behind writing their books or book series, I thought it’d be fun to answer a few frequently asked questions regarding Northern Knights and the Lord of Columbia as a whole.

This interview will give you a firm background on Lord of Columbia’s themes, political messages, and of course, the future of the Series. It’s a rather short interview that I’m looking to place into my Northern Knights book description so space is limited, but it will give prospective readers everywhere a nice, little look-in to see if the work is for them.

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