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Cain Riscattare’s Run-In’s Throughout His College Career

“The Cain Riscattare-led Knights look to take the Santos’ Intra-Complex Playoff for the fourth consecutive season, which would make Riscattare the only Primary Captain to win every Intra-Complex Playoff in Summit Shotball League history during his four seasons of eligibility.

“But things weren’t always smooth for Riscattare, who also duels in the winter and is part of the speed car circuit in the spring and early summer.

“Below is a list of Riscattare’s run-ins dating back to his freshman season of college.

1. During his debut game in the Intra-Complex Playoffs, he was seen on the sidelines tossing a water cooler into a bench in response to a penalty called on him by official Vince Lloyd.

2. During the first speed car race of the season in the Hallsburg 500, Riscattare wrecked senior driver Rich Johnson to win the prestigious race.

3. Riscattare received a suspension during his sophomore season for getting into a physical altercation with a reporter following a heartbreaking loss.

4. Also during his sophomore season, this time in dueling, Riscattare attacked opponent Scotty Volt following a tournament loss.

5. During the first game of his junior season against the Leistung Monarchs, Riscattare was reprimanded for wearing inappropriate attire on the field, a headband with the phrase ‘Bite Me, Lloyd’ written in magic marker.

6. And finally, in the final game of the season, also against Leistung, Riscattare drew criticism for spiking the ball on the Leistung logo following a Santos score. The Knights would go on to lose the game following a two-minute minor committed by Riscattare.

“John Mortenson is our college shotball expert covering the SSL and Cain’s troublesome past. John, Can Cain Riscattare stay out of trouble during his senior season or will his erratic behavior cost him if he decides to go pro?”

“Cain’s serious about potentially playing professional shotball over in Southland, which is a pipe dream for many of us here in North Columbia, given that he and everyone else in the SSL who resided in South Columbia are attending the school illegally in Southpoint Imperial terms, and if it wasn’t for Freedom Flames remaining undercover in the region his chances of going pro in Southland would’ve ironically improved.

“However, the Lourdean and Madridian leagues are fantastic secondary options for Cain, and he can also go north of the border to play in Kanata. Many teams in these leagues would be interested in signing the gritty pass-first center despite his character concerns.

“I will say to Riscattare’s defense, he’s never gone completely overboard.”

“Do you think his conduct is detrimental to the Santos Knights and would the team be better off if they released him?”

“Yeah, I definitely think the SSL could’ve come down harder, but at the same time he’s arguably the most exciting personality on the field in the SSL, which makes it tough to keep him off. Fans of other teams enjoy seeing him play, they love his toughness, they love seeing him get into the faces of his opponents, and he doesn’t confront unless confronted, minus the speed car incident.

“I think releasing Riscattare at any point during his run-ins would hurt the Knights. Cain is a fantastic shotball player and one of the best pure passers in the SSL today.”

“If Cain steers clear of trouble this season, is he a lock to be on a professional roster come next fall?”

“I think Cain and several others are definite locks to play somewhere. Teams of our allied nations are interested in signing him, and as for Kanata which hosts an annual draft, wants to bring him and others from the SSL to the KSL Combine in February. Right now, he’s projected to be drafted between rounds two and three, but if he puts together another strong season and stays out of trouble, he may even sneak into the first round.”

“What other Santos Knights are you looking at?”

“Well, Lira Ross is one of them, having won League MVP last season. She can play both attacker and wanderer, so there’s versatility there. She has arguably the best hands in the SSL and is quick to score.

“I also like Micah Riscattare, who was by far the better of the two Riscattare cousins when the two attended Tesla High School in South Columbia. Micah was a stronger and faster version of Cain, which persisted up here before Cain took the show. His hands are beyond impressive, making the most acrobatic catches at their highest point. He combines speed and agility, and is impossible to bring down regardless of where he is in the open field.”

“Out of the two cousins, who would hear their name called first?”

“I like Micah, but I think he’s already reached his ceiling, which may turn some teams away. Cain has been on the up and up since high school. If teams are concerned with character, they have to go with Micah and stay away from Cain, but if a team has a good system in place, drafting Cain isn’t as much of a risk.

“Overall, Lira Ross, if she decided to go pro, would get drafted over both, but her passion for shotball has come into question numerous times throughout her collegiate career, at one point stating she didn’t even intend to play college shotball until Cain and Micah coaxed her into it prior to their freshman season during a chance meeting on their first trip to Summit.”

“Does Cain have the highest ceiling if he can stay straight?”

“I think Cain indeed has the highest ceiling here. Overall, he has more potential than both Ross or Micah. Cain doesn’t have the strongest arm and never will, but he acted as a player/coach in high school, he knows how to read defenses, and gets rid of the ball when they put it in his hands. He has limitations for arm strength, and his style of play really reminds me of Tommy Montani, who led the Miners’ dynasty thirty seasons prior.”

“And I can’t help but ask. Do you agree with the Knights’ Big Three’s overall ratings on SSL Shotball 13?”

“I think Cain is a little underrated at 91. Micah’s good at 94, and Lira, clearly, should be 97.”

“Well, we’ll keep the situation hot on Cain’s trail as the season unfolds. Thanks for your time, John.”

“Glad I could be here.”

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