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The “Spoiler” Prequel to Lord of Columbia: Taking Back Saturday

Young Adult Rebellion, Sports, and Romance (With Some Urban Fantasy)

For those feeling nostalgic about the Original Trilogy, there’s a prequel coming along with Raven’s Flock.

There really isn’t much to scream ‘spoiler’ here other than the fact the prequel I have planned for Lord of Columbia that will be available on all free platforms culminating with the release of Raven’s Flock in 2020 will reveal a little background on how things came about at the beginning of Northern Knights.

While we know Cain and his crew have been friends before Northern Knights, this prequel tells of how Cain and all his friends met, and what made them the Santos Knights shotball team as seen in Northern Knights’s subplot, where a few reviews have actually mentioned this as being a larger part of the books than I anticipated!

The book’s name?

Taking Back Saturday. It’s a nod to the day of the week most major sporting events at Summit University up in Richfield, North Columbia take place. The prototype cover features the familiar orange, brown, and white look, with four friends standing in the bleachers of a shotball (football stadium in the picture) stadium and gazing into the distance, one I’ve named Kettlewell Stadium in honor of the stadium of the same name whose track I use for workouts back home.

From initial drafts and the cover, I like to compare the sporty urban fantasy to a 1980s Coming of Age flick, except of course this one here is a read, namely because you’re going to see, if I can give away one spoiler, a university edition of the many great 1980s movies in one, single book.


Think 1985 [(the Original and the Cover) (The Song, Not the year)]

Okay, it’s time to confuse you all, but please bear with me here.

Did you know Bowling for Soup’s version of 1985 is just a cover of the SR-71 original? The lyrics are slightly different. For instance, SR-71 mentions Fast Times at Ridgemont High whereas Bowling for Soup uses St. Elmo’s Fire. Which by the way, St. Elmo’s Fire is one kickass song!

Just had to point that out.

If I just confused the hell out of you, what I’m getting to is to give you a good idea of what this perma-free work is about. For those who’ve read Lord of Columbia, the dark tales of war and new world order conspiracies are pretty much shunted by the wayside in this little prequel. The Southpoint Empire is mentioned as are their atrocities, but they tend to play only a minor role in the book.

I also like to think of this university-version of 80s flicks as who Cain was before his character arc hits him starting in Northern Knights. In Northern Knights’ book description, Cain’s described as ‘an arrogant college athlete,’ and he is, something the reader will see in this work.

Trust me, I will deliver Cain’s arrogance one-hundred-fold in this regard.


What to Expect

The Santos Knights’ athletic logo.

We’ll also see more than just shotball, as Cain is technically a three-sport athlete, competing in dueling (a supernatural ability-possessor’s version of UFC) from December to February, and SpeedCar, (spinoff of NASCAR) from February until the final week of June.

Initially, I wanted to span Northern Knights around the entire school year and place all these sports seasons into it before I realized the book would rival that of a small encyclopedia, so I had to scrap the idea. I literally had the climax of the book written out as occurring in the late spring, early summer as well, but clearly, I had to make adjustments.

So, for readers who like sports, especially fictional sports based on real sports if that makes any sense, it’d be a cool read for them. Again, very little of the actual Series’ plot is mentioned; it’s practically sports driven. However, to get an idea of who Southpoint is, as well as the events that led to the beginning of Northern Knights, this will be a good read so long as you can deal with fictional sports, in a fictional university, in a fictional world.

And yes, I’m aware a lot of 80s movies are loaded with cliques, and one movie that really breaks down such cliques is The Breakfast Club, so if you haven’t seen it, you might want to check it out as it’s arguably the greatest 1980s movie ever. I know, there’s a lot of competition here, but still.

So if you’re asking, yes, there’s a clique involved and just because we’re talking about a bunch of jocks doesn’t mean this clique is some snobbish, preppy clique whose parents are all connected with the school, local business, and local government. Quite the opposite: This is a Libertarian-leaning manifesto, people! Despite Cain’s character shortcomings, he’s not that much of a dickhead, so there’s definitely a heart inside that dark soul of his.


Teenage (College Rebellion)

While rebellion in a political sense kicks off the events in the actual series, teenage, or college-aged rebellion runs wild here in Taking Back Saturday. Of course, with Cain being the lead in the novel, or any novel for that matter, it’s going to feature rebellion, because Cain and his Dom Toretto-like persona just can’t live without it.

There’s trouble on the horizon for Cain and the crew as he gets into spats with rivals over in Leistung Complex, proves to be a head case for professors, and even goes as far as to cause trouble in the dining halls, namely for his own amusement, becoming a target for the notorious Vince Lloyd on multiple occasions due to the duo’s clashes in personality.


What You Will See, or Read

Taking Back Saturday shows the reader how Cain and his crew met and became the Santos Knights.

As implied, it’s going to be sports, sports, and more sports. Lots of sports, covering virtually every single chapter along with trouble, massive trouble. Night walks on campus, dining hall food fights, and picking fistfights and duels are just a few notable events in the work.

Party romance? What the hell would a 1980s-parody shock jock chronicle be without party romance?

Sex? No, and I’ll be upfront with that one; I don’t write erotica and never will.

But on a more serious and invigorating note, it will show how the Santos Knights Shotball Team came about from Day One. While Northern Knights makes its implications, Taking Back Saturday shows it in action from cover to cover.

How did Cain and Lira become good friends? When did Cain and Savannah meet? Was there really a serious tragedy in the family that the Original Trilogy mentions in passing and if so, what was it? A lot of questions I leave for reader speculation in the Trilogy are answered here; again, none directly affect the actual plot; just simply a bonus for the readers.


When’s the Release Date?

Taking Back Saturday will be bundled with Raven’s Flock.

I’m actually hoping to release Taking Back Saturday as a freebie with Raven’s Flock, so if you have a Kindle or any kind of e-reader, the book will be linked in the front and back matter where one can then claim on Prolific Works.

For those who order the paperback version, don’t worry, as I’ll tell you exactly how you can claim your freebie copy and download it as a PDF. For those on my email list, you guys will be the first to know about the release and I’ll have the link ready for you at Prolific Works.

So, I hope you all like this bonus novel and again, it won’t answer many questions that are directly related to the Original Trilogy and definitely has nothing to do with the Sequel Trilogy, but it will be a fun, lighthearted read away from the darkness of the actual works themselves.

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Bringing the Characters to Life: Ten Plot-Altering Characters in Northern Knights

Today I’m bringing my characters to life in Northern Knights, giving the reader an idea on what each character might look like if they existed in real-life with some book character pictures that serve as rough concepts (thank you, Unsplash). I’ll give each character a brief description of who they are and their role in the book. Not all of these characters are on the main cast, but each brought at least a little significance to the work in some way.

There are no spoilers here; simply descriptions of who the character is, a little bit of background, their supernatural ability if they have any, and what they bring to the table.

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Where the Upper Ohio Valley Met Fantasy

The Ohio River inspired the Hocking River in Lord of Columbia.

Inspired by the Upper Ohio Valley, the following descriptive article depicts a detailed setting seen in Northern Knights. Enjoy the read!

An unoccupied demilitarized zone lays within a two-mile strip between Libertarian North Columbia and Occupied South Columbia. In the center of the zone flows the Hocking River, a winding arrow of water which begins in a remote wooded area far off in the Native Columbian-laden Western Wild, lows across the bounding landscape, and into the Atlantean Sea.

Just north of the river, sit twin villages of Muralville and Richfield, North Columbia. A fork in the scenic highway leads the navigator to their destination point. If one makes a hard left, they’re on to Muralville, yet if one decides to take a right, their destination is Richfield.

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243 Years Later: 13 American Colonies that Sparked Lord of Columbia

Freedom Flames, I hope you all read and enjoyed my articles regarding American foreign policy over the last 100 years with one more article to go in the series before I branch off to other influences behind Lord of Columbia. However, since it is early July, we in the states are celebrating the courage of 13 American Colonies and their allies for breaking away from the world’s most dangerous empire of the age, the former British Empire.

Ain’t that ironic?

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Excerpt from Northern Knights

Hello, Freedom Flames,

Today is a special one indeed, as I’m providing a small excerpt from my debut book, Northern Knights, giving you a little bit of a taste in the book’s actual context.

Lately, I’ve described themes, messages, a few plot elements, and the book’s (along with the rest of the Lord of Columbia Series) main genre.

So, I hope you all enjoy this tiny excerpt from Chapter Two and definitely give me some feedback in the comments section as to what you thought while reading this rather action-packed scene.

Now, one thing to keep in mind is the language that I use. It is more adult-oriented, however this story is told only from Cain’s point of view, and a deeper point of view at that. Much of what you’re seeing are Cain’s thoughts as to how he’s using his own words to convey the story to the reader.

For the full excerpt including Chapter One, click here to claim the full preview.

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Claim the First Twenty-Five Pages of Northern Knights on Prolific Works

Northern Knights, Book I in the Lord of Columbia Series

Click the image to download the first 25 pages of Northern Knights.

The first twenty-five pages of Northern Knights, Book I in my Lord of Columbia Series is now available on Prolific Works for those on the fence of purchasing the book and other works in the series.

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What the Hell’s the Sword of Stoicheion?

I’m often asked how I came up with names of people, locations, and objects that are present in Lord of Columbia and Neo Skyehawk. You have Sword of Stoicheion, Ddraigoch, character names, and more.  Some of which I touched on in previous posts and others will be examined in future articles.

Coming up with unforgettable names was something I often asked myself as a kid when I played Pokemon games, wondering how the creators came up with names like Gyarados, Pikachu, and the other original 151 creatures which now number over 700 if I’m not mistaken.

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Spoiler Alert! Pop Culture, Locations, and Other References in Northern Knights

Northern Knights' References

Clockwise, Sunset in Weirton, WV (photo by: Todd Matthews), Cleveland Browns 2015 uniform unveil (photo by Eric Drost), Crossing the Veteran’s Memorial Bridge from Steubenville into Weirton, WV (photo by Eric Wagg), Riding along Main Street, Wintersville, Ohio.

Northern Knights might be an urban fantasy that takes place in a fictionalized version of our world, but don’t think for a single second I haven’t made some pop culture and mainstream references in Northern Knights, the Lord of Columbia Series’ first episode.

From Chapter One, the reader will find entertainment and comic relief from the darker overtones of the plot when they stumble across such references.




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Get the Northern Knights, Swords of Destiny, and Missing in Columbia Collection Today!

Lord of Columbia Trilogy

Click the image to purchase your copy for just $6.99!

Everybody loves hot deals, and now you too can get in on the action by purchasing the first trilogy in the Lord of Columbia Series featuring Northern Knights, Swords of Destiny, and Missing in Columbia for only $6.99. This deal, advertised only here at Lord of Columbia Series rewards the reader with 53% off the cover prices if the books are bought separately.

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Raven’s Flock, Coming to You in 2020!

Raven's Flock

Dear Freedom Flames,

I hope you’re as excited as I am that Missing in Columbia has been released and is now available for purchase on Amazon. With Missing in Columbia up and running, the First Trilogy in the Lord of Columbia Series is complete, which I’m also referring to as the first season.

But, now that Season One is in the books, the focus is now on Season Two, which will bring about new characters and an entirely new situation with the first book entitled ‘Raven’s Flock.’

You guys and girls are in luck since I’m giving you a little bit of a preview as to what to expect when Raven’s Flock is released in early-2020, preferably January-February.

If you’re interested in learning more about the next dose of action in the new adult urban fantasy thrillers, strap in as I take you through some new characters, themes, and even a couple plot elements.

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