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Spoiler Alert! Pop Culture, Locations, and Other References in Northern Knights

Northern Knights' References

Clockwise, Sunset in Weirton, WV (photo by: Todd Matthews), Cleveland Browns 2015 uniform unveil (photo by Eric Drost), Crossing the Veteran’s Memorial Bridge from Steubenville into Weirton, WV (photo by Eric Wagg), Riding along Main Street, Wintersville, Ohio.

Northern Knights might be an urban fantasy that takes place in a fictionalized version of our world, but don’t think for a single second I haven’t made some pop culture and mainstream references in Northern Knights, the Lord of Columbia Series’ first episode.

From Chapter One, the reader will find entertainment and comic relief from the darker overtones of the plot when they stumble across such references.




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Northern Knights: Behind the Scenes

Okay, we’re going behind the scenes in the creation of Northern Knights, Book I in the Lord of Columbia Series. Today, I’m taking you through the journey of my three years of struggles while writing this book, which is unlike Swords of Destiny, Missing in Columbia (not released yet), Book IV, or the beginnings of Book V.

From July 2015 when I really buckled down and got serious with the plot until August 2018, when I launched the book on Amazon, Northern Knights went through more changes than the techno world did between the years 1990 and 2018.

All within three years, how about that?

This is an article less about myself and the Lord of Columbia Series and geared more toward budding writers who are working on their first novel in hopes that they avoid some mistakes I made that continually delayed the release of Northern Knights.

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Wintersville, Ohio: The Village that Inspired Northern Knights’ Setting

Main Street, Wintersville, facing west.

My hometown of Wintersville, Ohio inspired Northern Knights’ setting. The village sits just west of neighboring Steubenville, Ohio, about forty miles west of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

It’s the village I often refer to as the Lost Horizons due to its breathtaking scenery where views of the sunset are so epic they’ll give you goosebumps.

The village is also a gateway to the vast countryside, leading to tiny towns like Richmond, Ohio (population 471) just off State Route 152, close to my old high school of Edison, home of the Wildcats.

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Summit University Hotspots: The Six South Columbian Complexes

The main setting in Northern Knights is Summit University, so I’m going to spend a few articles talking about this awesome university which was inspired by two main places, Hogwarts from the Harry Potter Series and Kent State University, where I spent a year studying.

The area the university is set in was inspired by my hometown of Wintersville, Ohio, which I’ll discuss in another article and many of the locations spoken of in Northern Knights are from Wintersville, itself.

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Northern Knights: Episode I in the Lord of Columbia Series

Today you’re getting a bit of a treat; the book description for Episode I in the Lord of Columbia Series, Northern Knights:

You can buy Northern Knights by clicking the image.

Northern Knights Description

In Episode I of this new adult urban fantasy, Cain Riscattare is an arrogant and ignorant college athlete gifted in controlling the five classical elements when his life takes an unexpected twist.

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Influences Behind Northern Knights

What Influenced Northern Knights, Book I in the Lord of Columbia Series?

It’s safe to say almost every author of every book series had something that influenced them to write their book series, and the Lord of Columbia Series is no different in that regard.

Today, I’m talking about the primary influences behind the Lord of Columbia Series, in this case Northern Knights and how they tie into this new adult urban fantasy series.

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