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Free Book Promotion Ideas: How I’m Using Pinterest to Promote Lord of Columbia

Lord of Columbia Pinterest

Promoting and marketing a book or in my case a book series can be an expensive endeavor. The greatest book promotion and book marketing services can be expensive, with a price tag easily reaching hundreds if not thousands. While advertising and marketing are great and should be done, if one is just starting out with a limited budget it can be, well, quite difficult. This is especially true if an author is barely making ends meet with side hustles and seasonal work to get by. To counter this, we need to find as many free book promotion ideas as possible that will help us indies gain exposure, especially in our early days.

I already went over one free promotional tactic I used in last week’s article regarding my free book giveaways to my first 200 email subscribers.

So, I’m now going to share my own experience today with a website that has garnered my plenty of traffic on this blog’s sister site, My Freedom Flame. Pinterest was my latest discovery in November 2018 and I’ve since never looked back, sharing each and every blog post I’ve written since November on Pinterest and I continue to do so.

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Join My Email List, Unlock the Free E-Book!

The Eurean Kingdom

What’s up, Freedom Flames? If you look to the sidebar of this article, and all articles if you’re reading from a desk or laptop you’ll see an image with a book entitled ‘The Eurean Kingdom,’ my free e-book that serves as the prequel to the Neo Skyehawk Series.

Now, you might be thinking ‘Why would I just give away my email address for one single free book?’

Well, let me ask YOU something.

Are you a fan of free?

I think we’re all a fan of free, right?

In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever turned down free before.

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Who is Sir David Mathew and What is His Importance to Lord of Columbia?

Sir David Mathew

Todd Matthews, Sir David Mathew. A family line that extends over six centuries. Yes, the man known more as David ap Mathew is said to have become the founder of the modern-day Matthews line, and all variations of such a line. Such a real-life cavalier inspired perhaps the most mysterious and exciting character in both Lord of Columbia and Neo Skyehawk.

In fact, David ap Mathew was my primary influence for the character David ap Santos, who is mentioned in every single Lord of Columbia and Neo Skyehawk story, despite the fact he had never appeared as a character in either series.

While David ap Santos is merely mentioned, he plays perhaps one of the most important roles in both series, which will become apparent soon, as the mentioned character comes into his own. The reader will get to know David ap Santos, but to get an idea on David, let’s have a look at the man who inspired the character.

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Finding Musical Inspiration for Writing

How Music Influenced Lord of Columbia and Neo Skyehawk

We often associate musical influences within our works. For those of us who write fantasy, it often means we’re diving deep into music that allows our creative juices to paint a picture in the mind consisting of mountains, forested scenery, rivers, and streams, among others.

Even in urban fantasy, this may bode true as well, with a main cast holding a set of magical powers the masses lack, often discovering lost or ancient secrets about the world in which they live.

Whether I’m writing, in the gym, or driving, almost every single piece of music I listen to has, in a way, influenced scenes and dialogue in both Lord of Columbia and Neo Skyehawk. Below are my favorite bands and composers, as well as details to how each affected my writing.

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How the Cleveland Browns Influenced Lord of Columbia

Site Logo for LordOfColumbiaSeries.com

A business brand is our identity, for those of us embarking on our own in an attempt to be our own bosses and make a living on our own terms. And yesterday, while at my day job (as of March 16th 2019), I was talking to a co-worker before my shift. He stated the reason our warehouse is decked out in….wait for it….maize and blue…is because the man who founded the company has been a huge University of Michigan fan since the 1940s. Yes, he’s still living today at 93 years of age.

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What’s Your Stoicheion Element?

Stoicheion, the word I used to describe element, which stems from its Greek use, is the primary magical system in Lord of Columbia. The five Stoicheion elements, as I refer to them as, are water, earth, fire, wind (or air), and Spirit.

Each individual who possesses the ability to control a Stoicheion element also has potential to control others, such as if one can control fire, they also have potential to control water, earth, wind, or even Spirit.

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The Lord of Columbia Series’ Anarchocapitalist Allegorical Twist

When one looks deep into the Lord of Columbia Series, they’ll find an allegory that the anarchocapitalist will enjoy reading. To an extent, anyway.

Now, in the age of capitalism versus socialism, many have come to associate capitalism with an evil meaning and in some cases, they’re spot on, especially in today’s world of cronyism and quid-pro-quos.

However, anarchocapitalism differs in definition.

So what is it, exactly?

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Designing Book Covers: The Big What If?

The designing book covers dilemma has struck me, and while it’s possible I can still buy a pre-made book cover for Episode III in the Lord of Columbia Series entitled ‘Missing in Columbia,‘ a great personal debate has erupted here, so I’m polling the audience here for some much-needed recommendations and wisdom when it comes to choosing my latest book cover.


Mood or Genre

There are two elements us indie authors look for in book cover design; mood or genre. While it’s a safe pick to go with a genre-based cover early, in a book series there are times we might be able to deviate a little from such a rule.

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