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Claim Fighting the High Seas on Prolific Works

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Breaking a little from the historical allegory to talk about Fighting the High Seas, which is now available on Prolific Works. The fourth installment of the perma-free Neo Skyehawk Series, Neo and Seneca receive word the Tamurian Empire was involved in naval skirmishes off the coast of Eura and Afrikaana and have dispatched warships toward the mysterious Lands Beyond the Western End of Gaia.

Neo and Seneca realize Tamuria’s skirmishes with Ddraigoch allied ships means it’s likely they’ll use the skirmish to justify a ground invasion on allied soil, placing two Ddraigoch allies, Lowerland and Fleming, at risk of an invasion. The duo concludes that while Tamuria will most certainly blame Lowerland for instigating, thus setting off the naval skirmish, it is reported from Neo’s spy that the skirmish occurred in Afrikaana waters, where the Lowerlandic are known to be active traders with the Afrikaana people.

While Neo heads to Lowerland to speak with King Joost, Seneca bolts for Fleming with the help of a most unlikely ally. However, upon arriving in the Flemish capital of Bruss an attack unfolds from Tamurian mercenaries while reports erupt that Lowerland has fallen to Tamurian hands during Neo’s visit.

It’s a time of uncertainty for our medieval heroes and perhaps one of our main characters’ souls is slated to leave Gaia forever while another must find a way to stop the Tamurians’ advance both at home and on the high seas as they set sail for a new world, a world that will someday be known throughout Gaia as Columbia.

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Neo Skyehawk Series, Book V: Fighting the Great Plan, Part II

Welcome back, guys, and I have an awesome treat for all of you reading today. As I stated in an earlier post, Episode IV in the Neo Skyehawk Series Fighting the High Seas, is coming along well and as expected.

But what I didn’t tell you all was that I already concocted a plot for the book’s sequel, Fighting the Great Plan, Part II. In doing so, the perma-free series will see two new releases within a short time of one another.

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