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Breaking a little from the historical allegory to talk about Fighting the High Seas, which is now available on Prolific Works. The fourth installment of the perma-free Neo Skyehawk Series, Neo and Seneca receive word the Tamurian Empire was involved in naval skirmishes off the coast of Eura and Afrikaana and have dispatched warships toward the mysterious Lands Beyond the Western End of Gaia.

Neo and Seneca realize Tamuria’s skirmishes with Ddraigoch allied ships means it’s likely they’ll use the skirmish to justify a ground invasion on allied soil, placing two Ddraigoch allies, Lowerland and Fleming, at risk of an invasion. The duo concludes that while Tamuria will most certainly blame Lowerland for instigating, thus setting off the naval skirmish, it is reported from Neo’s spy that the skirmish occurred in Afrikaana waters, where the Lowerlandic are known to be active traders with the Afrikaana people.

While Neo heads to Lowerland to speak with King Joost, Seneca bolts for Fleming with the help of a most unlikely ally. However, upon arriving in the Flemish capital of Bruss an attack unfolds from Tamurian mercenaries while reports erupt that Lowerland has fallen to Tamurian hands during Neo’s visit.

It’s a time of uncertainty for our medieval heroes and perhaps one of our main characters’ souls is slated to leave Gaia forever while another must find a way to stop the Tamurians’ advance both at home and on the high seas as they set sail for a new world, a world that will someday be known throughout Gaia as Columbia.

The David ap Santos Story

Coming Soon, Fighting the Great Plan, Part II: The David ap Santos Story

As I mentioned in a post back in March/April, the fifth installment of this series will be following close behind, dubbed the David ap Santos Story. In this story, I mention that it will be an installment of the series where neither Neo nor Seneca serves as the main characters, but instead, David ap Santos takes the main role.

I also said the David ap Santos Story is the one book in both Lord of Columbia and Neo Skyehawk that will connect and give meaning to the relationship of each series, practically unifying the two as Santos plays an active ‘past’ role in Lord of Columbia, which will expand with time.

Fighting the High Seas, however, sets the stage for the David ap Santos Story, especially the very last scene in the book, which also reveals a few origins of the Southpoint Empire and the significance of each and every character in this series to its sister Lord of Columbia Series.

The reader will learn a little about the origins of the elements, the passages of specific boons that are also seen in Lord of Columbia, as well as how such objects would eventually land in the hands of our main characters in Lord of Columbia.

The Neo Skyehawk Series provides the background to Lord of Columbia in both Trilogy I and Trilogy II, completing a tale that spans centuries, if not millenniums.


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Coming Up

Raven’s Flock will be released in January 2020.

I’d like to update everyone that I’m actually ahead of schedule with Raven’s Flock, which has let me write a few outlines and drafts concerning Books V and VI in Lord of Columbia. I’m almost certain Raven’s Flock will be headed toward a January 2020 release date, almost approximately two years after I began writing rough drafts of the book in a personal training office at the gym at which I worked back in 2018.

I’m excited to present Raven’s Flock in the coming months and I’ll keep churning out articles that have to do with influences behind the work, which if you’ve been following me over the past month, you’ve seen numerous articles regarding false flags and a flawed century of American foreign policy, which serves as the book’s basis.

A big thank you to all my Freedom Flames and I can’t wait to see what the second half of the year holds.

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  1. Aabidah Ahmed

    July 5, 2019 at 9:31 pm

    I absolutely love reading. I love reading Fantasy and Fiction books. I once read an entire series based on fantasy. Angels, vampires you name it! 

    It’s sad that Raven’s Flock will only be available in 2020. I look forward to reading it. I’ll be looking out for that update from your website

    I am really a fan of your posts, so thank you for sharing this collection of new books.

    Thank you again and all the best.

    • Todd Matthews

      July 6, 2019 at 5:33 pm

      Thanks, Aabidah! I’m in the same boat, loving my fantasy and fiction, but I do get a lot of influence from the nonfiction sectors as well. I actually think I’ll have Raven’s Flock ready before then, so I wouldn’t be surprised if I can get the book released by January 1st! 

  2. Hello there,  I have never heard of the Lord of Columbia series.  Is this similar to Lord of the Rings or Lord of the Flies?  I am totally ignorant to this series and would love some insight in to what this series is about.  The book seems captivating by the picture on the cover.  I would also love to know if this is based on a folk tale?

    • Todd Matthews

      July 6, 2019 at 8:00 pm

      Hi, Chris, good questions. So, the Lord of Columbia Series is the actual series, but the Neo Skyehawk Series is more of the historical references to Lord of Columbia; sort of the backstory before the events of the Series begins. I wouldn’t say similar to either Lord of Rings or Lord of the Flies; it’s more like a Star Wars Saga than anything else, except it takes place on one planet! Not based on a folk tale, but definitely based on real-life historical events. 

  3. Jeff Marshall

    July 6, 2019 at 7:46 pm

    Hi there, Todd!

    I can not wait to get my hands on this new novel, Fighting the High Seas.

    I can’t get enough of Medival themed books and this one looks like a ripper!

    I also love to read Scifi novels and wondering if you had any reviews on this theme.

    I especially love space travel and time travel.

    Best regards, Jeff.

    • Todd Matthews

      July 6, 2019 at 7:58 pm

      Thanks, Jeff. Yes, these are Medieval-themed books and Fighting the High Seas is far and away my favorite of the series thus far since it took me such a long time to construct. I loved every second of writing it, even if it was a chess game within itself. 

  4. Lol, how do you come up with such great names for people and places, Todd! What’s the trick!? 

    With Tamurian, I feel like lemurs live there. With Afrikaana, it’s clearly in reference to the Dutch. 

    How in the world does one pronounce Ddraigoch, and don’t tell me: just as it’s written, because it’s got some weird Welsh roots. Dd then would be more like a hard th?

    Awesome, there’s so much intensity into your names, love it!

    • Todd Matthews

      July 6, 2019 at 7:56 pm

      Thanks, Phil. That’s exactly how I choose names. Tamuria is actually an amalgam, but I did derive the name from Lemuria, even if I’m talking about a spoof of Europe. Afrikaana is really a nod to Africa, but the Lowerlandic are a reference to the Dutch, with Netherlands literally meaning ‘lower land.’ And yes, Dd is pronounced as a Th…thrag goch….is a good way to pronounce it. Good catch with the Welsh words by the way, I derived the land from the Y ddraig goch, which is ‘The Red Dragon.’ I almost just called it Cymru, but thought it would be too obvious. 

  5. I have stumbled upon your website a few times now and you always have some amazing reviews about books that I have never heard of but I always end up buying them because you go so deep into them I automatically feel like I need to know everything about them

    Fighting the high seas sounds like it could be one hell of a journey but I’m not sure if I would need to read the other 3 installments

    Should I read them first before reading this one?

    • Todd Matthews

      July 9, 2019 at 10:09 pm

      Hi, Matthew, Fighting the High Seas would require the previous three, all of which you can purchase on Prolific Works. However, when I say purchase, I really mean claim, since this is my perma-free series since I have paid works out as well; the Skyehawk Series just gives my readers a cool historical background on the parent Lord of Columbia Series. 

  6. Hi Todd, I think I have some reading to catch up on. i wasn’t a fan of books on fantasy if that’s the right description, however I have recently  been watching Outlander on Amazon Prime and found it very enjoyable. I also watched the Hunger games, and realized one can escape into these new worlds very easily Thank you for information regarding the books.

    • Todd Matthews

      July 10, 2019 at 9:08 pm

      We can definitely escape fast, Alan, that’s a given. The same happened to me a long time ago; when I was in grade school I never envisioned fantasy, but the second I started reading books and watching TV shows and movies in the genre, I found out that it was for me. 

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