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Claim the First Twenty-Five Pages of Northern Knights on Prolific Works

Northern Knights, Book I in the Lord of Columbia Series
Click the image to download the first 25 pages of Northern Knights.

The first twenty-five pages of Northern Knights, Book I in my Lord of Columbia Series is now available on Prolific Works for those on the fence of purchasing the book and other works in the series.

Are You In?

This idea is kind of like playing poker, in a sense, as you can test drive the first chapter and a half for free before deciding whether you’re in, or you’re out.

Unlike many works, Northern Knights and my entire series for that matter deals with some controversial issues, many of which are highlighted within the first twenty-five pages, which will give readers an idea on where the book is headed over the course of 387 pages.


==> Claim the First 25 Pages of Northern Knights <==


Controversial Elements

This book highlights what a Libertarian society looks like compared to a dystopian society, the latter of which is where the story begins before embarking to the main Libertarian setting.

With anything political, red-flag trigger warnings erupt here as the comparisons begin almost off the bat in the first scene, where our main supporting character, Lira, warns the reckless intent main character, Cain, about using his supernatural abilities in public, as law enforcement will arrest those who utilize such ability even as an activity of daily living.

What do we see in the dystopian realm of the society known as South Columbia?

We see an overreaching military-industrial complex, whose bill for fighting endless, perpetual, and unwinnable wars overseas is paid for by the people of South Columbia, many of whom are already living paycheck to paycheck to make ends meet.

We see never-ending military interventionist propaganda on news outlets where if one fails to support such propaganda, they’re branded a traitor to the imperial crown and are likely thrown into either prison or worse, a concentration camp.

Private ownership of weaponry, supernatural or not, is banned, as I highlighted earlier to a short extent.

Fiat currency prone to inflation is required use among all citizens, with competition currencies being outlawed.

And of course, it’s here in this dystopian state where the action really begins.

There is graphic violence involved and a lot of suggestive language, again highlighted within these first twenty-five pages, in which the reader can decide right there whether they wish to buy the work and continue reading.


==> Claim the First 25 Pages of Northern Knights <==


Dare to Download?

Right now, I have the work available in ePub and PDF formats, so feel free to download this new adult urban fantasy. The work mainly targets the later high-school, college, and new adult (ages 18-30) audience, but those older than 30 have read and enjoyed the work as well, so don’t feel left out if you’re not in this age range.

Again, we’re talking about controversial topics here, and there is a revolt going on as well and I’m not shy about going into detail within the pages of this text.

If you read the free sample and enjoy it, feel free to proceed to the next step in purchasing the work in full and embark on a new and exciting Lord of Columbia Series.


==> Claim the First 25 Pages of Northern Knights <==


Email Subscription Update

Okay, so I wrote an article about a month ago urging readers to sign up for my email list and the first 200 will receive those free gifts in December 2020. Again, that’s December 2020, not 2019. And all I ask for are reviews.

For those who haven’t signed up yet, unfortunately, I have reached the 200 subscriber threshold, but don’t worry, you will still receive access to deleted scenes from Northern Knights, Swords of Destiny, Missing in Columbia, and other works as well as a few shorter stories here and there, perhaps even including my very first novel that I never published and to be honest, is quite terrible, but it will show how far I came as a writer since 2014-2015.

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  1. Pentrental Pentrental

    Glad to hear you’ve come far as a writer and that you are thinking about publishing a novel. One of my favorite books growing up was dystopian in 1984. I think it’s an interesting approach placing dystopian alongside Libertarian. I wonder from a reader’s perspective are you comparing them in any way? I look forward to checking out the first 25 pages of Northern Lights and perhaps more to find out. Thanks!

    • Todd Matthews Todd Matthews

      For me, it’s all about the fact we have never necessarily had Libertarianism for quite some time, but I do believe it’s what America’s Founders sought when they drafted the Constitution way back when. From a reader’s perspective, especially here in the US, my purpose is to help open their eyes to a third way of governance that’s never talked about in the media, merely because Libertarianism at its core leaves people free to live life the way they see fit without external intrusion from governments, as both the modern-day GOP and Democratic Party never offer, as I’ve always said, both are big government parties fighting over the right to rule our lives the way they see fit.

      However, at the end of the day, both ways of governance require force, whether it’s skycloth, police, and military worship the GOP loves to force down our throats, along with forced Christian values, or the Democratic Party’s forced taxation and usurpation of the upper classes, especially among those who have accomplished and earned their fortune in life to their love for censorship and disarmament of the populace.

      The dystopian society in Northern Knights shows the worst of both Parties while the utopian Libertarian society of North Columbia offers the reader a brand new perspective. I’m sure readers who are Far Left or Far Right will get offended, but at the end of the day we need something new here in America to combat the divide and conquer agenda the corporate-backed media (many of whom have government officials in their deep pockets) routinely throw down our throats. 

  2. Shaunna Leclair Shaunna Leclair

    As I went about my day trolling, I found this New Trilogy, and I must say, not only am I intrigued… I’m in! (I’m not even going to test drive… much like Poker, you’re either all in or fold)!

    I’ve been looking for a new read, and this has piqued my interest so intensely, that after I am done this, I will be downloading a copy! The ‘hot spots’ for me is in your description of the Series. From injustice, and it’s challenging aspects, to the supernatural weapons, and of course, the warnings you have given.

    I’m curious about where your inspiration for this tale is from? 

    Also, where do you get your motivation, as a writer from?

    I do look forward to reading this, and even more so, in leaving a review of it!!

    Here’s to a Good Read!!


    • Todd Matthews Todd Matthews

      Hi, Shaunna, my inspiration is derived from a number of topics. The plot itself was inspired by Harry Potter, Chronicles of Narnia, Avatar: the Last Airbender, Fast and Furious, The Magnificent Seven, and others. From a thematic perspective, Libertarianism, Voluntarism, and Anarchocapitalism were high on my list. 

  3. Jade Jade

    This topic/book topic is not something I know very much about nor is it usually a topic I would be too interested in but because I love reading I have been won over by your passionate description of your book and its topics. You have sold this book well and left a lot to be intrigued about and I look forward to downloading my copy soon! One thing I should note is if you have already exceeded your threshold for subscribers who receive something for free maybe it doesn’t need to be there anymore and just a little congratulations to the subscribers would be sufficient? Food for thought, good luck!

    • Todd Matthews Todd Matthews

      Hi, Jade, thanks for the awesome words and I’m glad you liked what you read, despite my repeated warnings about the text, which I feel appropriate. Yes, a congratulations is in store, but those signing up after my first 200 will still be eligible for freebies, mainly the deleted scenes and secret works that I never published, plus others as I find other cool ways to reward subscribers. I have tons of ideas here, so it’s still wise to subscribe! 

  4. Letha Kitchens Letha Kitchens

    Todd, thank you for an interesting read. I don’t read novels often, but it’s amazing to know that you are in the process of publishing a novel series and how far you came in a year. I’m interested in learning new things that you mention about the Northern Lights first 25 pages of some controversial issues and probably will check it out. Do you have other books that you have written or is this the beginning of your writing profession?.

    • Todd Matthews Todd Matthews

      Hi, Letha. The first trilogy is actually already out. But it’s in soft launch mode and will be until December 2020-January 2021 when I launch both the first and second trilogies. 

  5. Gaurav Gaur Gaurav Gaur

    Hi, Todd.
    I would certainly love to see the transformation of a writer from 2015-16 to date.

    By the way, are you planning for some feature film based on your new release? Why don’t you go for a five minutes video curtain raiser of the new book, your readers will grab it even faster.

    Thanks for the 25 pages review, I am going for it. See you on the other side of release Todd.

    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    • Todd Matthews Todd Matthews

      Hi, Gaurav. I actually intended to create a trailer and yes, I’d love to actually buckle down and come out with one for Northern Knights. I think it’d be a hit. 

  6. Aye2019 Aye2019

    Hi Todd,

    This sounds good. I was actually looking for a download button but couldn’t find one.

    Anyway, based on the description, I think the book will be interesting. The story sounds good. I don’t game a lot. The recent ones I played i s Days Gone and Assasin Creed. So, I’m kind of thinking that it would be great if there is a game for this kind of story. That would’ve been great.

    I would definitely like to read the book any time I have a chance.

    • Todd Matthews Todd Matthews

      Thanks for the heads up. I actually embedded the button within the image at the top but I didn’t leave a caption, so I’ll fix that pronto! 

  7. Janice Fox-Henley Janice Fox-Henley

    Greetings Todd, I am intrigued by your Review Article on the Libertarian setting forecast in your
    book The Eurean Kingdom. Being a lifelong Independent with Liberal leanings, and since I am sixty-eight, I know
    the parties themselves change. I have often loved the Magnificient 7 and the Libertarian ideas espoused therein. Yes,
    as my grown Grandchildren often surprise me, I am sure you will give me some things I should think on! I will read and enjoy, Thank you! Janice 2019😊🌷  

    • Todd Matthews Todd Matthews

      Thanks, Janice; the parties have changed tremendously, and I’m no fan of either one. I’m a big fan of anything that calls for Libertarian values such as free markets (unlike corporatist markets we see today), noninterventionism in both foreign and domestic affairs, free trade, and sound currencies. These values have influenced my writings. 

  8. Suzi Suzi

    This book sounds intriguing!  I work with kids of varying ages, and many of them are really interested in fantasy books. I know that you stated that this book is written for those in the age ranges of 18-30, but I am wondering if I could recommend it for my teens, ages 14+?  Once my kids find a book they can connect with, they will wind up reading the entire series!  I appreciate you sharing a preview of your book with us:)



    • Todd Matthews Todd Matthews

      Hi, Suzi, Ages 14-15 should be okay, so long as they’re cool with suggestive language and bloody battle scenes (much like the video games they play these days), but 16+ I would say is the safest bet. I’ve had all kinds of readers beyond the 18-30 mark, too, so I’d give it a plus. 

  9. Chris Chris

    This is a really cool way to promote your work – I’ve had the pleasure of hearing about your fantasy world on many an occasion now and I haven’t really had the time to jump in…until now! 

    I will be checking out the start of the series this week, and seeing if it’s the type of fantasy I dig. Are you planning on doing this with more books in the series? 

    • Todd Matthews Todd Matthews

      Thanks, Chris. And yes, I have three out right now, and I’m working on the fourth. The first three are easy to follow, but I must warn you that the fourth book that I’m editing right now is going to be a chess game for the reader! 

  10. Todd, I’m for the Society Of North Columbia…..I agree with you, neither the liberals or the conservative are serving the people of this country…they’re serving alright….serving themselves and filling their pockets! As far as I’m concerned, they all need to be kicked out office…let’s clear “THE SWAMP!” Todd, I’ll try to get back and download your free offer….thanks.

    • Hi, Terry, North Columbian society would be a utopia. Government stays out of the personal affairs of people, and in return people take personal responsibility for their own lives. From a global perspective, meddling in the affairs of other nations would end, and a lot of tax dollars that fund the military-industrial complex would be returned to the people. Since government would stay out of private business affairs as well, such dollars saved and returned to the people can be used to start up new enterprises with one less barrier to entry due to intense regulation that only drive up production costs. Instead, regulation will return to the people and if a corporation acts out of line via an environmental perspective, they have zero backing from both governments and the courts. In other words, the people will ultimately force big business to act in line. But first, as you said, the SWAMP must be drained, in which Donald Trump has (predictably) failed miserably.

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