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Excerpt from Northern Knights

Hello, Freedom Flames,

Today is a special one indeed, as I’m providing a small excerpt from my debut book, Northern Knights, giving you a little bit of a taste in the book’s actual context.

Lately, I’ve described themes, messages, a few plot elements, and the book’s (along with the rest of the Lord of Columbia Series) main genre.

So, I hope you all enjoy this tiny excerpt from Chapter Two and definitely give me some feedback in the comments section as to what you thought while reading this rather action-packed scene.

Now, one thing to keep in mind is the language that I use. It is more adult-oriented, however this story is told only from Cain’s point of view, and a deeper point of view at that. Much of what you’re seeing are Cain’s thoughts as to how he’s using his own words to convey the story to the reader.

For the full excerpt including Chapter One, click here to claim the full preview.


Chapter Two: An Uprising Reborn

Micah’s latest text mentioned something called the Lionsgate Inn. “Where in Gaia’s name is this place?” Cain showed Lira the text conversation. “Looks like we’re going there after they meet us here.”

“Three Springs Exit, the one fancy part of Ironton. Blaze still coming?”

“Yeah, Micah picked him up yesterday. He texted me around eleven.”

It was eight in the morning on this arid Friday. Cain and Lira headed to the edge of the ginormous hill overlooking downtown where a black and yellow cargo van patrolled the area.

Cain nodded to the patrol van. “Looks like we got a pig alert.”

“As I suspected, curfew police are still out.” Lira’s eyes followed the van, a disgusted look on her face. “Must be working double-duty today.”

“There’s a curfew on this town?”

“There’s a ten o’clock curfew here and any town Southpoint perceives necessary to maintain a strong presence.”

Cain folded his arms while three vans trailed the first. “What if you take a windsurf joyride after ten and get caught in the act?”

“They arrest, try, and persecute you. You’re in the Outlands, so I’d be surprised if you’ve ever had a curfew, but it’s different here with a higher population density. Welcome to modern-day slavery.”

“It’s a definite culture shock. We’ll get soldiers in our area when the Service has trouble with something, but nothing more.”

“Today of all days, keep your head down when you see something. They’re going to be out in full force.”

“I think I proved to you yesterday I don’t confront unless confronted. Now, if I saw Scotty Volt doing the harassing. I’d challenge the cocky son of a bitch and all of Leistung to a duel in the streets.”

“If the two of you crossed paths down here, knock him back to Gaia before you get arrested.”

“I’m sure I’d have Micah’s and Blaze’s blessings, too. It’d be a good old-fashioned beatdown.”

“Blaze would join your cause. Where are those two, anyway? We said eight.”

Cain unlocked his phone. “Knowing Micah, he overslept and is racing over here. Hope the Service doesn’t see to him.”

“Tell him to get here already before I cut off blood supply to his brain and not care who sees.”

Cain grinned and relayed Lira’s message to Micah. “Starting to see it my way, Lira, I like it.”

Lira pulled at her chin. “You know, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were running late. The Service will stop them anyway since Micah’s license plates are out of town.”

“Will you pick a side?”

Lira opened her mouth as a black car approached.

“Ah, here he is.” Cain pointed to the car. “You happy?”

“Lucky he’s here when he said he’d be here.”

Cain jogged to the car when it parked off the main road. “I’ll give you a minute to decide.”

Micah lowered the driver’s side window, revealing his thin frame and Blaze’s compact physique in the passenger seat. “What up?”

Cain fist-bumped Micah. “Been a while.”

Micah smiled and waved to Lira when she reached the car.

Lira scowled back. “Did you have a chance to read Cain’s text? It should tell you all you need to know. For someone who borderline starves over the summer, I was being generous.”

Micah opened his phone and burst with laughter. “Yeah, we all know you’re out for blood when hypoglycemia kicks in. Too bad you can’t control hunger. Hop in, the place is flooded with Southpoint soldiers and Service vans. What’s the story?”

Cain opened the passenger-side door for Lira and climbed into the driver’s side. “Lira, you know more than me.”

“They’re conscripting. Don’t go out tonight. They’ll be raiding the town for kids appearing under twenty-six. Watch out for Loyalists today, too. They could be anyone.”

Blaze tightened his grip on the strap hanging above the window. “Sounds good to me. No way I’m defending this excuse of a government. Been wanting to grill them since birth.”

Micah swerved onto the main road. “Count me out, too. What’s the best way around this? We don’t have visas or anything.”

“It’d be safer to stay the night at my place with Cain instead of wasting money on a hotel room. Mom will be thrilled. Three friends over in two nights. New personal best for me.”

Micah turned and descended the hill. “Why a new personal best?”

Lira sighed and rested her head against the window. “I live in a wrecked house.”

“For the love of Gaia, Lira, it’s not bad,” Cain said.

“Cain, stop it, it’s crumbling. My family makes next to nothing, my dad has never reentered my life, and my older brother’s worthless.”

“You make it work.”

Micah peered into the rearview. “Besides, we don’t care what you live in. We like you.”

“Thanks, guys, I appreciate having all of you in my life, even if I harp on you from time to time.”

Cain side-hugged Lira. “Ah, we love you, Lira.”

“Lots of love, you’re our number one girl,” Blaze said.

Downtown occupation doubled overnight. Cain whistled as the Service—pigs—directed traffic and pedestrians, while twice as many soldiers—also pigs—blocked off street corners. “At least the pigs haven’t shut the streets down.”

Lira glared at shabby workers pulling pieces off flat-bed trucks. “Yeah, but they aren’t messing around. We need to be quick when we’re uptown and get back to my place before they secure checkpoints. They’re going to be carding everyone beforehand. Guys, you shouldn’t risk staying at the hotel tonight.”

Blaze turned to Cain and Lira. “What’re they conscripting for this time, anyway?”

Lira shuffled to the middle of the backseat. “To invade the West Oceanics, from what we’ve heard.”

Micah glanced into the rearview. “When should we lay low?”

“They said evening over the loudspeakers yesterday but knowing Southpoint, I wouldn’t be surprised if they set checkpoints when everything is set up downtown.”

Adrenaline jolted through Cain and his face burned. “Wait, so they have a license to change anything at will?”

Lira nodded. “Soldiers and Service can do whatever they want. It’s terrible, and it’s like this in every large town. You’re all lucky to live in the Outlands.”

Resentment boiled within Cain. “Crazy. Who the hell in Gaia makes these decisions?”

“It starts with King Rooney and trickles down to the Supreme Commanders over each colony. Adam Syndari, the man I mentioned to you who’d betrayed Columbia, is far too happy to be Rooney’s golden boy. I guarantee you he’s ordered conscription from all eighty-seven universities in South Columbia and every major city.”

Blaze shook his head. “Such an excuse of a regime. I’d love to just go down there and do something tonight.”

Lira reclined and set her eyes on the ceiling. “Yeah and get thrown into a work camp.”

Blaze shrugged. “It’d be time well spent.”

Five minutes later, Micah pulled into the parking lot of a marble-brick building, the Lionsgate. A stark contrast from downtown Ironton, those uptown dressed in clean clothing, where many conversed with pigs lining the street corners. In fact, many directed each other toward the Lionsgate and other buildings lining the street.

Lira shuffled to the opposite end of the backseat and rapped the window. “Loyalists.”

Cain slid over to the middle. “What do you think they’re talking about?”

“If I had to guess, they’re plants. Keep an eye out for them.”

Micah parked and hopped out of the car. “You two ready?”

Lira nodded and pushed open the car door.

Cain led the crew into a magnificent lobby. “Mother Gaia, this place rocks.”

Lira’s blue eyes glistened. “I told you, the hottest place in Ironton.”

They passed mahogany tables, chairs, immense chandeliers, and at least two fountains on their way to the lounge.

Cain bolted for the breakfast buffet. “I’m taking the house if it’s nutritious. We got the Intra-Complex Playoff in just over two weeks.”

Micah retrieved a plate and filled it with random items. “Haven’t eaten since two o’clock yesterday. I could care less if it were the worst thing on the menu at this point.”

They spent the next half-hour conversing with their heads together about the hearing in Ironton. The more Lira described the pigs, guilt shot through Cain’s stomach for his ignorance.

After breakfast, Cain and Lira took a seat in the lobby while a hotel employee led Micah and Blaze upstairs.

Boom! Down went the door and fifteen pigs stormed inside. Two manned the doors, barring exit. A third strode to the center, Sword drawn, followed by a dozen more, staring down younger patrons scattered about.

“Oh, Mother Gaia, I knew it,” Lira mouthed, clutching Cain’s arm, “I left my visa and you guys are exposed.”

Cain drew a breath and grasped Lira’s hand with both of his as she buried her head into his shoulder. Son of a bitch. How the hell was he supposed to get her out of this? Micah and Blaze would be back any minute and they’d run smackdab into a damn pig raid.

Black and yellow-clad soldiers drew their weapons while others barricaded the doorways.

The center pig drew a Sword and conjured a fire-blast, setting the chandelier ablaze. “Freeze! Anyone attempting to leave the premises will be shot immediately. We have order from King Rooney to round up anyone appearing under age twenty-six. Turn yourselves in now, or we’ll use force.”

Twenty young people filed out of the lobby, some retrieving identification. Lira motioned to stand, but Cain tightened his grip on her hand and pulled her back into the seat.

“What’re you doing?” she said.

Cain kept a firm grip on Lira’s hand. “There’s only one way out of this. Time to play a new ballgame.”

“You can’t be serious.”

“I’m not letting them take you.”

The lead pig looked about the lobby. “This is your last chance to turn yourselves in.”

Cain locked his hands around Lira’s shoulders. “Are you going to live your whole life this way?”

“It wouldn’t mean we’d be drafted.”

“You told me yesterday how it is here—”

Gunshots rang throughout the lobby. Those not yet apprehended screamed and ran for cover.

Three pigs headed for Cain and Lira, pointing guns at their chests. “Get on the ground!”

“It’s party time.” Cain leaped off his seat, windsurfed, as if an imaginary surfboard were under his boots, in front of Lira, and thrust his arms forward, conjuring a wind gust.

The pigs’ fingers found their triggers, but Cain’s whirlwind sent them crashing into the buffet.

The lead pig directed his Sword toward Cain. “Kill him, he’s using abilities!”

Two pigs behind the lead aimed their guns at Cain as he cast another gust and sent them headfirst into the wall, bidding time for others in the lobby to escape the budding chaos.

Others acted, including Lira, sending an array of fire, earth, water, wind, and other elements.

A returning Micah and Blaze blasted two pigs off their feet with a wind gust, while others fought with and distracted the remaining pigs in the lobby.

A band of pigs reentered, guns drawn.

Cain drew a fist and thrust his arms forward again, blasting the pigs into the opposite wall to join their collapsed comrades. “Let’s get out of here!” Cain windsurfed and assisted those continuing their struggle with the remaining pigs, some in hand-to-hand combat, others revealing abilities.

Cain led Micah and Blaze across the lobby as Lira transformed into a smoke vapor.

Micah caught up to Cain in a windsurf. “Where to?”

Cain burst through the double doors. “Anywhere but here.” He led the raid into the parking lot where two-dozen pigs stood guard, facing the hotel. It seemed this godforsaken Empire sought every young soul they could get their damn hands on and release them if their excuse for being in Ironton was good enough, but a powerful vibe accompanying a chill down his spine stated this wasn’t the case.

When the pigs raised their weapons, Cain, Micah, and Blaze kicked the ground together and sent a sonic boom.

Lira vanished and reappeared behind two pigs, where they collapsed within seconds.

Blaze dashed to the nearest van and pried the lock. “Lira, your metal control.”

Lira vanished and molded the metal lock on the first cargo van in her smoke form until Blaze wrenched the doors open.

While those in the first van hurried to their vehicles, Lira unlocked the second and third vans as Cain and Micah ripped the locks.

Cain tore open the hatch, where three-dozen souls his age scrambled to their feet, ripping off their handcuffs. “Get out of here, now.” He hopped back as the freed kids dashed out of sight.

Micah tossed his car keys to a reappearing Lira. “Get to the car and pick us up.”

Lira vanished and resurfaced behind the wheel.

“Take shotgun, Cain,” Micah said, when Lira reached the trio.

Cain slid over the hood and hopped into the passenger seat while the other two hurled into the back, Blaze’s curly locks awry.

Lira floored the throttle and raced to the main road.

Micah leaned in between the driver’s and passenger’s seats as Lira wove in and out of traffic. “Lira, press the button on the dash with a number one on it.”

Lira obliged, and the hood morphed from black to royal blue.

“Sick!” Cain said.

“Had it installed last week.”

“Yeah, I thought the same when he showed up at my place with the thing decked out in lime-green and a black stripe running down the middle,” Blaze said.

Cain ran his finger down the series of gadgets on the dash. “How do you get a stripe?”

Micah nodded to the dash. “Try button number two.”

Lira veered onto the highway. “Guys, this is all good to know since it’ll keep us out of the hands of the Service, but, Cain, what in Gaia were you thinking?”

Cain shrugged. “What?”

“You could’ve gotten us all killed or at the very least on the way to a work camp.”


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  1. Gomer Gomer

    Even though I’m so busy with blogging and Internet marketing, whenever I encounter a new blog post from you, Todd, I set the work aside to read your post. This excerpt that you have shared here that’s filled with action and suspense, this got me more interested in ordering your book in Amazon so I can have a hard copy (paper back) of the story. Good job for arousing my interest!

    • Todd Matthews Todd Matthews

      Thanks, Gomer! I hope you like the work as much as I loved writing it!! 

  2. Mecyll Gaspary Mecyll Gaspary

    I write novels, too, although they remain unpublished for now; however, I find it amusing to read your text. And somehow I gained an idea that I could probably do the same when I publish any of my books. What do you think?

    Also, I really love how you write. I mean, it encourages me to learn more words to explain various actions in my characters, clearly explaining what they’re doing. It’s very commendable. 

    Question: How long did it take you before you have this work ready and publishable? How about the writing process? 

    Looking forward to your response.

    • Todd Matthews Todd Matthews

      Hi, Mecyll. It took me a while; I didn’t have the funds for an editor, either, which would’ve sped the process a bit. It took me between July 2015 and August 2018 to have this book completed. I started with a (very) rough draft and learned how to self-edit after investing in a course from Jerry Jenkins. After this, I took one of his 21 variables and literally read the text 21 times, working my way from one variable to another. 

  3. michael michael

    I don’t get the chance to actually read from a book much anymore. I am an audiobook kind of reader now I listen to books on cd all the time. I used to be an avid reader but that was many years ago.

    Do you have any plans to get your books narrated? I pretty much wait for the audiobook whenever I get interested in a series.

    I end up having to catch up like a year after my favorite books drop.

    I did like the chapter that I read It left me wanting more for sure.

    You are a good writer I wish that I could write so well.

    • Todd Matthews Todd Matthews

      Hi, Michael, yes, I do want to get this done in time. It’ll be in 2020-2021, since I’m so busy with projects right now it’s simply in the interest of time. And thanks for the kind words. Truth be told, I had to keep editing Northern Knights for over a year! I think the editing played more than writing. 

  4. Labman Labman

    Hi Todd,

    I found this excerpt from your Northern Knights book quite a good read.  While jumping in to the middle of the story and not understanding the abilities of the characters involved was a bit jarring, I was able to make the jump and enjoyed the story.

    If I’m following the plot so far, you have created a police state that conscripts young people and have a loosely allied group of adepts that are causing problems as well as they are able under the circumstances.  This sounds to me like a winning plot structure and I’ll look forward to seeing how it all resolves.

    • Todd Matthews Todd Matthews

      Some might find the plot redundant, but I’m glad you liked it! And yeah, I agree, I thought about starting from Chapter One, but I definitely wanted a little bit of action (and questions asked) from the reader, kind of to find out some of the origins of the abilities mentioned before this excerpt. 

  5. Matthew Matthew

    You really know how to hold an audience and how to keep us all in suspense! 

    I have tried many times to write something as brilliant as you have here with the excerpt from Northern Lights but I always seem to fail

    It seems like Cain has some anger issues or he just wants to be the leader of both Micha and Blaze

    Is Cain really in charge, or does Blaze have a lot of control in what the “GANG” do?

    • Todd Matthews Todd Matthews

      Cain is a hothead, I can tell you that much. To be honest, Cain isn’t the type of guy looking to lead a revolution, but when it comes to sports, as is mentioned in the book itself, he’s the leader. 

  6. Matt's Mom Matt's Mom

    You  have definitely peaked my interest with this book.   Looks like it is full of action and suspense.  This makes the book hard for me to put down.  I have not read a book in a while, and I love to read.  I think it is about time I start on these, take some time out from work and just enjoy.  The book looks awesome!

    • Todd Matthews Todd Matthews

      Thanks! There’s action everywhere you turn in Northern Knights, but ironically I felt as if I didn’t create enough action in the text, so its sequel, Swords of Destiny, has even more action. I guarantee that you’ll love this! 

  7. Nicole Stiles Nicole Stiles

    The characters seem interesting. It’s hard to tell who’s talking though. During the conversation, it would be good to add comments about what they’re doing while talking. For example: “blah blah blah,” Cain stated as he sidestepped a puddle. “blah blah blah.” Adding what the characters are doing while talking helps paint a picture of what’s going on for the reader. It gives realism to the story.

    • Todd Matthews Todd Matthews

      Hi, Nicole, I know what you mean by that, and in earlier drafts, I did do this. However, there’s been more of a recent trend to get rid of dialogue tags among authors, so in some of my final edits I cut these out big time, to focus more on the dialogue itself. I’ve heard of a few authors who’ve stopped using such tags completely but I’m not at that level yet, though I was able to completely eliminate them in my magnet book, The Eurean Kingdom. 

      It’s all about reader preference in the end, especially for those of us who read the classics, which is why I initially wrote the way you recommended. Something else I decided to do was eliminate all other dialogue tags (most of the time) except for the word ‘said.’ I used a diverse variety in earlier drafts before receiving a recommendation to eliminate other tags.

      I’ll be delivering some deleted scenes to my email list soon, and you’ll see me writing in that style in such scenes that didn’t make the cut for the final draft! 

  8. Kate Kate

    Hey, I found your site while I’ve been looking for new books to read. I see there are 3 episodes. Is the series completed?

    I liked the excerpt from chapter 2, too, even though I felt a little sorry for Lira. And Cain is a little hot-headed, but you got to love him for that. I like characters like him. They make stories more interesting. 

    • Todd Matthews Todd Matthews

      Hi, Kate. Yes, there are three in the series as of now. I plan on writing thirteen total, following four trilogies, but Trilogy I is complete and ready to go! 

      The reader will feel sorry for Lira, yes, and think of Cain as a mix between James Potter, Dom Toretto, and Baker Mayfield. It kind of gives you a hint on his persona! 

  9. MissusB MissusB

    Character’s name has a certain ring. I love that it’s thematic. Even if it’s just an excerpt, still it gave readers substance. Honestly, I want to know more why swords and conjuring are used for modern day plot. I like this type of stories where you can incorporate the past without damaging the concept.

    Showing Special abilities is also a good choice for readers. It’s really entertaining and of course to know about superpowers that is not generic. You’re good at writing. I especially like how Lira can command Cain, Micah and probably rest of the gang. Keep it up!

    • Todd Matthews Todd Matthews

      Lira definitely has a strong personality; she’s, in my opinion, a prototype for many main female characters, and she comes with little flaws, in contrast to Cain, the main attraction who has more flaws than my old job did order lines on a typical day…a lot!

      Yeah, I flip-flopped with the special ability part, believe it or not. In my very first drafts, they were in there, but I briefly decided to take the fantasy concept out of the work as an experiment before scrapping the idea and reinserting them back in. 

      I’m glad I did, since I believe the story would’ve become far too redundant had I not. 

  10. Pentrental Pentrental

    Great excerpts here. This is a solid idea for marketing your book. I like the mood of the scene as it does have a dystopian feel to it. Your dialogue flows well. This crew is pretty bad haha. Glad to see that they escaped the “pigs”. I’m looking forward to reading more so I will definitely be checking out your entire book. Great stuff!

    • Todd Matthews Todd Matthews

      Answering your question to the above comment; you’re going to see a wide range of abilities here, including much of what was seen on Avatar: the Last Airbender. And yep, the first four chapters here provide a dystopia, which really isn’t much different than what we see in America today.

      Allow me to explain:

      1) Police standing and patrolling every street, citing people for merely jaywalking or even in some cases, supposed wrongdoing on their own private property.

      2) Endless interventionist propaganda, much of which in the foreign policy sector, which the reader will find in Chapters One and Four. 

      3) I use the term ‘dollars,’ and ‘fiat money’ often in Northern Knights, the same type of fiat currency we have here in America that can be printed out of thin air and isn’t backed by anything other than debt. This should scare anyone.

      4) The reader will find that dystopian South Columbia is the victim of endless Cronyism where big business has endlessly collaborated with Parliament 3,000 miles away to establish a near-monopoly, duopoly, or oligopoly over would-be competition. Many of these industries are part of the overarching military-industrial complex.

      5) Much of my inspiration, such as the military draft, came from the Vietnam War Era, where not only were those refusing to enter a war that did nothing for US National Security jailed, but were forced to defect to Canada to avoid imprisonment. Anti-war protests were also quelled by both the military and police, the most infamous of these occurring on May 4th, 1970, when the Ohio National Guard opened fire on student protesters at Kent State University, killing four students and wounding others. 

      These are just a few examples of how the Southpoint Empire/South Columbia resemble the modern-day American Empire, which has done everything except prove to me and other Libertarians alike that it’s the Land of the Free. And it was one of my many inspirations behind the creation of Northern Knights and Lord of Columbia. 

  11. Pentrental Pentrental

    This is a solid idea for marketing your book. I like the mood of the scene as it does have a dystopian feel to it. Your dialogue flows well and this crew is pretty bad! So glad that they evaded the ruthless “pigs”. What other sorts of “abilities” might they have hmmmm? I’m looking forward to finding out, so I definitely will be checking out your entire book. Great stuff!

    • Todd Matthews Todd Matthews

      Definitely. And for those on my email list, they’ll be able to see some deleted scenes and even initial drafts from this work. I kind of shutter at the initial drafts part, since I believe they were poorly written, but readers and fans would love them, so here I am, getting ready to show my then-inexperience to the world.

      And yes, I added the ‘p’ word in there during my final drafts. Those who support the police state here in America and abroad won’t be fond of this work, but as I stated in this article, I’ll be showing substantial evidence that backs up a few claims about America’s police force, which is becoming practically militarized, something that should frighten every American. 

  12. Strahinja Strahinja

    Thank you for providing us with this exceprt. I’ve read your book so I know this part very well. I enjoyed the way you developed your characters, especially in the Northern Knights. I enjoy reading fantasy books and your Columbia series are one of my favorites.

    They are actually sitting in my bookshell near Dan Brown’s Inferno.

    Anyways, thank you for brining back these dialogues.


    • Todd Matthews Todd Matthews

      Thanks, Strahinja, glad you liked them, especially this part of the preview, where the action really begins to pick up!

  13. Calvin Calvin

    Hi Todd, this is the first time I’ve had the chance to read any of your work.  Really interesting stuff.  I like suspense and action books.  What time period are these stories set in and is this considered sci-fi?  

    I felt like having not read anything you have written before I got to know the characters pretty well and was reading a latter-day version of “1984”…you know, “big brother is watching you”.

    Good stuff Todd….keep it up!

    • Todd Matthews Todd Matthews

      Calvin, you’re absolutely right when you say 1984 comes to mind. Yes, Big Brother is watching them in both Northern Knights and here, in real life, where we can’t even walk down the street in an urban area without being on camera. 

      The time period is close to our own time period, just set in a fictional world, so you can call it 2015ish, since that’s the year I really picked up on writing the work and haven’t looked back. I consider it urban fantasy, but there are a lot of sci-fi elements involved as well. 

      • Calvin Harris Calvin Harris

        Very cool Todd, thanks for the following up with me.

  14. Stella Stella

    An interesting conversation Cain holds here…

    He seems to be the kind of person who dives in the deep end quite often to come up with a big fish.

    I think you have a way with words that is quite intriguing… Hopefully this series will be best selling.   Of all the sites I have reviewed, you are the only one who took the time to write a thriller.  The fact that you hand us excerpts morsel by morsel shows what kind of a thinker you are.

    More grease to your elbows!

    • Todd Matthews Todd Matthews

      Hi, Stella, I’ve always considered the work urban fantasy, but I can definitely see it fitting the thriller mold, though the cover definitely screams urban fantasy. Either way, I’m glad you enjoyed the preview and definitely be prepared for some more awesome tidbits along the way! 

  15. Don Don

    Dang! I can’t wait to read this. This sneak peak got me excited for the book. I don’t typically read a lot of books, but this book definitely has my attention. The writing is very descriptive and exciting, and the characters are very intriguing. Keep it up and I look forward to reading more. When is the book going to be out? (Not that i’m trying to rush, just trying to get a idea of when I need to look for it on Amazon :))

    • Todd Matthews Todd Matthews

      Hi, Don, you can find Northern Knights and its two sequels on Amazon. Just click the links in the sidebar and you’ll be good to go!

  16. Dancinscot Dancinscot

    Well that was compelling! I wish I had more time to read, period. But I will get to your books eventually because I’ve read other pieces you’ve posted and I like them.
    It isn’t easy to write novels on one’s own. I write with a partner and that works well, yet I still work full time and she has a busy life, so it’s kind of binge and then take breaks. Yet we do have each other, and we’ve done a lot of out loud reading while the other watches the text. But that’s just proof reading…editing is a whole other endeavor.
    Thanks for this chapter!

    • Todd Matthews Todd Matthews

      Not easy at all. In fact, I’m in the middle of writing and editing Book IV, Raven’s Flock, as I type this and it’s by far the most challenging work of the bunch. Northern Knights had its challenges, but both Swords of Destiny and Missing in Columbia came easier to me. 

  17. Amelita Amelita

    Wow, your excerpt from Northern Knights is an exciting read and has enticed me towards checking out this book series. 

    The idea that you can drop a reader into the action without the introduction and still cover the characters elements and personality says a lot about your talent as a writer. 

    This is a fun read. I left wanting more!

    Where did you get the idea for the color changing car? I wonder, can it change to camouflage and match the current surroundings?

    I bet your Northern Knights books have some great action and surprises which makes for a great read. I wonder, do you have illustrations in these books? I like the cover art a lot.

    Thanks for sharing with us 🙂


    • Todd Matthews Todd Matthews

      Hi, Amelita, the changing car color idea stemmed from the Grand Theft Auto Series, where when one’s Wanted level was high, the player could take their car to a garage and get it repainted, evading the police. In this time period, I never made it go camo, but that doesn’t mean the feature won’t happen. No illustrations yet, but I do hope to do something, either via illustration or even photoshoots with those who resemble the characters, in the future. It’d be a cool project. 

  18. Todd, this excerpt works as an appetizer! A very tasteful one!
    Besides giving us the opportunity to take a peak in Northern Knights it makes us want to read more. An excellent way of marketing your work and introducing readers to it. Keep up the great work! Will there be another appetizer soon?

    • Thanks, Effie. And yes, I definitely want to share a short excerpt from Swords of Destiny, Missing in Columbia, and Raven’s Flock as well.

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