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Fighting the Great Plan, Part I: Episode III in the Neo Skyehawk Series

Fighting the Great Plan, Part I

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Today’s synopsis is about Fighting the Great Plan, Part I: Episode III in the Neo Skyehawk Series and the fourth book overall in the series if one counts the prequel Eurean Kingdom, which can be downloaded here as a reward for joining my ever-growing email list.

Plot Summary

In this novelette, an outside threat prompts Neo and Seneca lead a troupe of Ddraigoch Knights into the wilderness, toward the border of the Southlandic Kingdom which has been overrun by a wild coalition of clansmen called the Tuathas, who are native to Southland’s neighbor of Northland.

Suspecting Tamurian interference in the ruse, the duo employ Santo ap Leuan and his brigade of Knights to build a defense force at the border to protect Ddraigoch from yet another case of foreign invasion.

Over the course of the journey, Seneca experiences vision after vision, leading to fainting spells in the process. With Neo, Santo, and the others fearing her overall health is on the line, Seneca receives a visit from the Mysterious Visitor prior to experiencing a powerful vision of retrieving a Sword from a boulder.

After she relays such information to Santo, he concludes that Seneca, who is gifted in controlling the wind element, is a Spirit-bender with mastery in the four lower Stoicheion elements, which is beyond rare as those with natural Spirit control tend to focus only on Spirit due to the element’s complexity. In his conclusion, Santo states the urgency on Seneca possessing arguably the most powerful object in Gaia, the legendary Sword of Spirit, before it falls in the wrong hands.


Connection with Lord of Columbia

Fighting the Great Plan, Part I is the first book in Neo Skyehawk with blatant connections with Lord of Columbia, and is the gateway book to the entwinement with its parent series. The Sword of Spirit, the Senecarora people, and the soon-to-be increasing role of David ap Santos, son of Santo ap Leuan, kick off in this book.

A special prophecy introduced in Lord of Columbia is also mentioned in Fighting the Great Plan, Part I, as well as the connection shared by the Swords of Destiny is also revealed in an epic climax featuring a duel for the Gaian Ages, which will be brought up in Lord of Columbia.


A Word on Missing in Columbia

Missing in Columbia

Missing in Columbia will be released in April!

Okay, in earlier articles I stated Missing in Columbia: Episode III in the Lord of Columbia Series would see a March release. Unfortunately, I have to put a delay on the release. Not for a bad reason, though, as the editing process has gone smoothly. To err on the side of caution, I’m giving the work one final proofread to be sure the plot and grammar fits the way it needs to. I’m rather anal about this kind of stuff, but I’d much rather be safe than sorry.

I’m hoping to have the book out by Sunday, April 7th, as a final proofread won’t take me long. Again, it’s just to ensure everything within the context, and within the series, fits. I’d much rather have a delay than come across a massive series plot hole which would take a lot of explaining.


Previous Books in Neo Skyehawk

If this is your first time visiting the site, feel free to take a look at the previous books in the Neo Skyehawk Series, Fighting Tyranny, and Fighting Treason, Episodes I and II in the series. These books are free to download and are available on Profilic Works, Kobo, Scribd, Nook, Playster, Tolino, and Overdrive, among others.


For More Information

And for more information on Neo Skyehawk, click here, where you can view the entire series at a glance and for information on Lord of Columbia, click here and here.

Thanks again, and I look forward to reading your comments.

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  1. Thank you.

    Here’s another book I expect to love based on the premise. I am going to give this book five stars when I read it. I like your synopsis.
    Thank you and keep the good working.

  2. This saga is getting more and more intriguing and convoluted! It’s mind blowing to see all the nation-building and subplots to the Neo Skyehawk series. It’s very well fleshed out and leaves the reader wanting more. Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks, Dawn! There is a little bit of everything you mentioned here. Not just nation and world-building, but history building as well! Creating an entire world history isn’t easy, but it sure is fun and rewarding. I can’t wait to see where it goes!

  3. Awesome post! I can’t wait for the release. In your defense, I think it is better to err on the side of caution. I absolutely can’t hurt to follow through with one final proofread to be sure the plot and grammar all fits together properly. I understand completely and am the same way, I’d much rather be safe than sorry! Also I love the idea of Seneca experiencing a powerful vision of retrieving a Sword from a boulder. Very kKng Arthur-esque ;P 

    Can’t wait till April 7th for the release, tho! So much built up excitement! Look forward to more sneak peaks by you, keep on writing! Great stuff ;D

    • Todd Matthews

      March 31, 2019 at 11:05 pm

      I can’t wait, either! And I thought the same thing; giving it one more proofread to ensure Missing in Columbia doesn’t disappoint makes much more sense than simply publishing with potential errors. When it comes to being an indie, the general rule is when one thinks their manuscript is error-free, read through it one more time.

      I know the Sword from the boulder is a cliche, but there’s a definite uniqueness toward it, I can guarantee! 

  4. I have read a couple of your earlier articles I am assuming leading up to this one. You are very detailed in recounting each piece to be sure the reader knows how each story interconnects. These pieces feel very political or drawn off political aspects in some ways. Interesting way of turning it into fantasy. I enjoyed reading about it.

    • Todd Matthews

      March 31, 2019 at 11:08 pm

      Definitely a political background, that I have to be open about. However, there’s definitely a different kind of political agenda being preached here, with a Libertarian/Voluntarist background rather than the mainstream GOP versus Democratic agendas which are basically Socialist collectivism in two different forms; nothing much to see here.

      Republicans would disagree with me with the ‘Socialist’ remarks, but military spending, adherence to flag worship, detaining people in concentration camp-like atmospheres, and of course holding police and justifying excess force warrants Socialism like none other; then there’s the fact Donald Trump has yet to cut government spending!

  5. I think your caution is well warranted, especially since these days people can be so fickle over even the smallest things! I’ve seen such tiny little details cause people to skew their point of view on a review of an otherwise excellent piece of work!

    Better safe than sorry I always say!  Any chance you’ll maybe be releasing the first chapter or a bit of a teaser before the April 7th date to keep us all sated?

    I’m super excited for the release and can’t wait to read the next installment.

    • Todd Matthews

      March 31, 2019 at 11:47 pm

      Thanks, Craig! I can definitely release an excerpt, yes! Just a small one for a finite amount of time. 

  6. You’re on Fire, Todd!

    I actually Googled Ddraigoch Knights and I forgot the story’s coming out on Sunday, dragons and swords are my thing so you definitely have my vote on this. Will there be more action with the Sword of Spirit? One day I’m going to cosplay your character, my friend. Can’t wait for this 7th, you should do a Facebook Live that day, I’d definitely watch it 😀

    • Todd Matthews

      April 1, 2019 at 1:52 pm

      Far more action in both Missing in Columbia and Fighting the Great Plan, Riaz. Lol I haven’t done FB Live yet, but I’m actually doing a soft-launch phase of the first two trilogies, which will likely take me through the rest of 2019 and most of 2020. Once a solid platform is built, the real launches begin. I’ve seen many indies do this and it works to their benefit. The goal here is to get a few-thousand books into readers’ hands and garner some much-needed reviews. 

  7. This is an interesting post. For me it’s been not short of amazing as well as very intriguing story here. One of the things I love about this series is the deep history and also the art of war being described in a very detailed manner. I also love the fact that we are beginning to see new abilities unfold. 

    • Todd Matthews

      April 1, 2019 at 1:53 pm

      Definitely a deep history, that’s for sure. While it’s a fictional world from a fantasy standpoint, there are messages in every single corner a reader takes regarding some of the most notorious warmongers; allegories of, I should say. 

  8. Andy Zeus Anderson

    April 1, 2019 at 12:57 am

    Sounds like an interesting series for my wife to read and me to peek over her shoulder on occasion. It does sound a bit like Conan meets Sword in the Stone but both made for interesting reads. I am not normally into this niche of books but will read them occasionally between self-help and true crime or political non-fiction. It sounds like your books are a sure fire way to ignite some fantasy and excitement so we will probably start a set soon. Good luck and happy writing.

    • Todd Matthews

      April 1, 2019 at 1:55 pm

      I do love political non-fiction, especially anything by Ron Paul. Much of his work, the messages, anyway, are seen in all my books, since Libertarianism/Voluntarism/Anarchocapitalist ideologies dominate the works in both LoC and Neo Skyehawk. 

  9. Hi Todd. I like this review. I guess I’m gonna get the Northern Knights and the Lord of Columbia series. I hope I can get the full series before my trip week. I’m bookmaking right away.  I’ll be looking forward to the release of the book and posts from you. Keep up the good work mate 

    • Todd Matthews

      April 1, 2019 at 1:49 pm

      Awesome, Alex! Feel free to download Neo Skyehawk as well for more detailed stories of those historical characters mentioned in Northern Knights. 

  10. I like to read Young Adult Literature especially fantasy. How did you find your inspiration for this series? I am going to download this. Right now my schedule is so full of reading for school (creative writing) my literature classes are loaded (lol), but I can’t wait to get into this series. 

    • Todd Matthews

      April 1, 2019 at 1:48 pm

      Cool thing, Melissa! And yes, I can definitely relate to literature classes, having taken a few myself in college. 

  11. Wow!! I have never even heard of this book series. But I am there. I love a good book. Your information plus the visual were on point. Real good.

  12. Awesome site and it’s my first visit here so you have me intrigued to peruse your site and read more.
    You have a great writing style and I wish you all the best with the release. Thank you.

  13. Hi Todd, And the suspense continues! You were born to do this work. Great stuff. Cheers

  14. I am very impressed with your website Todd. I actually showed it to my hubby as he is into these kind of novels and he was very impressed. Keep up the good work!

  15. Hey awesome post very engaging and atmosphereic right from the start. I like how it introduces the characters without giving away to much of the plot as well but still ends on a cliff hanger. Also smooth transition from story synposis to factual info about the release date and behind the scenes stuff! Awesome

    • I’m definitely staying vague with this one, Dom! I was disappointed in not getting Missing in Columbia out before the end of March, but another edit is always necessary when us indies find mistakes are nonexistent. One more look over is always necessary.

  16. Hey Todd, what can I say my friend? You really are on fire and your imagination and writing style blows me away every time I visit your site!

    I am sending your site link to some of my friends who I am sure would love your books… good luck with the launch on 7th April… keep up the good work!

    • A big thanks, Moni! And thanks a bunch! The trilogy, or the first trilogy, will be complete and I’m looking very forward to seeing what the readers think!

  17. I have to tell Todd, you’ve got an incredible imagination, and I don’t mean that about the story because I understand it’s based on history of warring factions with a lot of truth behind it, but the names and titles you’ve given characters in the series. Soon, when I can find a little time, I’ll be back to download your earlier work. Thanks.

    • A big thanks, Terry! And yes, I was looking for some different kind of names to really allow the characters to stand out more and allow readers to remember them.

  18. I have read other synopses on your site and I am excited to start reading. I can see connotation and allusion to famous works, such as Avatar (the air bender version, not the James Cameron one), and Mists of Avalon.

    I hope beyond hope that your works stand up to the references they are using and I believe this series will definitely be worth reading.

    Like I said, I am looking forward to both this series and Lord of Columbia.

    Keep writing.

    • Todd Matthews

      April 1, 2019 at 4:58 pm

      Yes, Avatar: The Last Airbender was a major influence here. Loved that show. I hope for the majority of my readers, they can live up to the promise. I know they won’t impress all readers, but that’s okay. As long as I have readers loving the work, it’s a rewarding endeavor. 

  19. I can’t just hold my peace to grabbing a copy of this book in my hand. I would love to have one on my shelf.

    I love the creativity of the writer. Your premise was founded on good semantical ground. The context was captivating too. Indeed, you’ve done a good job here.

    It’s a piece worthy of recommendation to readers who appreciate creativity and suspense. I just can’t wait no more.

    • Todd Matthews

      April 2, 2019 at 1:52 pm

      Thanks, Toriola! I think you’ll enjoy the work and the entire Neo Skyehawk Series as a whole! New novelettes are on the way, too. 

  20. Hi Todd,

    What an amazing read. Your words really entice the story and makes me want to read it more, I never really got into these types of books, however, I think I might have been persuaded.

    Keep up the great work.

    • Thanks, Tim. Even though the genre is fantasy, there is a strong political message in each from the Anarchocapitalist/Libertarian/Voluntarist standpoint. It’s a start contrast to the staunch right-wing and leftist ideology commonly preached in American politics today.

  21. Your synopsis is beyond words, it does more than a good synopsis should do – it picked my interest on such a level that I can’t wait to find out more!
    I mean, one of your characters is named Neo and my first thought was about the “Matrix”, an all-time favorite movie of mine.
    On another note – I feel your pain about the delay of your project. Personally, I believe that artists shouldn’t have to bother with proofreading…
    But it’s part of every writer’s process so you gotta do what you gotta do.
    As always, great characters and even greater story.
    Visiting your site is always a pleasure. And I don’t see that changing any time soon!

    • Hi, Boby. The Matrix is definitely where I got the name Neo from. While Neo isn’t a Welsh name and the Kingdom of Ddraigoch is a fictionalized version of Wales, I did want different names for my main cast to set them apart. There is a lot, and I mean a lot, of similar messages that I preach in both Neo Skyehawk and Lord of Columbia that are present in the Matrix.

      And yes, it definitely blows, but even during this final proofread I’ve discovered my failure to omit needless words, which as a minimalist, I feel always adds power to the work when such words are out. I feel the product will just have a greater quality when the words are gone and each word holds its weight.

  22. Hey, I just explored your website a little more. So you are the author of these books! That´s awesome. I´ve written some fiction myself, lately all too little though, but reading your website kind of reminds me of how important writing is to me as well. Makes me want to find time for writing more fiction. You seem to be quite of productive author, which I´m super jealous about. 😀

    This Neo Skyehawk series, as well as the Lord of Columbia series sound like the kind of books I´d like to read. I´m really into fantasy, and on a creative writing class I attended, there was this girl who wrote an urban fantasy novel. I loved her novel, so I might love your books too, if they´re anything like that. I like that kind of fiction, mixing the real world with fantasy, like Harry Potter (which is not quite the same as adult fantasy, of course, but there is also the real world and the magic world that exist simultaneously).

    • Hi, Kristi, definitely pursue it! These days, you can build an entire business around your writing, which is quite exciting but challenging at the same time.

      I would say Lord of Columbia is a cross between Harry Potter, Star Wars, Avatar: the Last Airbender the Magnificent Seven, Chronicles of Narnia, Lost (TV Series, which itself is a crossover of older shows, movies, and books), with a little bit of Fast and Furious involved. Lots of action, yet keep in mind, there is some intense violence and mild to strong language in some scenes. It’s definitely for an adult-oriented audience. There is also a strong political message, but they’re very different than what is preached in today’s mainstream politics.

  23. Hi there,

    You are inviting the visitor to your website in a very enticing way to read your books. They certainly sound very exciting and I like the synopsis that you have written to give the reader an idea.

    All the best with your writing and the rest of the titles in the series that you are planning. It might even be turned into a TV series?

    • Todd Matthews

      April 3, 2019 at 2:26 pm

      Thanks, Line. I like to be compelling with my extended descriptions, yet vague enough not to give away too much info! Both series are looking good at the moment, so I can’t wait to see where to go from here! 

  24. Finally, Seneca’s spiritual gift is paving the way to acquiring a very strong object in Gaia” the legendary sword of the spirit” which will be used to combat and destroy the enemies. This part intrigues my suspense to want to read further. Honestly, I will be expecting the release of episode lll of the Lord of Columbia (missing in Columbia). I’m hoping it will be suspense filled. Thanks for your intellectual works. 

    • Todd Matthews

      April 3, 2019 at 2:44 pm

      I’ve never been more excited to write one’s character arc more than I have Seneca’s. She’s far and away the most intriguing character in the World of Gaia thus far and her story just continues to grow over time. I hope she stands as a symbol for inspiration that one can achieve greatness against all odds, which is why I’ve always had a blast following her story as it comes to me. 

  25. Julia Kossowska

    April 3, 2019 at 2:35 pm

    Hi Todd,

    This looks brilliant! 

    I have just downloaded Fighting Tyranny – thank you for letting us try this for free! 

    I am really looking forward to reading it.

    I am interested in fantasy and intrigued by your comments about it having a Libertarian/Voluntarist background.

    Good luck with the new book!!   (I do think you are right to hold it back until you are satisfied with it.)

    All the best, 


    • Todd Matthews

      April 3, 2019 at 2:42 pm

      Thank you, Julia! And yes, my main mission is to get the Libertarian/Voluntarist background into the mainstream, which has always been overlooked by modern-day GOP and Democratic politics, both of which preach collectivism and never account for the individual. 

  26. Wow, I can’t wait till April 7th for the release, sincerely! So much built up excitement in awaits of this! I will say this saga is getting more and more fascinating and complicated! It’s thrilling effect is on me. What I really love about this wonderful series is the unique arts and interesting actions of war. Waiting to see new abilities added.

    • Todd Matthews

      April 3, 2019 at 2:40 pm

      You’re going to love the conclusion of Trilogy (or Season) I in Lord of Columbia, with three more trilogies to go along with a series finale on top of it. As for Neo Skyehawk, it’s still going strong and look for a dual-release come May, if not late April. 

  27. The more synopses of your work I read the more I think it would make an awesome movie. Not only one movie, to be precise. A series of movies. The plot is so rich and suspense intriguing!
    It was the right choice to hold the book back. Attention to detail plays a key role in the perfect outcome.
    Keep up the great work, Todd!

    • Thanks, Effie! It would be cool to convert these into movies in the future, but there’s a lot to do before those days come about! And yes, now that I’m in proofread mode, I’m happy I went through it one more time, especially since I’m a minimalist when it comes to novel writing. Omitting needless words is always my final (and most effective) step.

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