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Fighting Treason: Episode II in the Neo Skyehawk Series Synopsis

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I hope you all loved my synopses on Northern Knights, Swords of Destiny, and Fighting Tyranny and if you haven’t done so yet, you can view them at the following links:

Northern Knights

Swords of Destiny

Fighting Tyranny

Today, I’m talking about Fighting Tyranny’s sequel, Fighting Treason, and giving my readers an extended look at the content within the pages of this small novelette. As mentioned in previous articles, the Neo Skyehawk Series is a freebie series which can be downloaded on Prolific Works for no charge unless you wished to read the prequel which will cost you an email address!

Anyway, Fighting Treason is Book II in the Neo Skyehawk Series and once again, Prince Neo Skyehawk and his best friend, former Untouchable peasant Seneca LaSalle are back to their adventures, but this one is unplanned and in a way, unwanted.

Read on for more details.

Kingdom in Peril

Yes, the Kingdom of Ddraigoch is in grave danger after an attempted coup on Neo’s father, King Irvin Skyehawk, which leaves the nation’s capital city of Llandaff in flames while Radyr Beach, where the grand Palace at Radyr is located, is destroyed.

Worse yet a rebellion has kicked off and is waging war with Ddraigoch, and guys, nothing is working in our protagonists’ favor.

Things take an even greater turn downhill when Neo and Seneca are blamed for conspiring to eliminate Irvin as a means to get the teenager onto the throne.

Now, as we all know in previous articles Neo wants nothing to do with being the King, but in the days of old news never traveled as fast…but it does travel well when propagandists plant cells in plain sight to spark a rebellion. Just open up a history book and we see plenty of examples before the digital age.


Running and Coming Home

The two flee Llandaff and end up in a wooded area where Neo used to hunt. They suspect the Tamurian Empire is behind this along with a few disgruntled townspeople who’ve allied with the rouge state. Though news has spread of the two supposedly looking to seek power, they realize the only way to save Llandaff and the entire Kingdom of Ddraigoch is if they return.

On their way, they meet two outcasts, one of which is quick-witted and sharp and the other his exact opposite, but good with weapons. Together, they return to a war-ridden capital city where a fight brews between incoming mercenaries and those still loyal to King Irvin and the Ddraigoch Crown.


New POV Character

POV stands for point-of-view, and for those who’ve read Fighting Tyranny realize that Neo is the point-of-view and main character. However, in Book II, Seneca takes over as the lead for reasons that will be explained in the text. Hint: Her story is more suspenseful in this work than Neo’s, but that’s not to say Neo isn’t in trouble.

In fact, his situation might be a bit bleaker.

So, from hero to heroine, Seneca LaSalle gets the spotlight as one can see on the cover.


Relation to Lord of Columbia

As mentioned in Fighting Tyranny, many objects and names that are local to Lord of Columbia appear in the Neo Skyehawk Series. The histories of such powerful objects central to Lord of Columbia’s plot are documented here, which is the entire purpose of the Skyehawk Series to begin with.

Yet, there’s really no right or wrong order for a reader. If one wished to test-drive my world and magical systems for free, the Skyehawk Series would be the route to take. The only real difference here is if one reads Neo Skyehawk before diving into Lord of Columbia, they will be aware of such magical objects and systems, as well as have some knowledge on our main characters’ lineages.

If one wished for something more climactic and loves suspense, Lord of Columbia might be the way to go, which works can be found an Amazon in both e-book and paperback form.



As I mentioned earlier this month, three new works will be released in March and April. In March, Missing in Columbia will make its debut, likely toward the end of the month. Come April, both Fighting the High Seas and Fighting the Great Plan: Part II will also be released, which will take us into May 2019 when it’s all said and done.

Man, do the years get faster as one ages. I’ll be 28 by the time I finish releasing these works.

I hope you all enjoyed this post and if you’re interested in the story itself, go ahead and click the image either at the top of this article or below to download your free copy of Fighting Treason.

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  1. Hi Todd, I love your synopsis, especially on Fighting Tyranny. Reading through the write up I can categorically say that the Fighting Treason Episode II is going to be action packed, what with Neo wanting nothing to do with the throne and now he is being accused of conspiring with Seneca to eliminate Irvin in order to get a throne he had no interest in. I can only feel for Neo. It is saddening enough that he had to flee Llandaff. I hope he stays safe.

    • Todd Matthews

      March 1, 2019 at 5:22 pm

      Hi, Gracen. I can, too, and it shows that things like this happen in the world today, if one reads content on the Ron Paul Institute and Lew Rockwell. There’s a regime change and one side is always branded the bad guy, even if they’re totally innocent. 

  2. Great synopsis of the Neo Skyehawk Series! I am not familiar with it, but after reading your article, I am intrigued! I like to get into stories and series of this type when I have some down time, so I may be interested in looking at this as my next indulgence.

    So, I should read this before getting the Lord of Columbia?

    • Todd Matthews

      March 1, 2019 at 5:19 pm

      Hi, Dave, you can start with either. If you start this before Lord of Columbia, you’ll see some connections rather quickly while if you start with Lord of Columbia, such elements will be more climactic. It’s akin to Chronicles of Narnia, where some insist on starting with the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe while others begin with the Magician’s Nephew. 

  3. I love your art. Sounds like a blockbuster. Neo and Seneca have both been accused and ostracized, yet they come back to fight for the kingdom? I’m not sure I fully understand the plot, but thanks for making “fighting treason”, free. I will surely download it to enjoy this thrilling adventure.

    I do want to know though, how are we to pronounce Ddraigoch?

    • Todd Matthews

      March 1, 2019 at 5:16 pm

      Thank you, Louis. Yes, I chose to remain rather vague with this particular synopsis, careful not to give away too much! I’ve always pronounced it as ‘thraig-gek.’ The reason for the strange spelling is because I based the Kingdom on Wales, and Y ddraig goch, or the red dragon, is the symbol on the national flag. 

    • Some plots can be this way Louis as the author decides not to give out too much info just to keep us interested and wanting to read more. I am pretty interested as it seems it is going to be filled with action.

  4. Thanks for sharing this review on Fighting Treason. I found it interesting that you post relevant articles on your site that people can read and gain knowledge from in regard to your two series. I really commend your effort in doing this. I want to ask if there is a real movie of Fighting Treason? I would love to watch it. 

    • Todd Matthews

      March 1, 2019 at 5:14 pm

      Hi, Olalekan! No movies yet, but the future might be bright if we keep getting the word out! 

  5. First of all, I think you’re doing a great job, just reading the synopsis has me intrigued but I must ask where do you get your ideas from?

    I really like the visual content you’ve provided, it gives the novels/novelettes a sense of mystery which is also intriguing.

    Do you plan on making this book a hard covered or possibly publishing further than email copies?

    • Todd Matthews

      March 1, 2019 at 5:13 pm

      Hi, Amanda, for this work I get my ideas from real-life events that are occurring in today’s world, with regime change being a hot topic. Further, protest both here in the US and abroad was also a huge influencer behind the work. If the demand is high enough, I’ll likely make a volume set of the series since they’re short novelettes. Like Episodes I-III in one book, which spans about 240-250 pages. I’ll continue to release hardcopy volumes from there. 

  6. Shiloh Griffin

    March 1, 2019 at 6:14 pm

    Hey Todd,

    I’m new to your website but I’m glad I found it because it sounds like the kind of stuff I like. I’m going to start with Northern Knights and go from there before reading about the world’s history.

    I went back and looked at how you got started and I was inspired!  You said that you had a lot of starts and stops before you found a premise that worked and it started to flow. What do you think the difference was that time? Was there a person or something else that inspired you? I’m just asking because I want to write fantasy as well but I have gotten stuck a few times myself.

    Anyway, I’ll let you know how I like Northern Knights!

    Shiloh Griffin

    • Todd Matthews

      March 2, 2019 at 6:26 pm

      Hi, Shiloh! Thanks for enjoying the article! Yes, between 2010 and 2015 I would start a manuscript, then erase the whole thing, starting over and over. I think this time around I had a legitimate plan in place plus a premise on where the story was headed. While I’m not an outliner, I did work with an outline to begin my story before intuition took over. Always start with an outline and even if you aren’t an outliner with me, it’ll give you a general idea where the story goes. It doesn’t need to be fancy; just write chapter names and a short description of each and you’re on your way. 

  7. It was a pleasure reading your review. In truth, my best method for finding books has always been following your nose. When I see a reference to something that interests me, I look it up and find the source. If it’s a book, I read it! I can tell you that you have given me a good description of what I want to read it: Fighting Treason. Thank you very much and keep up to good working.

  8. Until today I have never heard of this series. To get a little background on the Neo Skyehawk Series gave me an idea on what to expect. I like watching videos and occasionally reading material of this nature. Your review includes some good insight on the series. 

    I may have misread something or just didn’t pay attention. Which is the first one in the series that you recommend I should start with?

    • Todd Matthews

      March 2, 2019 at 10:35 pm

      Hi, Ken, the first in series is Fighting Tyranny, which you can find a review of here. Speaking of videos; they are definitely on the way! 

  9. Hey Todd

    I can’t get enough of Fighting Treason. You left me with so much suspense and I feel this has made me eager to know the whole story of the book.
    I specifically like the Neo and Seneca when they came to fight for the kingdom after being banished..lol this was my main suspense of the book.
    I have been following all your books and they really link together in some way.

    Thank you

    • Haha, thanks, Thabo! Always good to hear from you. And yes, those two are something else; they surprise even me when I sit down to write their adventures. While I love my group in the Lord of Columbia Series, I think Neo and Seneca are the most dynamic of all my characters in any series.

      • Indeed I think so too ha ha. Do you have any plans of putting all of your work on a movie because I would be really interested in watching it bra.
        I am a sucker of suspense movies like yours and I would watch a series of it any day.
        Your characters really make me want to see a movie of them.

        • Hi, Thabo, if I pitched the work as a movie, it’d definitely be geared toward and indie base, since this is an indie work, after all! There’s a lot of suspense here, I can assure you and the characters, especially Seneca, would relate well to such an audience. Though it’ll never reach Hollywood (nor would I want it to), there’s still a base to be sought.

  10. I have never touched this story, but after reading your synopsis, I think this is really interesting. I think I will start reading this book. Thank you for sharing!

  11. You know I like your post about fiction. Many of us folks underestimate the true power of novels. When I see your mythological synopses it makes me want to eat them up. Some people think its a waste of time. But, on the contrary its actually a perfect usage of time. Fictional stories based on the real world is one way to become an excellent reader.

    • Hi, Linda! I definitely believe novels hold more power than anything else. There’s zero regulation for the most part so more views than simply mainstream and what they want us to be exposed to can be brought into the light. I’ve always loved fiction more than nonfiction because many of these works hold stronger messages and themes. Makes me want to read my favorites time and again.

  12. I love this genre! It gives me the illusion of different worlds, unknown lands, new languages; I use my imagination as a vehicle for these trips. Todd, in your opinion, which one should I read first? The Neo Skyehawk Series or the Lord of Columbia?

    • Thanks, Effie! And yes, there is some Welsh involved here in the Skyehawk Series. When it comes to what should be read first, I’d say the best thing to do is go with whether you want a climactic effect or a base understanding. If you like climax, go with Lord of Columbia first. But if you like background knowledge, Neo Skyehawk might be the way to go.

  13. I really loved the layout of this story. From reading through, it sounds like it’ll be action packed from the get go.

    The concept, characters and whole thought process behind it all is fantastic.

    The storyline has you hooked very early on and continues to take you deeper as you begin to understand and relate to the characters within.

    • Thanks! And yes, nonstop action is a spoiler I can definitely provide! Not only do the characters go on a journey, but the overarching story is one that links not just the Neo Skyehawk Series as one, but also creates a bridge to my main event, the Lord of Columbia Series.

  14. I have never read this story but this article has really triggered my interest and I will surely find a way to make sure I lay my hands on the story. Your article has really pictured Fighting Treason to be an interesting story. I will start following you to get more updates like this on the best stories.

    • Todd Matthews

      March 3, 2019 at 7:44 pm

      Fighting Treason might have been my favorite story to have written out of the entire Neo Skyehawk Series. The plot consisted of nonstop action after the inciting incident, to the point to where I was forced to go out on a limb and let my characters create the story while my fingers simply typed! It might’ve also been my most challenging work to date. 

  15. Hey. Thanks for sharing. I have to read twice before I can comprehend what was in this synopsis. I’m sure it wouldn’t have been so if I had been following you up from the beginning. It is indeed an interesting synopsis. I have downloaded this story and I wish I would enjoy it more when I read the full episode. I love discussing the interesting story with people.

    • Todd Matthews

      March 3, 2019 at 7:29 pm

      Thanks! I hope you like the work and definitely let me know what you think of it! I’m glad my synopsis was worth reading! 

  16. Hi Todd! As you have suggested, I also think The Lord of Columbia is the best way to go. I like printed books and I’ll probably be ordering that way. I like suspense so I’ll be following your recommendation.

    Could you give us a hint concerning the main characters lineage? Now I’m intrigued. LOL.

    Man, you’re really working hard. March and April will be busy months for you. We’re looking forward to these new publications too.

    • Todd Matthews

      March 5, 2019 at 3:20 pm

      Hi, Henry, all I can say is there are certain characters mentioned in passing in Lord of Columbia that appear as actual characters in the Neo Skyehawk Series. With similar surnames to my main characters, the lineage comes together nicely. 

  17. Urban fantasy is such an interesting concept to me. Mostly because I’m really only used to the traditional type of fantasy where people live in old fashioned worlds with no cities or large buildings. Unfortunately the only time I have read an urban fantasy book I ended up really hating it. So I’ve still got a bitter taste in my mouth from the book. But reading through your synopsis made me want to try it out again. And of course, I know that reading only one book hardly qualifies me to have an opinion of the genre as a whole. 

    Thanks for getting me excited about a new thing. I’m going to try out your free books for sure. That’s awesome that you have released them for free. If I like them. You can bet I’ll be sharing them with all my book loving friends and family members!

    • Todd Matthews

      March 5, 2019 at 3:18 pm

      Hi, Mariah! Believe it or not, I wasn’t a fan of urban fantasy myself, but I did like the concept. I just think much of urban fantasy can be repetitious, such as a police officer or something working for government who possesses superpowers. Yawn! My goal for Lord of Columbia was to revolutionize urban fantasy by introducing more traditional fantastical elements, which led me to create the Neo Skyehawk Series, so there is an actual story behind traditional magical systems set in a modern society. 

  18. Hi Todd

    I am not aware of the series but am a great scifi/aventure series books, and this will be of interest to me and it would be interest to find what unfolds,. keep up the good work

  19. It seems you are busier than ever these days, and this latest update clearly shows that to be the case. The second Fighting Treason episode looks like another barn burner and I am sure that there is going to be a lot of people who are going to jump on this.

    I see that Prince Neo Skyehawk and the peasant Seneca LaSalle are back to their adventures in this one, and it looks like the attempted coup over his father, the capital in flames, and the rebellion plus more mean that there is plenty of action to follow and enjoy.

    You are planning on more releases this month and next month too? You are a writing demon, I must say! Best of luck to you on these and this one too, I enjoy stopping by and catching up with the latest. It seems that every time I pop throigh, there is something new! Thanks! 

    • Todd Matthews

      March 5, 2019 at 5:06 pm

      Haha, your prediction is spot on and I can only hope these next novelettes can be a hit with readers! There’s not only action, but also new characters coming along as well, which will only add to the madness. Yep, I have three releases coming in the next two months, but I wrote my main Lord of Columbia trilogy between 2015-2017, with edits coming in both 2018 and 2019. More editing than writing with them at this point! The Skyehawk Series originated last year but being that they’re quick reads, it’s more of a simplified writing/editing process. 

  20. Rickey Pruitt

    March 6, 2019 at 5:14 am

    Hi Todd
    The reading is great and also very absorbing as well as intriguing
    When I check out Fighting Treason I see a top-notch video game
    that’s selling very well, I can see that you are on the right track to
    a very profitable business.

    • Thanks, Rickey, and I think the profits will come in time. I’d love to pitch some of these works as video games down the line, but of course after a readership is built. After that, TV series, movies, who knows? I’ll never place limits on myself, though I’d be cautious about who I sell the rights to, as mainstream Hollywood does have an agenda when it comes to this kind of stuff, so I’d be more likely to sell to indies, as I am, which tends to have a more anything goes mentality.

  21. Nathan Briggs

    March 6, 2019 at 9:58 pm

    Hi Todd,

    Great synopsis, you’ve provided enough information to capture my interest but not so much that the story has been ruined or feels predictable. I’m not familiar with the prequel, do you have to read it first?

  22. Godswill Innocent

    March 7, 2019 at 4:20 pm

    Wow, amazed at this story. The story is very interesting and I commend you for more.
    Great series!!

  23. Hey Todd!

    The librarian and English teacher in me love this! The aspiring novelist in me is supremely jealous. This is the first time I am hearing about Prolific Works for self-publishing. Is it like publishing through Kindle Unlimited? Do you get quite a bit of traffic through it?

    I am definitely going to have to check out both your books and Prolific Works. Know what I am doing this weekend!

    • Todd Matthews

      March 8, 2019 at 2:55 pm

      Hi, Kristin, since these novelettes are perma-free, I publish them through Prolific Works and link my paid works in the Lord of Columbia Series to Kindle Unlimited. Prolific Works is a great way for an author to gain exposure by releasing free works so readers can test their writing style. You can also build an email list there as well. 

  24. This seems like a great set of books to get started on. I absolutely love stories set in this time period of knights and swords and sorcery. And who can complain when you’re getting access to free work?!

    Out of curiosity, is there a way to get something from prolific works onto my Kindle? Reading with a strong backlight like a computer screen or phone tends to make my eyes ache pretty quickly so was hoping you had some ideas since I’ve never downloaded from Prolific Works before.

    • Todd Matthews

      March 9, 2019 at 11:57 pm

      They do have .mobi on there plus epub, so there should be a way to upload it onto Kindle. I’ve never personally tried it (I’m the paperback/hardcover old school type) but there should definitely be a way to get the work onto Kindle. It’d be way easier if we didn’t have to fight Amazon to place perma free works onto the site. Lol. 

  25. Impressive! I really love all your synopses, especially the one on Swords of Destiny. The Fighting Treason sounds like a blockbuster and power packed. Reading through this fascinating review, I will be of opinion that Neo Skyehawk is the heir to the Ddraigoch throne who simply wants to live an act like a commoner, as Neo wants nothing to do with being the King. So, blaming Neo and Seneca are for conspiring to eliminate Irvin as a means to get the teenager onto the throne is obvious. Such is life, uneasy lies the way of he that wears the crown. I like watching videos and occasionally reading material of this nature.

    • Todd Matthews

      March 10, 2019 at 1:04 am

      I’ll be honest, I actually had an influence in this work from a major blockbuster movie that was made in the mid-1990s…to an extent, anyway. 

  26. Lemme start with compliments. Your book cover design is amazing! The red Indian female archer holds so much intrigue! And the intensity in her eyes is double intrigue! 

    I love freebies, and an email address is cheaper than $0, so I’d sure take you up on the offer to grab these free novelettes. 

    Your synopsis of Fighting Treason is quite detailed. For a novelette, it’s as good as I’ve read the book. Yet, I look forward to reading it proper, you’ve succeeded in whetting my appetite for more. 

    PS: happy 28th birthday in advance! The years do fly by like birds. 

    Also, thanks for the free books, I’ve just clicked on the link. 

    • Todd Matthews

      March 12, 2019 at 2:33 pm

      Hi, Peace! I love the way you described Seneca but never thought of her as Native American…though (spoiler alert) she will interact with Indigenous people very, very soon in the series. I think the fact I gave her a name that is stemmed from a Native American tribe will make some readers think she might be Native, but when I designed the cover, this particular girl looked exactly as I pictured Seneca and I simply said, “Yes, this is the girl I need on my cover.” 

  27. Your post is well laid out and I love the size of the lettering. You inform the reader on how the read the series for free and also how to receive it by just giving up their email address early in the article. Great job! I also noticed that you are engaging with the reader which is also important. You have done a great job with this post. Keep up the good work and good luck in the future.

    • Todd Matthews

      March 12, 2019 at 2:30 pm

      Hi, Chris. Since they’re freebie works, I just logged onto Canva to create these covers and getting the lettering to look good was my biggest challenge, especially if I were to place the cover in thumbnail. 

  28. Awesome to read about your work and discovering all these fictional chararcters! My daughter loves fiction fantasy series; I will let her know about your site. It will surely be an inspiration to her! She started writing fiction fantasy when she was just 13yo.
    I myself love it too.

    • That’s fantastic! Definitely tell her to keep it up, as it’s more than rewarding when one completes a work and shares it with readers and other writers.

  29. So good to read about your review on the Fighting Tyranny. I have gone through your review on Northern Knights and Swords of Destiny, and I must confess that they are top-notch and it really motivated me to always read your posts. Its interesting also to know that the Fighting Tyranny Relates to Lord of Columbia. Really love the cover page though. Thanks so much for this post. It has really been helpful

    • Todd Matthews

      March 15, 2019 at 2:36 pm

      Definitely a history book, in a way. I was initially going to place both stories within Lord of Columbia, with Skyehawk being told in flashbacks, but thought readers would better understand the connection if I just made two separate series. Another thing I liked about this route was the fact I could be more creative and get more detailed in both series, too. 

  30. Hi Todd, I just learned about this series through your previous posts with Fighting Tyranny. 

    Such blockbusters fully rejuvenate the audience. This episode sounds like an action-packed episode even more so than the first one. Should I look forward to your books on this entire series? I hope yes 🙂

    Thanks a lot for sharing this thrilling post and wonderful free download. Gonna get it. Cheers:)

    • Todd Matthews

      March 15, 2019 at 2:33 pm

      Hope you enjoyed Fighting Tyranny and you’ll definitely love each book in this series if you liked the first two. They all build off one another and are just now beginning to take immense twists and turns. 

  31. Yeah, your synopses are quite incredible and interesting. Reading through this article makes me anticipate for more, and seriously I really need to download more of your books. I also observed that nothing was working in favour of the protagonist,  and saw that his opponent planted cells in plain sight to spark a rebellion. Though I know that in most cases, the protagonist always ends up being favoured towards the end. It’s really a nice one, I enjoyed myself all the way… 

    • Todd Matthews

      March 15, 2019 at 2:30 pm

      Thanks, Barry! Definitely check out the prequel to this book, Fighting Tyranny, and the sequel, Fighting the Great Plan: Part I, which I’ll be laying out the synopsis to soon! 

  32. Hi Todd, the synopsis of Fighting Treason makes me even more curious about Neo’s and Seneca’s journey. How long will the Neo Skyehawk series will span? Will it be a trilogy or even more? Do you have the plan to bring this series into comics? It seems like a solid series and will certainly be interesting to see it at other media such as comics 🙂

    • Todd Matthews

      March 15, 2019 at 2:28 pm

      It’s definitely longer than a trilogy, I can assure you of that! I’m guessing the series will be at least seven books, if not more. I’m working on two more books as I type this, so definitely stay tuned for more info! 

  33. Hi Todd,

    I loved the Northern Knight which have been the first one for me, ever, to read and I am hooked since.

    The synopsis of “Fighting Treason” sounds breathtaking but I certainly will read the first book “Fighting Tyranny” to get all the connections, I am just wired that way and yes, I also love suspense and the build-up which can and will be created.

    I personally love your writing style because it is so engaging and as a reader, you certainly will lose track of time.

    Thanks, Todd for the free download I really appreciate it.


    • Todd Matthews

      April 5, 2019 at 3:18 pm

      I know exactly what you mean, Sylvia! I always have to start from the beginning, myself, or else I know I’ll miss things! You’ll find valuable information in Fighting Tyranny that will carry over to Fighting Treason. 

  34. Hi Todd,

    I always enjoy reading the summary of your awesome stories in your posts. Book II, Fighting Treason is a thrilling part. That is also Seneca being the focused character. I wanted to go through the whole story. I don’t know what to do!!! 🙁 Actually, I feel bored reading long stories. On the other hand, I was interested in reading fairy tales when I was in school. You are going to make me read these books someday. 

    The day before yesterday, I watched the fiction movie AQUAMAN. It was just an amazing movie like Avatar. I wish if I could watch your stories as movies. 😊

    Anyway, thank you for sharing your awesome synopsis.

    With Regards,

    • Todd Matthews

      April 5, 2019 at 4:20 pm

      Not only is Fighting Treason full of action and adventure, its plot can be correlated to real life events, both during the days of old and even as recent as the 21st century. 

  35. I haven’t seen this one before but I am quite interested. I am currently looking for stories I can read. Is this a long story? I tend to get attached to long stories as if I’m part of the story itself and when it ends, it feels like I lost some part of me. I really hope that this is not too long.

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