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Get the Northern Knights, Swords of Destiny, and Missing in Columbia Collection Today!

Lord of Columbia Trilogy
Click the image to purchase your copy for just $6.99!

Everybody loves hot deals, and now you too can get in on the action by purchasing the first trilogy in the Lord of Columbia Series featuring Northern Knights, Swords of Destiny, and Missing in Columbia for only $6.99. This deal, advertised only here at Lord of Columbia Series rewards the reader with 53% off the cover prices if the books are bought separately.

What is Lord of Columbia?

For those that don’t know, Lord of Columbia is a new adult urban fantasy series that takes place in the world of Gaia, which is eerily similar to our own world. The series itself is an allegory of American history, except the entirety of this history, is set in modern times.

The first trilogy covers three years of modern/fantasy warfare regarding a group of colonies fighting for independence against a repressive empire that has exercised control over Gaia for centuries.


Who is Lord of Columbia For?

Orange and Brown Voluntarism
Something I couldn’t do was justify using traditional Anacap colors of black and yellow.

Those who love real-world history will definitely see some correlations play out in this urban fantasy series while others who are fans of the Libertarian/Anarchocapitalist sector will also find entertainment in the work, especially when I contrast societal differences between occupied and unoccupied Columbia.

Anyone who grew up watching Avatar: The Last Airbender will find the spin on element control entertaining, and those who loved Harry Potter also see a correlation between my work and J.K. Rowling’s bestselling series in many aspects, especially in the first book.

Finally, those who grew up following and supporting the NFL’s Cleveland Browns will find satisfaction in what I’ll call a sub-allegory, which one can decipher where it’s going by simply viewing all three book covers, which contain elements of orange and brown, as well as the cover of the box set.


Episode I: Northern Knights

Northern Knights, New Adult Urban Fantasy

In our first episode, we follow Cain, an arrogant college athlete gifted in the five classical elements of air, water, earth, fire, and Spirit.

Cain wants nothing more than to turn pro in his chosen sport of shotball (think handball meets rugby) and is ignorant to the imperial corruption surrounding him and his homeland. However, a military draft leaves Cain with an ultimatum when imperial soldiers rounding up high school and college-aged kids for conscription corner him and his friends.

Using their abilities, Cain and his crew ignite an uprising that hasn’t been seen in decades, leaving them fugitives from the empire’s harsh law.

Upon defecting to the one unoccupied region in his homeland, Cain and leaders of a voluntary yet powerful force known as the Freedom Flames prepare for the inevitable as the uprising in occupied colonies gain steam.

When war breaks out, it’s only a matter of time before the imperials target the unoccupied land.


Episode II: Swords of Destiny

Swords of Destiny, New Adult Urban Fantasy

Cain and the crew are forced to return to occupied lands when a good friend of their rebel coalition is captured behind enemy lines and imprisoned in the empire’s harshest political prison.

Cain gathers his crew an embarks on a rescue mission while witnessing the consequences of rebellion over the past ten months.

However, fate has a detour for Cain and he stumbles upon a mysterious entity who gifts him a boon that will enhance his elemental ability tenfold. Using the object, Cain leads his merry men and women through a war-torn region, ultimately splitting up after losing each other in an intense battle.

Now alone, the crew races to rescue their friend and put a stop to the empire’s political prison system once and for all.


Episode III: Missing in Columbia

Missing in Columbia, New Adult Urban Fantasy

Upon being dispatched to apprehend a dangerous imperial leader, Cain is shot down and left stranded in a forested region. Only Cain and a co-partner survive the attack and soon find the forest to be infested with imperialists who are tasked with hunting down and slaughtering dissenters to the empire’s conscription.

Soon, word leaks out that Cain survived the attack as he and his co-partner face hordes of imperial troops reinforcing one another and surrounding the region from each direction.

As if it isn’t bad enough, things take a turn for the worst when they catch word that the most notorious imperial leader has returned to Columbia and is intent on leading troops into the unoccupied region of North Columbia. If the area is overrun by imperialists, Columbia will completely fall into the empire’s hands.


Extra Features!

Raven's Flock, New Adult Urban Fantasy

With the work comes a preview of Book IV in the Lord of Columbia Series, Raven’s Flock, scheduled to be released in early-2020 which will kick off Trilogy II.

If you’re starved for more of my works, feel free to visit the Neo Skyehawk Series tab to download your free copies of four novelettes which serve as a prequel to Lord of Columbia, set five-hundred years in the setting’s past.

The series will give the reader a background on historical characters mentioned in the main Lord of Columbia Series. Characters like Neo Skyehawk, David ap Santos, Senecal LaSalle, Kia Romanoff, and others, whose lives and actions are important to LoC’s plot come to life in this series and their stories are told in great detail.

As novelettes, consider these to be fast reads which take up to two hours tops with each work consisting of between 10,000 and 20,000 words.


Last Call

Original Trilogy, Lord of Columbia

I hope you enjoyed these small, mysterious, and extremely vague synopses of each episode and if you are a fan of my work, feel free to follow my social media networks, where you can do so by clicking the icons at the top of this page or clicking the links below this article.

And finally, guys, as always, stay tuned for more updates on both the Lord of Columbia and Neo Skyehawk Series by returning to my blog often. I cover news related to my works, my many influences, plus even a few writing, editing, and publishing tips that I’ve learned over my first year as an indie author, so if you’re a writer, feel free to keep coming back for more.

Facebook: Todd Matthews

Twitter: todd_matthews_

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  1. StrahinjaStrahinja

    Hey Todd. Thank you for sharing your books with us. I bumped to your website a few months ago, without even realising you were the author of your books. That is pretty darn good. I wish I written a book. 

    Anyways, I’ve bought one of your books but got really suprprised with the deal you offer us today. So let me get this straight, 3 books for $6.99 or is it just special price for one book. Also, are your books coming in real form or they are in PDF.

    I am really interested in making this deal.

    Thank you.


    • Todd MatthewsTodd Matthews

      You can get the collection of the first trilogy for $6.99, buying all three at once but only if you click through the image featured at the top of the article. They’re good for binge reading! 

  2. QueenQueen

    These sounds pretty interesting, I got really carried away reading your summary of each one of them

    I wished I had the hard copy on my hands. I would really love to know what became of Cane and also the Imperial leader.

    It says $6.99, is that the cost of just one or the three together?

    • Todd MatthewsTodd Matthews

      Hi, Queen, it’s the cost of the three together, but only if you buy the collection. Bought separately they’d sell at $14.97. 

  3. Virgie60Virgie60

    Todd, How did you manage to fuse ideas like Avatar, Air Bender and harry Potter characteristics in these series? Are there any Elves and Hobbits? It almost reminded me of the J.R.R.Tolkien series, do you have elements of that also? The novelettes as you mentioned, should I read them first? Is it possible that you are hoping these turn into a movie?

    • Todd MatthewsTodd Matthews

      Hi, Virgie, I basically took elements of each that I liked and fused them into one. There are gnome-like creatures in LoC that play a minor role. If you wanted to gain a background on the series, the novelettes first would be the way to go, but if you wanted a more climactic experience, go with the novels first. 

  4. Nate MCNate MC

    I might actually get this in the near future. As I mentioned in another post, this series kind of reminds me of how ‘Vikings’ was done, but in book format and obviously a difference in story-line, if that makes sense.

    On that note, this seems like an awesome book and I bet it has all the makings to be turned into a TV series

    • Todd MatthewsTodd Matthews

      TV series would be great, but if a small, indie production company wished to turn these into movies I’d be front and center. Note it would be a long way off for this to happen, but I’m always one to never say never! We’ll see what the future holds. 

  5. JosieJosie

    I absolutely loved Avatar The Last Airbender as well as Harry Potter – my absolute favourites! I love the sound of the stories you have outlined, and I am blown away by the price you are offering at the moment! That is an incredible special. Thank you for offering it to us for such an incredible price.

    • Todd MatthewsTodd Matthews

      Hi, Josie, best yet this will be permanent pricing. I like setting the box set prices low for those readers who wish to binge read on the weekends or on days off from their stress and hustle of a day job. It really beats buying each book separate. 

  6. AlblueAlblue

    Oh it’s nice that the first trilogy will be available with just $6.99. It’s pretty affordable. How many pages usually for each book and how long this price last? Also, is there some illustration inside the book? I have followed some of your news here and wondering about your book’s illustration and cover. Do you use CG illustration or photo editing to make the cover? Thanks for your information

    • Todd MatthewsTodd Matthews

      Hi, Al. You will get about 350-400 pages per book, and this e-book trilogy collection contains roughly 1,000 total. Some illustration, yes. When you reach Book II and Book III within this e-book you’ll see a cover page. Believe it or not these covers are premade by actual graphic artists. Each has cost me between $70 on the low end and $99 on the high end. 

  7. MaryMary

    Hi Todd, I like reading historical books and I like good deals very much. I was glad to find a great deal on your book today. Wow, it is very cheap for such a book. How many books will there be in this full series? I don’t know about Lord of Colombia yet, but am excited to discover this book.

    Thank you for sharing information about your books and great deals.

    • Todd MatthewsTodd Matthews

      Hi, Mary, you’re looking at four trilogies over the next five to seven years minimum, but I might go further. And yes, you’re getting roughly 1,000 pages of reading material and three stories for $6.99. Quite a deal! 

  8. AlexAlex


    I am a fan of fantasy books and always on the lookout for new series! In my view, mixing history with a modern-world context or a sort of dystopia always brings an interesting result. The framework of the story stays sufficiently close for readers to easily understand the context, and the fantasy elements grant the much-needed escape from our everyday life. 

    Keep up the good work!

    • Todd MatthewsTodd Matthews

      Thanks, Alex, I’m definitely doing all I can here to get the series out in the mainstream. If you like allegories of real-world history and even current events, you’ll love Lord of Columbia. 

  9. SueSue

    Oooh, how intriguing your summaries are of each novel! You certainly know how to whet someone’s interest. Personally, I really don’t consider myself an urban fantasy fan, but maybe that’s just because I never read or watched one before; After all, I was a huge Harry Potter fan, but until someone gave me the first book to read, I never thought I’d enjoy reading about witches and wizards!

    I assume you expound on the characters’ personality traits and quirks, and have friendships and/or romance throughout each book? These look very interesting. Since the books are so absorbing and are a relatively short read, do you find yourself having a hard time keeping up with the demands of your fans? Thanks so much for sharing your exciting series with us. The cover images are awesome!


    • Todd MatthewsTodd Matthews

      Hi, Sue. Believe it or not I’m no fan of urban fantasy. After I wrote the first draft a couple years back I had to research the sub-genre and urban fantasy was the best fitting one. Contemporary fantasy is another sub-genre, but it also could’ve qualified for paranormal as well as sword and sorcery. 

  10. JM80525JM80525

    Hi Todd,

    I’ve always been a fan of fantasy fiction stories, but this is the first I’ve heard of the urban fantasy genre. I think I’ll have to get the series and check it out! As you alluded to in the summary, it sounds like it has a lot of Harry Potter elements to it, such as Harry’s dealings with Vol…err, He Who Must Not Be Named!

    You mentioned Libertarian/AnaCap. Is there a lot of discussion of that philosophy in the series?


    • Todd MatthewsTodd Matthews

      Definitely a lot of Harry Potter elements are going on here, but with a new adult-urban fantasy type of atmosphere. The work takes on a path of its own which the reader will soon find out, especially with a few twists and turns in the process. 

      Yes, this becomes more prevalent in the latter books of the trilogy after initial retaliation to imperial aggression, but as Rothbard once pointed out, it’s the only time aggression is justifiable in Libertarian society. 

  11. ClarissaClarissa

    Hi Todd, This series seems really intriguing and interesting.  I am an advent reader and always finding something new to read😊 Can you get this series on kindle books? What period does it take place in? I will definitely be buying this series. What was your inspiration for writing this? Thank you.


    • Todd MatthewsTodd Matthews

      Hi, Clarissa, thanks for the awesome words. This series IS available on all Kindle platforms, including Kindle Unlimited if you have a subscription. It’s also enrolled in Kindle Matchbook as well, so lots of options there. 

      The time period of these novels takes place in our own, but in a different world quite like our own world. 

      My inspiration for writing this series was a) I always wanted to create my own Harry Potter-like world, but one that is unique in its own regard, and b) with all the current global affairs and crises going on, this series is literally a response to the uncontrollable chaos. 

  12. Kelly SmithKelly Smith

    Hi Todd,

    I read your blog, and your books sound pretty cool.  I really enjoyed how your reviews made the reader want more. The post was well written, suspenseful, and fun to read.  The books should be interesting especially since it ties in history and urban fantasy as well nuances of popular culture. Good luck on your endeavours! I am going to show the site to my husband as he enjoys these types of books as well.

    • Todd MatthewsTodd Matthews

      Hi, Kelly! Yes, there was a lot of research going into these, I can tell you that much. More than just history, as once the next set of books are out, you’ll find many links to today’s current events, especially regarding US foreign policy, which I’m a huge advocate against, especially with unjustified US intervention in Yemen and Syria today whilst unjustified intervention going on in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya of yesterday. 

  13. Marlinda DavisMarlinda Davis

    Hey there! Thanks for sharing about the Lord of Columbia with me. It sounds like a game that I would be interested in playing. I’m curious though, can you play this game online? I like to play with people online and have made many good friends doing so. If not, do you know if the game developers plan to add it at some point?

    • Todd MatthewsTodd Matthews

      Hi, Marlinda! Thanks for the comment, but it’s not a game….yet! Book series for the time being, but don’t worry, there are so many options out there these days maybe there will be conversions into games! It’s definitely a process, but as always all options are open. 

  14. BobbyBobby

    Hi Todd, just wanted to tell you, your site is looks great! You’ve done an excellent job with the imagery associated with the Lord Of Columbia books, just one look at your book covers and I felt compelled to read more.

    I’m interested in the comparisons to the various big label stories, I loved Avatar, mainly for the reasons you cited, the element-bending abilities of Aang and the other characters were very thought provoking for me, so I am much more inclined to say this series holds a significant interest for me. Also, my fiancee is a huge Harry Potter buff, so she’ll more than likely be interested in this series as well.

    I like the style you ran with, and now I have a good suggestion for all of my reader friends to check out, thank you! I wish you great success in your endeavors, writing is one of those skills that only becomes more and more epic over time, so I have no doubt that you will continue to publish interesting stories for us to enjoy.

    Have a great day!


    • Todd MatthewsTodd Matthews

      Hi, Bobby, the element-bending was what immediately hooked me into Avatar. As for Harry Potter, I started reading the series in 1999 shortly after Prisoner of Azkaban was released and I fell for the series right away, getting Goblet of Fire upon its release and the rest is history. 

      When one reads Northern Knights, they will find the Harry Potter influence likely from Chapter One, with obvious differences, of course but nonetheless, with the story background, magical properties, and even a fictional sport at a school (in this case a university) involved, the Harry Potter world is alive and well in this series. 

  15. Dave SweneyDave Sweney

    This was a great synopsis of the trilogy and the price you are asking is also extremely reasonable. I do understand a bit about marketing ebooks, and passing the savings on from selling them this way versus using some other venue where most of the proceeds go to someone else is brilliant.

    The story itself that is quite sprawling and overlaps many books is a good one that readers will no doubt enjoy. Personally, I love such series, as it is almost like watching a long series on TV, such as Breaking Bad, Californication, or Shameless (three favorites of mine) but much better.

    I am of that ilk that likes to read still, and there is nothing better than burying myself in a good long read that can cover 3,4, 5 or more books that all tie together. 

    Having said all that, I would highly recommend that anyone having some kind of interest in the style of writing you practice buy this trilogy at the low price you are offering it for. I have followed your writing for some time now and can vouch for the entertainment you provide. 

    I look forward to more update of the or more updates on both the Lord of Columbia and Neo Skyehawk Series. Keep at it, we are all the better for your efforts!

    • Todd MatthewsTodd Matthews

      Thanks, Dave, always great to hear from you. Yes, these days authors love bundling trilogies and even a whole series together for one extremely low price. The e-book versions on Amazon usually run around $6.99 for three, so I too thought it was a decent asking price. 

      I’d choose a book over a TV or movie any day, as there’s so much more detail whereas in a movie so many elements are left out by the wayside, which I have never really taken to. More updates to come, I guarantee you! 

  16. DavidDavid

    I like the premise for episode 1. College athlete that comes to a crossroad and needs to make a decision. You have my interest and for $6.99 you can’t beat the price. I’d be happy to pick one up for that price, and who knows they may even be selling for triple in the future.

    I enjoy reading and I always enjoy a deal. Looks like a win win for me.

    • Todd MatthewsTodd Matthews

      Sweetness, David! I love it! And yes, I always wanted to write a book series about fantasy, but as I got older, I wanted it to be in that new adult genre. Upon researching ‘new adult’ I found that college-aged crowds fit within the genre as well, which then morphed into my college athlete protagonist. It’s all about, as Albus Dumbledore once said in the Harry Potter and Goblet of Fire film, we must “make a decision between doing what is right, and what is easy.” 

  17. DancinscotDancinscot

    This series looks intriguing. I enjoy stories that use real history and spin it into alternate realities, which it seems yours does.

    I also got engaged on your Pinterest boards for a while!

    We all need heroes right? Does that make us underdogs – probably, as world events get more challenging and more out of control for the common man/woman.

    I also enjoyed your blog/misc and shared it with my writing partner.

    I do recommend that fantasy readers get your free offer.

    Success for us all!

    • Todd MatthewsTodd Matthews

      I actually want to create more Pinterest boards for Swords of Destiny and Missing in Columbia. I might actually write an article on those boards, so big thanks to you for planting the thought in my mind!! I agree that we all need heroes, especially the 99% of us who are fighting for 50% of the global income while 1% owns 50% of the global income, that statement coming from Ron Paul on his YouTube Channel, the Ron Paul Liberty Report. 

  18. Babsie WagnerBabsie Wagner

    Whenever I read your reviews about these books, I refer them to my son Thor.  He loves to read, and this is right up his alley.  He is definitely a libertarian for sure, lol, and he grew up watching Avatar and loves Harry Potter.  As for the NFL, he’s a packer’s fan, though, ha ha.  Not sure that would make the hugest difference.   Anyway, now that you’re offering these three books for $6.99, I think I’m going to go ahead and order these for him for Christmas (yes yes I shop all year long – I have four children ha ha so I have to or I’d be broke at Christmas!).  I think this would be a great gift for him and one he would surely enjoy.  Once he starts, you may have a new customer long-term if he enjoys them as much as I think he will!

    • Todd MatthewsTodd Matthews

      Hi, Babsie, it’s great to hear he’s Libertarian-minded. We definitely need more here in the States. I can definitely handle the Packers, especially the year they beat Pittsburgh in the Super Bowl! Being a Browns fan, I definitely supported the Packers in that game. 

      And awesome! You’re getting a great deal here, too, with my first three! I hope he enjoys! 

  19. RusRus

    These look like an interesting read. I know someone who’s fanatical about this kind of thing so I’ll be sure to ping him over a link. Thanks for sharing these and at such a great price too. Avatar is one of my particular faves and i’ve always liked the Matrix and those kind of concepts. I’m sure they’ll be very popular. Great work!!

    • Todd MatthewsTodd Matthews

      Thanks, Rus! And yes, the price here is a steal, I can assure you! You’ll find a lot of Matrix influences come Swords of Destiny and beyond. Northern Knights is more Harry Potter-like, but when you get into the meat of the series, it screams Matrix! 

  20. ShannonShannon

    I’m so glad I came across your page. I really enjoyed reading the short synapses of your books and even though I typically do not get into fantasy books, this series sound like stories I could really get into. 

    My sons loved to watch The Last Airbender animated series and I have to admit, compared to other series they have watched over and over, I really did enjoy that one. I actually sat down and watched the whole series with them lol. 

    Your Cain character very much intrigued me for this reason and his story sounds like one I’d enjoy following. Perhaps I could get my boys to read the books as well. Do you think the reading level and subject material in your series is appropriate for the age groups of 9-15? Or is the content more adult oriented? Thanks!

    • Todd MatthewsTodd Matthews

      Hi, Shannon, I think the subject matter is good for the high school level, but I wouldn’t let anyone before starting their junior year in high school read it. However, the first two books in my Neo Skyehawk Series would be age-appropriate from a PG perspective. 

      In Northern Knights, you’ll find some intense violence, strong language, and mature themes spread out. Like I mentioned, a junior in high school would be cool with reading it, as I remember us reading books like Of Mice and Men, Angela’s Ashes, and the Great Gatsby during my junior year back in 2007-08. 

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