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What Influenced Northern Knights, Book I in the Lord of Columbia Series?

It’s safe to say almost every author of every book series had something that influenced them to write their book series, and the Lord of Columbia Series is no different in that regard.

Today, I’m talking about the primary influences behind the Lord of Columbia Series, in this case Northern Knights and how they tie into this new adult urban fantasy series.

Harry Potter

Yes, J.K. Rowling and the Harry Potter Series played a huge influence in Lord of Columbia which the reader will find in Book I, Northern Knights.

What are some similarities between Lord of Columbia and Harry Potter?

Both series’ feature a school isolated from mainstream society and in Lord of Columbia it’s Summit University.

Both feature a fictional sport. In Lord of Columbia it’s called shotball, which is a hybrid between American Football, Rugby Union, Soccer (Association Football), and Hockey.

Both feature different Houses, but in Lord of Columbia these are apartment complexes. Instead of four, there are twelve. Also, there is no distinguishing characteristic to belong to a Complex; students are assigned to them before heading to school at random.

Even with this, Cain’s Complex, Santos, would correlate more to Hufflepuff since the Complex can be described as lovable losers from an athletic perspective. Hint: The Cleveland Browns were my primary influence here!

Both contain a male protagonist, though Lord of Columbia’s protagonist Cain Riscattare is more of a James Potter than a Harry Potter!

The number one supporting character, Lira Ross, can be characterized as a Hermione Granger, with the exception that Lira’s as athletically talented as she is academically. She can also be a Ron Weasley, being that she comes from extreme poverty.

Cain has a Dumbledore-like type of mentor, General Randelo Jefferson, much like Dumbledore is to Harry.

The difference here is that Jefferson isn’t considered the greatest or the most exceptional.

There is an existing threat in Lord of Columbia, the notorious Southpoint Empire, much like the Death Eaters are in Harry Potter.

The main antagonist in Book I, Northern Knights wants to kill Cain, however there’s an epic twist here, to give anyone reading this a spoiler alert.

Cain grows up with his aunt and uncle, where his aunt is his mother’s younger sister. However, Cain describes his aunt and uncle as being as close to parents as one growing up without them can have.


Avatar: The Last Airbender

By Luis Fernando Sanchez Rivas – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Remember that TV show?

Me too, and it’s something I always wanted to place into my own series and element bending is alive and well in the Lord of Columbia Series.

Like Aang, Cain’s primary element is air, which I call wind in the series.

Now, there is a difference, and the difference here is any character has the ability to control multiple elements. Some can only control one, but others can control up to five.

Such is the case for Cain, who controls the four classical elements, plus Spirit.

I call these elements in Lord of Columbia the Stoicheion elements, derived from the Greek word Stoicheia, which means element.

I also termed three other elements as Philosophical elements: blood, metal, and wood.

Now, keep in mind that Summit University is NOT a school only for those with such ability; it’s a university just like one you may have attended once upon a time.

Those who possess such ability are a rare breed; about one in every ten people possess ability.

Other abilities include travel by smoke, where one morphs into a wisp of smoke and ends up in another area within seconds, super strength, mind traveling which allows one to break into someone else’s mind, and aura production, where one can produce aura lights at will.


Star Wars

Yes, and while I’m not the biggest Star Wars fan on the planet, there are some correlations to Star Wars.

For one, Cain has a long-lost sister, which the reader finds out early in the book.

Like when Luke Skywalker finds out about the Force and the Jedi, Cain, who’s been oblivious to the Southpoint Empire most of his life, now must learn about it and the ways of the Freedom Flames, who are the forces fighting the Empire.

Further, as Luke must learn to become a Jedi, Cain struggles with fire and Spirit control and must learn how to master them if he wishes to seek his true potential.


Cleveland Browns v. Pittsburgh Steelers Rivalry

By Erik Daniel Drost – Flickr, CC BY 2.0,

There are hundreds of correlations between these two rivals in the Lord of Columbia Series.

As mentioned earlier, the Santos Complex, Santos Knights in sports, are lovable losers while chief rival Leistung Complex, or the Leistung Monarchs, are the class of the sports leagues.

Santos’ color scheme is orange and brown while Leistung’s is black and yellow.

There are more correlations than just the colors.

Leistung’s dominance in shotball is mentioned early and often.

Leistung’s playing style is so physical it hinges on dirtiness.

Santos tends to possess the most loyal fan base at Summit University, much like the Browns fan base which recently ranked Number One in both sports and entertainment per a ranking by Fan Edge.

As stated earlier, where Cain is more of a James than a Harry Potter, he also possesses similar qualities with Browns rookie quarterback, Baker Mayfield, with his competitive edge and never-say-die persona.


Enjoy the Trip

Despite my major influences, and there are obviously several, the Lord of Columbia Series does embark on its own direction with its own original story.

As mentioned previously, every author has at least one influence that tells them to sit and write the book or book series of their dreams.

We’ve all read books, seen movies, TV shows, and have come across something that we can make a story out of.

Heck, in my Neo Skyehawk novelette series a simple YouTube video sparked my imagination.

Anything, even a photograph can spark the creative juices with any writer or author, which might then turn into something special.

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    1. Awesome! I’ve been using my influences as motivation for years but every time I sat down to write in the past I cringed at the amount of work it would take. Finally, in 2015 it all changed when I needed to find a hobby and it turned into something I was passionate about! My influences here definitely helped me on such a journey.

    1. Yep, and there are a lot of Harry Potter types of influence here in Northern Knights. My sequels take on a route of their own where my other influences come into play.

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