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I’ve covered similar topics regarding themes but today I’m diving deeper into the theme pool as I explain to readers all they need to know regarding Lord of Columbia’s major themes.

Today, we’re talking about the following:

1) Patriotism

2) Libertarianism

3) Non-interventionism

If the above three themes sound like something from former Congressman Ron Paul, you’re onto something. Yes, Paul’s work was a major influence behind my own, as I stated in an earlier post, but today I’m looking to dive deeper into the entire puzzle in the themes behind Lord of Columbia.

First off, the Lord of Columbia Series covers a strong anti-imperialist theme in any and every capacity, so the notorious Southpoint Empire, the Tamurian Empire in Lord of Columbia’s sister series, Neo Skyehawk, and other nations and regions in the series looking for a power play are some primary antagonists of each work.

So, where did my anti-imperial leanings stem from?

We need to go back to my good old days in grade school at good old Pleasant Hill Elementary (now the primary building for a community center of the United Methodist Church that my parents belong to) in a small region called Island Creek Township, Ohio, just outside Steubenville. You Dean Martin fans know where Steubenville is, a former mill town that’s since long-lost its luster.

It was here I gained interest in Colonial America and the American Revolution and it was even more satisfying to realize my home country was able to defeat the mightiest Empire in world history at the time and declare independence. Just writing this gives me goosebumps.

So, I became infatuated with being an American citizen and considered myself lucky to be one, though I do love and want to visit other countries, too!

I was mesmerized by two documents that I believe every American should read: the Declaration Independence and the Constitution.

I was further impressed by the Monroe Doctrine, which stated that America has the right to defend any and all of its neighbors in the Western Hemisphere and in return, it won’t offend nations in the Eastern Hemisphere. Today, it has become my favorite document next to the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

The Sons of Liberty, who in my opinion are the most patriotic Americans who ever walked the Earth including Sam Adams, John Adams, John Hancock, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and others, paved a way for a nation, no, a republic, a Constitutional Republic, to befriend, talk with, and trade with all nations.

The Bill of Rights, again, in my opinion, is the single most important portion of any document in world history, and as stated by those at the Mises Institute, these rights do NOT come from government, but from a Higher Power, whomever or whatever that Higher Power may be.

For our Christians, it’s God, for our secular crowd, it can be the universe itself, but something gave us the right to be free from restraint of government to the point that not a single individual can exert force on another individual.

You can disagree with everything that’s said here, but again, my series isn’t for everyone, and neither are my own viewpoints. I’ve always lived by the terms that if you see the other’s perspective of differing viewpoints, something America needs right now more than ever with the pro-Trumpers and anti-Trumpers (I happen to be somewhere in the middle), at the very least, we can get along and discuss things in a reasoned manner.



Just because I do believe America has the greatest values of any nation doesn’t mean it hasn’t made mistakes. In fact, from a foreign policy standpoint, I believe it’s been mistake-prone.

Now, that doesn’t mean I’m neither proud to call this country home nor anything of the subject.

But we’ve meddled in the affairs of many, many nations, and it hasn’t always been pretty.

For more information on the subject, I’d like to point to one document that stands out more than anything else; the Project for a New Ameican Century, as can be viewed in PDF form here. Some information contained in the document might be frightening.

I do believe patriotism means believing your nation’s values are the greatest (and for my international audience, wherever you are in the world, I hope you feel the same about your country), however when such a nation stems away from such values it must be held accountable.

Some might justify this in spite of the evil our mainstream media tells us that exists in our world, however, this video from the Corbett Report might clear things up a bit.

As mentioned earlier, the Monroe Doctrine pulls the US back into its original view.

Therefore, my own rejection of modern-day US foreign policy is a massive theme in the Series. Again, we can agree to disagree on the state of US foreign policy, with many believing we need to be involved across the world. However, if you continue to follow my blog and read my sources that influenced Lord of Columbia, you might be a little surprised and learn something new.

I had to open my mind and read sources from a neutral perspective early on, before grasping the truths, even if such truths were uncomfortable.



From a modern-day right-wing, or left-wing philosophy, I’m proud to call myself Libertarian, who is neither right nor left on the political spectrum. I’m more likely to praise Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders if they propose something within my own individual views, however I’ll criticize if they propose or even try to enforce something against such views.

For instance, myself and Libertarians everywhere praised Trump when he met with the likes of North Korea’s Kim Jong-un and Russia’s Vladimir Putin. We were further impressed when he announced a plan for withdrawal from Syria.

However, we’re critical of Donald Trump’s proposed border wall. While we agree there is a potential migration crisis at the border and those crossing illegally mustn’t be condoned, a video I listened to at the gym yesterday morning provides solid insight from those who live near the border, a number of them Texans, who oppose the wall. In fact, the number is much higher than one would believe.

As you read through the Lord of Columbia Series, you’ll find much of the story’s plot outlines much of what is said in the above two sections, both preached from a Libertarian point of view. While there is war and aggression in the books, some of which are brought on by the main character, the deeper anti-war and anti-intervention message is where I advise my readers to look.

Again, the entire theme of the series is Constitutionalism, setting up an example of a dream nation, something the US has the potential to be, and I love the idea of it.



Finally, I oppose interventionism of all shapes and sizes.

I, much like Jake Morphonios has stated in his videos, and Ron Paul has stated in the Liberty Report, the only time we should be talking bad blood with Russia and Iran is if they have warships steamrolling toward our coastlines. Both commentators have pointed out the irony in such national security threats from Iran’s point of view, showing this map of US bases and their proximity to Iran.

Such commentary is what one will see in the Lord of Columbia Series, as the notorious Southpoint Empire is an amalgam of the British, Napoleonic, Roman, Mongol, Soviet Union, and American Empire. To an extent, pre-World War II Germany also inspired Southpoint, their invasion tactics, overall government, work camps, and even secret police.

Non-interventionism is arguably greatest of the three theme sections outlined in this article, and I show this often, literally from the first chapter in Northern Knights.


Coming Up

Some of you asked in previous articles and I’m caving! I’m providing an update on the progress of Book III in the Series, Missing in Columbia. I can’t wait to cover this important piece of information with my reading audience and the way things are looking for me from an immediate-future financial standpoint, the book will be released within the next month, or month in a half, with a targeted release date being March 1st at the latest. More to come, so stay tuned.

Oh, the cover release is to come, as well!!!

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2 Replies to “Lord of Columbias Series Themes”

  1. Thank you for the very interesting read Todd! I’m from Finland and our governments are obviously very different. I guess the greatest difference is the the amount of parties. I can’t understand how such a large country as the USA can only have two parties. It’s insane. There must be more fundamental world views differences than two parties can mediate.

    We have less people than the city of New York and we have 9 parties in the Finnish parliament. All of those parties have different agendas but most of them can be seen as fairly politically neutral and on the middle compared to your Republican or Democrat congressmen. I believe your libertarian views are closer to most intelligent folks here.

    Patriotism is often associated with racism and other forms of bigotry and violence. Sure, many times this is the case, but I think there is nothing wrong with healthy patriotism and knowing the history of your country. Only when it leads to violent behavior against foreigners, and in the case of USA to waging war on foreign ground, I can’t accept it. On the other hand, we all know the motives are always actually financial at the end of the day.

    ” I’ve always lived by the terms that if you see the other’s perspective of differing viewpoints, something America needs right now more than ever with the pro-Trumpers and anti-Trumpers (I happen to be somewhere in the middle), at the very least, we can get along and discuss things in an reasoned manner.”

    This really resonated with me. The fact you have thought about your values this hard and are willing to see the view of the other side tell me you are a very reasonable and intelligent person. Something I hope most Americans are in reality and the things we seen in the news is just the ugliest and loudest part.

    I really enjoyed reading this and there’s a lot here I would like to comment but don’t have the time right now. Don’t even get me started with Putin (our lovely neighbor) and South Korea :D.

    Will definitely check back later! Cheers.

    1. Hi, Jukka, I agree on the political parties. I remember back when Germany had their election and I think they had six parties, with the winner receiving something like 26% of the vote. It’s something I wish we could get here in the US. I actually voted Libertarian in in the 2016 election and we ended up getting something like 3.25% of the votes. It was a record for a third party, but it shows how long us, the Greens, and the other parties have to go before catching up to the Republicans and Democrats. There is hope, though, with Reps and Senators like Thomas Massie and Justin Amash, both Republicans but many times refuse to conform to party values and lean Libertarian, like myself. There’s also been news about a potential rift among the Democrats, but it’s in its formative stages so we’ll see how it pans out.

      And I agree, Patriotism has a light and dark side. There are many examples here in the US that display such extremes, especially during rallies in the South, even to this day. It’s frightening to see what some peoples’ ideas of Patriotism are compared to simply loving the core values and history. It’s worse when politicians and even their supporters brand us unpatriotic for refusing to support US intervention and destablizing the Middle East, which ironically was the reason the US wanted to break away from England back in the 18th Century. Overseas intervention has tainted America in my opinion and I believe is the number one reason some nations are resentful toward us (I can’t blame them!).

      Many Americans do take on my position, but I do believe we’re in the minority, as evidenced by social media, bumper stickers on vehicles, etc. I do believe the mass media plays a huge part in fueling it, but it seems as if it goes from bad to worse with each passing year. I think if all sides can just talk out their issues and remember they’re all human beings, and embrace the documents they pledged to defend, a lot of good can and will occur, but until each side eases their agendas the best myself and others can do at the moment is document these events (through books, blogs, and videos), and hope a future generation doesn’t repeat the mistakes of the two major parties in Washington D.C.

      And by the way in an unrelated topic, I’m a huge fan of the band Nightwish and their former lead singer, Tarja Turunen. Both of whom hail from Finland!

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