A Colony’s Fate Rests in His Hands

In Lord of Columbia’s third installment, Missing in Columbia takes Cain deep into the wilderness after a fighter jet transporting him and a small unit behind enemy lines is shot down. Stranded, Cain and a co-partner are the remaining survivors in a terrain full of imperial soldiers dispatched to slaughter Columbian dissenters taking refuge.

Cain and his co-partner must thwart what they find to be an imperial advance toward the unoccupied region of North Columbia. A wrench is thrown into his plans when Cain receives word that imperial leaders have located his whereabouts and are out to destroy him once and for all.

Missing in Columbia is an action-packed urban fantasy that delivers thrilling scenes, romance, adventure, and plenty of sword and sorcery. Join Cain in the epic conclusion to the Lord of Columbia Series’ first of four trilogies.