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Finding Musical Inspiration for Writing

How Music Influenced Lord of Columbia and Neo Skyehawk

We often associate musical influences within our works. For those of us who write fantasy, it often means we’re diving deep into music that allows our creative juices to paint a picture in the mind consisting of mountains, forested scenery, rivers, and streams, among others.

Even in urban fantasy, this may bode true as well, with a main cast holding a set of magical powers the masses lack, often discovering lost or ancient secrets about the world in which they live.

Whether I’m writing, in the gym, or driving, almost every single piece of music I listen to has, in a way, influenced scenes and dialogue in both Lord of Columbia and Neo Skyehawk. Below are my favorite bands and composers, as well as details to how each affected my writing.

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What is the Author’s Purpose in Lord of Columbia?

To Entertain and Inform

You may’ve learned about author’s purpose in grade and middle school. I remember learning of three: to inform, to entertain, and to persuade.

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How the Cleveland Browns Influenced Lord of Columbia

Site Logo for LordOfColumbiaSeries.com

A business brand is our identity, for those of us embarking on our own in an attempt to be our own bosses and make a living on our own terms. And yesterday, while at my day job (as of March 16th 2019), I was talking to a co-worker before my shift. He stated the reason our warehouse is decked out in….wait for it….maize and blue…is because the man who founded the company has been a huge University of Michigan fan since the 1940s. Yes, he’s still living today at 93 years of age.

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What’s Your Stoicheion Element?

Stoicheion, the word I used to describe element, which stems from its Greek use, is the primary magical system in Lord of Columbia. The five Stoicheion elements, as I refer to them as, are water, earth, fire, wind (or air), and Spirit.

Each individual who possesses the ability to control a Stoicheion element also has potential to control others, such as if one can control fire, they also have potential to control water, earth, wind, or even Spirit.

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Fighting Treason: Episode II in the Neo Skyehawk Series Synopsis

Click to claim your free copy of Fighting Treason!

I hope you all loved my synopses on Northern Knights, Swords of Destiny, and Fighting Tyranny and if you haven’t done so yet, you can view them at the following links:

Northern Knights

Swords of Destiny

Fighting Tyranny

Today, I’m talking about Fighting Tyranny’s sequel, Fighting Treason, and giving my readers an extended look at the content within the pages of this small novelette. As mentioned in previous articles, the Neo Skyehawk Series is a freebie series which can be downloaded on Prolific Works for no charge unless you wished to read the prequel which will cost you an email address!

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The Trilogy that Almost Wasn’t

It’s true. The Lord of Columbia trilogy was almost one huge book. Northern Knights is 385 pages. Swords of Destiny, 364. Missing in Columbia is roughly 350-375. My original intention was to write four to five books, at least 900 to 1,100 pages in length.

Thank goodness I do research, because I don’t think anyone in their right mind would’ve read a book consisting of four-figures from a rookie author.

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Missing in Columbia: Book III in the Lord of Columbia Series


Missing in Columbia has arrived and I can’t be happier about finally finishing Trilogy I in the Lord of Columbia Series.

Now that Missing in Columbia is in Amazon’s online store, today I want to share with you all the work’s epic extended description.

If you’re new to my site and the Lord of Columbia Series, feel free to check out my descriptions for Episode I, Northern Knights, and Episode II, Swords of Destiny.

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Fighting Tyranny: Episode I in the Neo Skyehawk Series

Fighting Tyranny is the first episode in my perma free Neo Skyehawk Series, which serves as a group of novelettes and novellas that are a predecessor to the Lord of Columbia Series, where the first two episodes can be viewed in further detail here and here.

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Neo Skyehawk Series, Book V: Fighting the Great Plan, Part II

Welcome back, guys, and I have an awesome treat for all of you reading today. As I stated in an earlier post, Episode IV in the Neo Skyehawk Series Fighting the High Seas, is coming along well and as expected.

But what I didn’t tell you all was that I already concocted a plot for the book’s sequel, Fighting the Great Plan, Part II. In doing so, the perma-free series will see two new releases within a short time of one another.

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What to Expect in the Lord of Columbia Series: A Roadmap

Last week I unveiled the cover for Missing in Columbia with a detailed description of the plot soon to follow at a later time, perhaps as early as next week. Today, I’m writing to hand you all a road map of the Series and just how many books I plan on writing before calling it.

While these plans can always be subject to change, the layout is one I’ve stuck with over the past couple of months via an outline of the series.

So how many books am I going to write?

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