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Okay, Freedom Flames, as you all know, I’m starting to summarize police brutality articles I see in the news almost on a weekly basis because I feel it’s important to have a one-stop hub here to hold the pigs accountable when these demented sociopaths (and it’s more often than not here in the 21st century) step out of line.

So today I’m summarizing two articles; the first comes to you from the Washington Post regarding a situation where police decided to blow up a random house while chasing a shoplifting suspect (it wasn’t the shoplifter’s house) and the court ruled the pigs had every right to do what they did to “protect the public.”

Even if the US Supreme Court rules the pigs have ZERO obligation to protect the public.

Oh, and before I go any further, if the words ‘pig,’ ‘swine,’ or ‘pigtard’ offends you in any way, too bad. Get the hell off my blog and be a cop-sucking snowflake somewhere else.

The second article comes to you from Reason, which tells a brutal tale of police overstepping their boundaries into sheer violence on a New York subway in pursuit of an arrest, drawing criticism from normal citizens like you and I, but of course, the City and pig department justifies the actions as they always do.

Oh, and dear critics of cop critics: I know most of you are skycloth-worshipping scum who pretend to value freedom yet at the same time, love paying for your own oppression and justifying police killings nation-wide akin to King George’s Loyalists in the 1770s and somehow call it patriotic:




Just thought I’d say that.

Anyway, onto the articles and actual evidence toward even more police brutality and oppression in a nation that is supposedly dubbed the ‘Land of the Free.’

Or as I call, ‘Land of the Sheep, Home of the Slaves.’

We’ll get to why US foreign policy has absolutely NOTHING to do with protecting freedom or even the Constitution later, but today, we’re talking about the domestic terrorists that Madison would’ve called the ‘Standing Army.’


Police Blew Up an Innocent Man’s House

In 2015, an armed shoplifter barricaded himself in a random house as police and SWAT teams remained on his tail over the course of 19 hours. Police then fired gas munition and 40mm rounds through the windows; even running an armored truck through the place.

Okay, so we have an armed suspect and police doing their best to protect the public, or at least that’s what’s on the surface here. But read on.

The supsect was taken into custody alive and the home was eventually condemned.

The City of Greenwood Village, Colorado, however, refused to compensate a family of three, leaving them homeless. Hey, I’m all for capturing an armed suspect who appears to be violent, but at the same time if you’re going to destroy my home and leave me homeless in the process, now I and any normal individual would probably have a problem with this.

On Tuesday, October 29th, 2019, the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously ruled the city is not required to compensate the family for their lost home as they claimed: “police were trying to enforce the law.”

So basically, if an armed suspect barricades him or herself in your home and pigs destroy it as if it were a raided ISIS compound then they have ZERO obligation to replace your home.

Again, land of the free?

Protecting and defending the Constitution?

It gives police a ticket to invade and destroy private property if they can claim it enforces the law in any situation.

Doesn’t it sound like forced quartering of British soldiers during the colonial period?

They can basically rob you as long as it involves chasing down a single armed suspect and if it takes a freaking SWAT Team and destruction of a home to apprehend one person, there’s a problem here.

Plus the fact there’s zero obligation to pay for the damages.

What if an average citizen did the same thing in pursuit of an armed maniac in their own neighborhood?

There’d be a lawsuit tomorrow and I’m sure there wouldn’t be any qualified immunity involved.

It’s disgusting that this kind of stuff happens in the supposed Land of the Free.



New York Subway Incident

Reason, one of my favorite sources out there reported of an incident involving New York City Police in a video posted by Elad Nehorai, captioned, “In case you’re wondering how an arrest in NYC goes down. The guy has made absolutely no indication that he would flee or fight and wasn’t trying to hide.

“If you can’t see, the reason everyone moved was because all the police had taken out their guns and aimed at him.”

And as the video, which can be viewed here, clearly shows, the unarmed suspect made not a single indication of fight or flight. Nevertheless, over a dozen NYPD officers pulled their guns and pinned the young black man to the ground. A few even looked as if they were trying to intimidate those shooting videos of the incident to stop filming.

The NYPD’s response?

“What the video doesn’t show is a credible witness alerting our officers to a man brandishing a gun. When officers approached the man in question, he fled into a subway station and onto a train to escape. Minutes later, officers at the next station took him into custody.”

Too bad Fox 5 New York reported the teen suspect didn’t even have a gun.

Another outright lie by another police department.

What’s with the increased presence of the NYPD in subway stations in New York?

To catch fare-beaters.

But my god, you need to treat every fare-beater like a terrorist suspect, pull your guns, and pin them to the ground while intimidating bystanders to put away their phones?

This isn’t what sensible law enforcement does, but it WAS something you would’ve seen had you been hanging out in Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union in a past life.

So far, this arrest and others have come under heavy scrutiny for racial disparities in arrests as far as the lengths the NYPD is willing to go in arresting suspects beating a measly $2.75 fare.

Is it a crime?

Yeah, it’s theft.

But I’m sure there are far more issues to worry about than using public resources the people of New York are forced to buy into at gunpoint and under the threat of prison than skipping a $2.75 tab.



Fox 5 Bonus

What else did Fox 5 uncover?

How’s this?

If you scroll down the article on Reason, they mention an unfolding story regarding an officer punching two teenagers while his colleagues try to break up a fight.

Okay, so that’s a wrap for my coverage regarding yet more incidents of unnecessary use of force and brutality from the men and women in blue. I’ll be keeping up periodically with such updates as we continue our fight to Make America Free Again, which of course means freeing our enslaved News & Entertainment Press (Doesn’t that just sound Orwellian?) and freeing our people from the tyrannical standing army Madison once warned us about.

If you found this article helpful, please share it to all your social media platforms and be sure to check out my Libertarian-based fiction Lord of Columbia while you’re at it.

The more we can spread awareness regarding police tyranny and terrorism, the faster we can get around to holding these pigs accountable for their overbearing actions.

I’d like to thank everyone for reading, please come back soon.

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