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Raven’s Flock, Coming to You in 2020!

Raven's Flock

Dear Freedom Flames,

I hope you’re as excited as I am that Missing in Columbia has been released and is now available for purchase on Amazon. With Missing in Columbia up and running, the First Trilogy in the Lord of Columbia Series is complete, which I’m also referring to as the first season.

But, now that Season One is in the books, the focus is now on Season Two, which will bring about new characters and an entirely new situation with the first book entitled ‘Raven’s Flock.’

You guys and girls are in luck since I’m giving you a little bit of a preview as to what to expect when Raven’s Flock is released in early-2020, preferably January-February.

If you’re interested in learning more about the next dose of action in the new adult urban fantasy thrillers, strap in as I take you through some new characters, themes, and even a couple plot elements.

Main Cast

Yes, our main cast from the Original Trilogy will return, albeit a little bit older than their college-aged selves, but since it’s still in the new adult sub-genre, a new breed of characters aged 17-29 will be introduced, the main attraction: Miss Raven Spade.

So, who is this Raven Spade?

Well, for one the girl gracing the cover at the top of this article gives you an idea on what the girl looks like, but there’s much to Raven.

A star shotball player, Raven is actually barred from playing high school ball due to her (true) claims of seeing spirits nightly and possessing supernatural ability, something that has since been demonized in Columbia.

Yes, the region is under attack once more by a group of imperialists (what else is new?) and these days, anyone possessing ability is shut up in insane asylums, many of which are privately-owned asylums where the Columbian government has promised to keep these lovely places 97% of the way full; meaning people are getting thrown in for owning the recessive trait of controlling the elements.

And of course, with the news media telling the public how dangerous these people are to society, Raven spends her nights strapped to a bed from lights out until the sun rises.

The star shotball player and academic whiz is seeing her future fade before her eyes, but when a mysterious visitor arrives and informs her that she’s not insane in the slightest, Raven’s fortunes might just change, or so she thinks, anyway.



Horrors of War

The absolute horrors of war is the most recurring theme here.

We’ve all heard of those men who fought in World War I, World War II, Vietnam, and even the wars of today believing they’d be running up the hill and waving a flag, leading their comrades to victory as opposition forces retreat into the jungle, desert, or countryside.

Well, it’s exactly what happens to our new breed of characters here, thinking war is an exciting adventure only to realize when enemy drones are attacking that the reality of war is nothing more than a living hell and that some weapons are so powerful they have the ability to melt the flesh and bone of anyone in proximity.

It’s something our older cast, however, is familiar with.

As you’ve read previously in my Libertarian Manifesto article that one overarching theme in this work is critical of US interventionism worldwide.

Well, there’s more of that here, as once again, the empire of the day is flexing their military might all over Gaia. I can’t tell you who that empire is or I’ll spoil it all, but if you read the entire Original Trilogy, you’ll know exactly who that empire is.

And of course, it’s where Cain comes in and starts swearing up a storm.


Purple and Gold?

Browns-Ravens Rivalry
Photo By Erik Drost

Yep, we’re playing into that allegory again.

And once again, perhaps you want to look a little deeper into that allegory. You have purple, gold, some black, and a name on the cover.

Yes, I know I talked about the importance of branding my series, but this one actually plays right into the brand, which further reinforces the allegory at hand.

That’s all the hints I’m giving there.

But again, if you follow this blog closely and click that link above, you’ll have a grand idea where I’m headed.


Current Progress

So, right now I have most of the work completed, believe it or not.

However, there are a few elements I’m still working on toward the end of the book, which will help the reader understand the nature of the conflict and definitely start to tie up some loose ends I left hanging at the end of Missing in Columbia.

I’m considering the work I have done at the moment as nothing more than a long first draft since I’ve done two edits while taking a break from Swords of Destiny and Missing in Columbia when they were in their deeper stages of editing. Now that the books are up and running on Amazon, it’s reassuring that I can finally switch gears and get into hardcore editing mode.

Yet there’s also a catch, as I’m not one to just edit the one work.

Therefore, as I promised a few months back the Neo Skyehawk novelettes are on their way, both for free so you readers can catch a glimpse of my writing style along with getting your hands or eyes on a few thrilling epic fantasies.

But there’s also more than only the Skyehawk Series, as I tend to work not only on Raven’s Flock but also Books V and VI of the Second Trilogy in Lord of Columbia, which is why there will be a long wait between the release of Missing in Columbia and Raven’s Flock. But it also helps me get the books out in a timely manner, as I was able to release Northern Knights back in August while concluding the First Trilogy with the release of Missing in Columbia just a few days ago.

So, I ask you all to stay tuned for some more updates, progress reports, and other happenings in the Lord of Columbia/Neo Skyehawk Universe.


Yours Sincerely,

Todd Matthews.

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  1. CoachCoach

    I may have missed the first two but this sounds exciting and I am encouraged to go in search of those that came before. Glad for the preview and the date now seems so far away. You certainly know how to whet the appetite. Looking forward wit great anticipation to the revealing of all there is to Raven.

    • Todd MatthewsTodd Matthews

      No worries, as along with Missing in Columbia, I decided to release the entire box set for the entire trilogy at $6.99 for my binge readers, as I know there are many here who love digging into each work and reading an entire series all in one sitting! 

  2. Thanks, for letting know of this. I’m not familiar with the series but it sounds very interesting and worth a peek at some point. I anticipate future updates and see what other releases are beyond the horizon!

    • adminadmin

      Hi, Scott, you’ll be seeing a lot of updates now that I can solely focus on constructing Trilogy II, with Raven’s Flock being the first work in the Trilogy. I wrote the rough drafts while still hardcore editing Trilogy I, so now it’ll be much smoother sailing for the rest of 2019 and into 2020.

  3. Sounds like you are really passionate about this series. It sounds very exciting and something that I could look out for in the future. Jan / Feb 2020 is not that far away, so I’ll look into this series as well,

    • Thanks, Glenford! Yes, it takes a lot of passion both in the beginning and all the way to the end to make a series of this type of complexity work. I can’t wait to have Book IV out, but I like to work ahead and write drafts of the next two as well, that way the plot stays in check, minimizing or eliminating major or even minor plot errors, as well as allowing me to release the whole trilogy in a timely manner, within a one-year span, as I was able to do with Trilogy I.

  4. I’m so glad to hear that the first season is released and the first book of season two is on its way to us! Raven Spade seems an interesting character and the fact she is a woman makes it more intriguing. Keep up the good work, Todd!

    • Hi, Effie. Yes, I wanted to attract an audience of both male and female, so to do so I actually changed the plot drastically in Book II to pave way for a female character to emerge in Book IV. Though I admit I’ll probably never like the ending of Book II due to this change, it makes the plot work better than it would’ve had I kept the original drafts in place.

  5. This sounds exciting to find that you are continuing this series. With this article you have raised a lot of interest to read this story when it comes out. I like how you keep a high interest in the younger crowd, they need to read more.
    Now I thought you were a black and gold, not a purple person from Baltimore. Am I close to the clue you have given.

    • Yes, the younger crowd will definitely find this one appealing, as the new main character is a little younger than the main cast in the first trilogy. I’m actually definitely not fond of either color scheme! But there is a huge hint in that section regarding some major plot elements of the trilogy, so you’re right in that regard.

  6. Wow Todd! It’s great to see someone so passionate about their writing and giving such attention to detail with their characters! I was just checking out your Facebook page and I love your comment about living life with fulfillment each day. That’s exactly how I’m trying to live life too. Nothing beats being able to put your creative talents to use! Looks like you’ve got your calling! Congrats on the upcoming book!! It sounds exciting with the war theme!

    • Thanks a bunch! And yes, the more we live life to the fullest and on our own terms, the happier and more independent we will be for years to come. I’ve always said to grind when one is in their twenties so they can shine in their thirties and beyond.

  7. Lynne HuysamenLynne Huysamen

    Hi Todd – it is great to meet you! I haven’t read any of your books yet but I am always on the look out for new authors – your trilogy sounds great and I have enough time to read Northern Knights and Swords of Destiny before Raven’s Flock comes out which is awesome. 

    Congrats on getting Northern Lights released on Amazon – I know that it can be so stressful and a lot of work. My sister has some published works and I know it took her years to get it right. 

    • Todd MatthewsTodd Matthews

      Hi, Lynne! It definitely takes a while, I can attest to that. I wrote the first drafts of what would become Northern Knights all the way back in 2010, took a few breaks, and just continually tried to hit home with it. Finally, in 2015, I saw a breakthrough and have never looked back. I can’t wait to see what the next trilogy holds as I sit and write it. 

  8. JosieJosie

    I’ve not read your other books, but I love the way you write! You make it sound so exciting, so I think I will have to head back and get my hands on your other books before this one comes out. It sounds like such a unique story line and the themes sound absolutely riveting!!

    • Todd MatthewsTodd Matthews

      Hi, Josie, and the good news here is that I have a few other unrelated endeavors coming up this year, so the dates you see here are just an early projection as of right now. Raven’s Flock will be released in the earlier part of 2020, as early as January, but it can be as late as April/May, depending on how these next few months play out. 

  9. MichelMichel

    I am always looking for a great series to binge on, which I like to limit to once a week. It has become increasingly difficult to find any good series lately, but reading about Raven’s Flock has intrigued me.

    I see the next season is coming, which means I can watch the first season and know that the second one is available almost immediately. Once I start to read a series, there is nothing worse than waiting for the next lot to be made. Sometimes they take so long that you have forgotten what the plot is about.

    Not quite sure what an urban fantasy consists of, but love a great thriller.

    • Todd MatthewsTodd Matthews

      Hi, Michel, I can definitely relate when it comes to binge reading. For once, I’ve fallen victim to a societal norm, but I’m the same way since I just have to find out what happens next. Kids these days coming across, say, Harry Potter for the first time ever are so lucky that they didn’t have to wait years for the next book to be released! The two-year periods between OP and HBP then another two between HBP and DH were exhausting. 

  10. 1deveraux1deveraux

    I really want to order one of your books for my husband they seem really interesting. Your website explains really well and looks very impressive I have to say its really well designed!

    I like the colours and images they all flow really well. 

    Also the content really leads the visitor in to want to purchase the books it actually tells an introduction to what the books will be like. My husband likes this style of writing so I know what I will be getting as one of his birthday gifts. 

    Thank you I look forward to your upcoming works. 


    • Todd MatthewsTodd Matthews

      Thanks for the site compliments! I wanted to place my Cleveland Browns front and center when designing not only the site, but my brand as well. As you can see from the sidebar, my Lord of Columbia works also reflect the orange and brown design, while Raven’s Flock is purple, black, and old gold. It gives the reader a major hint on where this series is headed! 

  11. NuttaneeNuttanee

    Thanks for the novelette, I will check it out if your story is my genre or not but ai am sire that I will like it. Good luck on writing I always admire writers since writing isn’t my cup of tea, I am more like a reader. I will check out the Neo Skyhawk and will take it from there. 


    • Todd MatthewsTodd Matthews

      Big thanks! Neo Skyehawk and LoC are in the same world, but technically two different genres, as Neo Skyehawk leans more into epic fantasy while Lord of Columbia is set in a modern world, making it more in the contemporary/urban fantasy genre. 

  12. 少鋅少鋅

    Hi Todd – it is great to meet you! I haven’t read any of your books yet but I am always on the look out for new authors – your trilogy sounds great and I have enough time to read Northern Knights and Swords of Destiny before Raven’s Flock comes out which is awesome.

    I’ve not read your other books, but I love the way you write! You make it sound so exciting, so I think I will have to head back and get my hands on your other books before this one comes out. It sounds like such a unique story line and the themes sound absolutely riveting!!

    • Todd MatthewsTodd Matthews

      Hi, thanks for the awesome words. I agree that you may want to read the first trilogy before heading toward Raven’s Flock, just to kind of get a background on what the story will evolve into come Episode IV. 

  13. AmandaAmanda

    Super natural abilities are all the rage right now, so glad you have incorporated it into this series.  This seems to have a lot of action, suspense, thriller all rolled into one, everyone loves a lil foot ball action, teamed up with war and drones as well as a mystical side.  You’ve done a great job here Todd, I’m sure your books will catch many readers attention as it has my own.

    • Todd MatthewsTodd Matthews

      Hi, Amanda! If you like action, you’ll love this work, that I can guarantee, plus the first three works of the series as well. There’s a lot of real-life scenarios laden with fantastical elements. You won’t be disappointed! Start with Northern Knights, and work your way through the series. 

  14. AlblueAlblue

    Wow it will be released next year. How long do you usually need to write one book? I’m curious about how Raven’s relationship will develop with Cain and other original trilogy main cast. Is there any main focus difference between this book from the previous trilogy? For example, do you integrate more action in this book compared to previous ones?

    • Todd MatthewsTodd Matthews

      Hi, Al. Raven’s Flock is actually finished in first draft form, but there are two scenes I need to strategically add that will evolve into a larger role in Books V and VI. And let me tell you you’re in for a treat when you find out Raven’s relationship to the main cast. I’ll only say it’s something the reader will never see coming unless they pay close attention to the dialogue and narration in the early chapters. Judging from my first draft Trilogy II will contain far more action than the first. While Trilogy I can easily be placed in the action-adventure genre, it’s augmented in Trilogy II.  

  15. LouiseLouise

    I’m so pleased that you have your book Missing in Columbia has been released, you must be very proud.

    You have a lot of exciting things in the pipeline

    Ravens Flock sounds equally exciting , with very likeable characters  The theme of war and shot-ball work really well together and I love that Raven has supernatural powers. I hope she puts them to good use.

    I luck forward to reading more.


    • Todd MatthewsTodd Matthews

      There’s going to be a lot about Raven to love and I can easily see her becoming a fan favorite over anyone in my original cast. Yes, the war plus shotball themes are still here and I’ve been paying very, very close attention to the Russia-China-North Korea-Iran-Palestine-Libertarian America and Europe faction versus the Federal US-Israeli-Saudi-Conservative-Liberal US faction as I construct the plot to Raven’s Flock and the other two works in the second trilogy. 

  16. coraliecoralie

    I am not at all familiar with this series, but you write about it with great passion.  I can tell that you really love it. Doing things that we are passionate about is important.

    You description of all the characters was very thorough, and you write very well. Best of luck.

    • Todd MatthewsTodd Matthews

      Thanks, Coralie! It’s still very new and I haven’t even done much marketing on it yet since I’m waiting for an official launch coming after both Trilogies I and II are complete as I build my writing platform and target audience in the meantime via this blog, social media, and email lists. It’s a process, but it’s coming along quite well. 

  17. GomerGomer

    This gets more exciting because of the girl character, Miss Raven Spade. I like stories with a girl being challenged, as women are considered the weaker sex than men. With her beauty, I imagine I am there to help her fight the odds, like a tough warrior helping a lady, and then make her fall in love with me! (*kidding*)

    Thanks for coming up with all these, excellent pieces of work.

    • Todd MatthewsTodd Matthews

      Haha, I love it! Actually, when one reads Books One through Three of the first trilogy, they’ll come to find a massive, massive plot twist involving Raven. There’s so much more to the kid than what meets the eye! 

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