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Summit University Hotspots: The Six South Columbian Complexes

The main setting in Northern Knights is Summit University, so I’m going to spend a few articles talking about this awesome university which was inspired by two main places, Hogwarts from the Harry Potter Series and Kent State University, where I spent a year studying.

The area the university is set in was inspired by my hometown of Wintersville, Ohio, which I’ll discuss in another article and many of the locations spoken of in Northern Knights are from Wintersville, itself.

Today, I want to talk about what inspired six of the twelve Complexes shown in Northern Knights. Again, this isn’t a direct copy of Harry Potter and its four Houses being that:

1. Anyone from any Complex can visit another.

2. Each Complex is more of a college dorm, than anything else.

3. There are no secret locations or passwords.

4. The old AFC Central (pre-2001) inspired the colors and nicknames.

Like Harry Potter, these Complexes compete against one another in sports but no House point system exists and yes, there are intense rivalries.

Here is a rundown of the six Complexes without giving away any real spoiler. I’m mainly talking about each Complex’s personality, their role in Northern Knights, and their talent in the sport of shotball.



Santos Complex is the primary Complex in Northern Knights and it’s where much of the main cast resides, such as Cain, Lira, and their closest friends.

Santos is known for its inability to win championships in relevant sports and the most popular sport in Columbia, shotball, is one where they’ve received recognition and labeling of being the lovable losers.

Their nickname is the Knights and while they’re losers today, their greater history is one of nobility, as seen in my Neo Skyehawk Series, the prequel novelettes to the Lord of Columbia Series.

Their colors are orange and brown and despite their losing, their fan base in every relevant sport maintains interest through the bad years.



Leistung is the top rival to Santos, and unlike Santos have become perennial winners. They excel in almost every relevant sport barring outdoor matball, where they lose often due to the fact their three-sport athletes tend to play the sport to “stay in shape” for the shotball season in the fall.

Their nickname is the Monarchs and are the only Complex at Summit University sympathetic toward the Southpoint Empire, which controls South Columbia. This is due to Leistung’s historical connection with Southpoint’s black and yellow color scheme, something they share with the Empire.

When North Columbia broke free from South Columbia and Southpoint, Leistung controversially decided to continue with the black and yellow color scheme.

However, Leistung’s fan base is fraudulent, as they’ll watch the Monarchs often in shotball but will neglect them in sports like matball, giving the few athletes who play matball exclusively little to zero exposure.



Obranca is considered to be the friendliest Complex to Santos and its seen often in the series.

A few supporting characters come from Obranca and they’re known to be fierce fighters in every relevant sport, despite their average to below average record.

Their nickname is the Fighting Braves and their colors are powder blue, red, and white.

Obranca is known above all other Complexes to willfully invite others within their dorms, where the lobby is decked out in powder blue with red accents.



The Vojaci Sentinels is the fourth Complex. Little is known about Vojaci in Northern Knights except for the fact their top rivals in shotball is Obranca.

They’re the single Complex in Northern Knights that doesn’t play much of a role, as many of their residents, while polite, will only get involved in something if there is a reward in it for them.

As such, the Vojaci residents love to hangout off campus, at bars scattered about North Columbia, and throw off-campus parties almost every weekend when the weather is fair.

One word of caution surrounding the Vojaci Complex: Treat one of their residents nice, the rest will treat you like family. Anger one of them, they’ll become your worst enemy.

Their color scheme is black and orange.



Kriger is shown to have a decent shotball team. Their nickname is the Warriors and their color scheme is purple and black.

It is known that Kriger is good at having a positive cocky attitude, not only stating they’re going to beat teams, but also showing how good they are on the shotball field.

They’re said to have the best defense in the game.

As a Complex, the Kriger residents are the wildcards. While they tend to hangout with their own residents, it’s not uncommon to see those in Kriger going out of their way to help others from other Complexes, just don’t talk sports smack with them because they’ll prove you wrong at the next event.

They’re friendly residents but will always put their own first. Like Vojaci, they will become an enemy if you don’t treat them right. The only exception is they’ll embarrass you at a sporting event, exerting sweet revenge on the shotball field.



Finally, the Arbete Dark Raiders come to us with a teal and old gold color scheme. Arbete is up and down in shotball and other sports but they have a lot of pride in their teams. While Leistung is good at running the table, they historically have a tough time with Arbete, despite Arbete’s futility in which they often share the basement of the South Division with Santos on most years.

The Arbete residents are those who love to lay low. They aren’t showy, they’re nice people, perhaps too nice, and are on good terms with each Complex, minus Kriger whom they share a fierce rivalry with in sports.

Of course, as a result, the Kriger residents often one up Arbete.


Coming Up Next

Next up, I’m looking to discuss Richfield, North Columbia, where Summit University is set. I’ll go over some locations and also provide pictures of Wintersville, Ohio that I took this past summer when running around the town.

As stated earlier, much of the locations I’ll display here are shown in their fictional counterparts in Northern Knights, so there’s a huge connection to the town itself. It’s something I can’t wait to share!

Sharing is Caring!
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  1. Hi Todd, I really admire the fact that you have found and decided what you really want to do in life, and also the fact that you have had the dedication to actually sit down and get on with it.

    I love the sound of your books and the fact they are a bit like Harry Potter, but also totally different. Many people enjoy this kind of fantasy fiction and it’s clever how you have integrated your own University and home town into it for a more personal touch.

    I wish you every success with it all, and its obvious from your website that you are an accomplished and interesting writer. I will watch this space 🙂

    • Todd Matthews Todd Matthews

      Thanks a bunch, Stefanie! It’s something I’ve wanted to do for ages but never had the discipline until mid-2015 and that’s when things took off. Adding my hometown as inspiration was also something very important to me, too, and I’m glad things went as well as they did. I can’t wait to see where the series goes from here!

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