A Walk into A War-Torn Region

Columbia has been decimated by war, but Cain and his crew must risk everything to save the life of a friend whose powers may spell victory for Columbia in their ongoing war with Southpoint.

Upon meeting with a former mentor, Cain must lead his crew to one of the most notorious political prisons in Columbia, where prisoners are fed six ounces of corn per day and forced to work in dangerous conditions for fifteen to sixteen hours per shift. Prisoners are subject to lashings if they work too slow and most are often worked to death. Entire families are rounded up if one speaks ill toward the Southpoint Empire, minimizing resistance and revenge from the offending individual’s closest relatives.

Knowing there’s limited time to work with, Cain and the crew travel into a war zone, fighting off old enemies while trekking through intense battle scenes that combine modern-day warfare with supernatural ability. There are zero guarantees Cain’s network of fighters, dubbed the Northern Knights, survive such an onslaught of attacks from Southpoint and its allies brought in to reinforce.

Join Cain as he and the Northern Knights embark on one of the riskiest rescue missions seen in Columbia as war heats up and violence is at an all-time high.

For more information, click the embedded link at the sidebar and if you haven’t done so, be sure to check out Episode I in the Lord of Columbia Series, Northern Knights.