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Syrian Civil War Timeline and its Direct Relation to Raven’s Flock, Part I

Today is kind of like two posts in one, as I deliver a thorough Syrian Civil War Timeline you’ll find in very, very few places on the internet, but I’d like to thank one of my go-to places, for helping bring the truth of the matter regarding Syria, as I went through an endless internet odyssey of finding the right timeline regarding Syria.

I also want to give a bit of a spoiler on how this post relates to Raven’s Flock, which I’ll have available across the e-book and print book landscape worldwide. The Syrian Civil War is mentioned in allegory form in Raven’s Flock, as the first drafts of the book were written shortly after the alleged Douma Chemical Attacks in 2018, which of course led to Donald Trump ordering US airstrikes in Damascus.

Early on in Raven’s Flock, the reader will be presented with a John Bolton-like character celebrating on an endless perpetual war featuring a nation called Damasca (Syria) and its allies Persia (Iran), and Sovia (Russia). And of course, there’s always the Western-backed intervention, in which a cool timeline of events is laid out sometime within the Second Trilogy.

But, for those of you that prefer to be informed rather than entertained, or if you are one of those readers that just like entertainment while thinking I created this whole thing myself, I’d like to tell you that I’m actually not that creative in the slightest, having to rely on history and current events to spark my creativity, but even more important, to get what I perceive to be the truth out into the light in any way I can…so I should probably start a YouTube Channel regarding this stuff, too.

Maybe in time.

Anyway, I just rambled for about 300 words, so let’s get into this timeline, shall we?



CIA Headquarters in Langley, VA.

Okay, so if you think US-intervention in Syria is something new, I ask you to open your mind and think again, because this kind of intervention is about as old as your grandparents if you’re from my generation (Generation Y).

Yes, US involvement in Syria started in the 1940s, not the 21st century, as everyone from the mainstream media and government schools would like you to believe.

Who’s ready for a history lesson?

Per Lew Rockwell, and reprinted by Global Research, to the late 1940s, when the Syrian government refused to allow a US-based oil company to build a pipeline through Syrian territory…yep, once again black gold is the culprit.

Using concern from the spread of communism as justification, the CIA planned to overthrow Syria’s civilian government, meeting with far-right military leaders in Damascus to instill a military dictatorship.

Let’s stop right here, and go back to another article of mine. Doesn’t this sign eerily similar to what the CIA did in Iran a few years later? Like Iran once upon a time, the US and the West held decent relations with those in the Middle East. It’s appropriate to remember that during the heart of World War II, Tehran was the meeting place for Franklin D. Roosevelt, Joseph Stalin, and Winston Churchill, leaders of the three most powerful allied nations looking to end the war for good.

Just a few years later, US and UK actions caused deterioration in Western-Middle Eastern relations, starting not with Iran, but with Syria, and once again, it was all for trying to profit on a natural resource based in a foreign land.

Using ‘In the Name of Oil: Anglo-American Relations in the Middle East, 1950-1958 by Ivan L.G. Pearson‘ as a resource, we discover the following:

So, in 1947 and 1948, the CIA sponsored right-wing figures in the Nationalist Party. However, the Ba’ath Party and Peoples’ Party emerged as rivals. The Nationalist Party won and Western puppet Shukri al-Quwatli took office for a second term.

However, al-Qawaiti grew weary of allowing Western interests influence Syria, which led to the CIA-sponsored military coup in 1949, putting Genera Husni Za’im in power. Za’im granted permission to pipe Saudi oil (another Western-backed nation) to the Mediterranean.

Within a year, Za’im was overthrown and executed by Colonel Sami al-Hinnawi, who himself was overthrown in another CIA-sponsored coup, the third in a single year by Adib al-Shishakli.

Shishakli himself would be overthrown in 1954 by Adnan Malki.



Fearing the spread of communism from Moscow, the CIA and MI6 would justify their actions in the Middle East.

So, at this point, Syria had grown to be beyond unstable due to the unusual number of coups in the late-1940s and early-1950s, so let’s fast-forward to 1957, when the CIA and British MI6 planned to assassinate three top Syrian leaders and overthrow the government once more.

In March of that year came the Eisenhower Doctrine, which stated that the US would aid any Middle Eastern country that asked for such aid against Moscow’s spread of communism. It also named communism to be the biggest threat to the region at the same time.

Syria, acting as the heart of Arab nationalism who also had Iraqi oil flowing through its pipeline and into the Mediterranean, refused to accept the Eisenhower Doctrine, again preventing US involvement in the region. Syria, realizing past actions of the US, the United Kingdom, France, and Israel, in the region, such as,

1) The US-UK overthrow of Mohamed Mossadegh back in 1953.

2) The UK’s numerous attempts to assassinate President Nasser of Egypt after ejecting a British military base from the region while securing aid from Moscow.

3) The attempt made by the UK, Israel, and France to invade the Suez Canal and overthrow Nasser,

instead sought aid from Moscow, deepening hostilities between Syria and the West.

The Baghdad Pact, which consisted of Iraq, Iran, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and Pakistan, met, and agreed the current Syrian regime had to go in order to thwart communism despite repeated warnings from Moscow against Western invasion just as Turkish troops gathered at Syria’s border.

The plan was for the West to launch agents that would turn into a series of incidents in the nation, creating political turmoil which would serve as a pretext to justify Western invasion.

The plan also included the assassinations of three leaders, Abd al-Hamid, Afif al-Bizri, and Khalid Bakdash.

Once the series of incidents had created fear in the general climate, the series of incidents would begin as well as border clashes, providing justification for troops stemming from Iraq and Jordan, under the UK’s order, to invade. However, it had to look as if Syria, and not an outside source, was sponsoring the plots, instead of the West.


‘The Preferred Plan’

Specialist in US and British Post-War Foreign Policy Matthew Jones from the University of London, drew up a report entitled ‘The Preferred Plan: The Anglo-American Working Group Report on Covert Action in Syria, 1957. This report outlined some key details surrounding the planned coup in Syria from CIA and MI6 documents at the time.

Here are a few quotes from the report cited that really jump out:

“CIA and SIS (Secret Intelligence Service) should use their capabilities in both the psychological and action fields to augment tension.”

“The CIA and MI6 should stir up trouble and encourage uprisings against the government by the Druze minority in the south and the Muslim Brotherhood in Damascus.”

The aim of this entire plan was, of course, to replace the Moscow-friendly government with one that was pro-Western. However, such a regime would be unpopular in regard to public opinion, necessitating reliance on “repressive measures and arbitrary exercise of power.”

In the end, Nasser dispatched a small military force to Syria and in turn, became the face of Arab nationalism, criticizing the Western-friendliness of Iraq and Jordan at the expense of their own people and economies.

While the leaders of Iraq and Jordan swept the issue under the table by denying all involvement with the West, Saudi Arabia in turn continued to urge the West to proceed its interference in Syria, albeit with caution.

With Turkey standing alone, the CIA-MI6 plan fell to the wayside.


Relation to Raven’s Flock

Raven’s Flock kicks off an allegory of 20th and 21st Century US Imperialism.

In Raven’s Flock, the reader will find many similarities between the work and George Orwell’s 1984, including intense propaganda, unconditional love and praise for government, police, and imperial militaries claiming they’re defending Western lands by going on the offensive, invading nations they perceive to be threats. Small nations, which are demonized simply by lies to coerce the domestic people for supporting perpetual war.

We will also see endless war where the West claims to be winning battle after battle, yet the war never ends. It’s akin to the apprehensions and subsequent killings of Osama bin-Laden, Saddam Hussein, Muammar Qaddafi, and perhaps even Bashar Assad and Hassan Rouhani if things come to a head with Syria and Iran.

In other words, when one mission is accomplished, another enemy is created in a perpetual cycle of war, which never seems to end.

I hope you enjoyed this article and learned a little. In Part II, I’ll expand on Part I by talking about the present day situation in Syria.

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  1. gr8megawinnergr8megawinner

    The comparison or the duo commentary of Syria’s Situation and the Raven Flock’s fell into two main similarities, Mind conditioning by using the intelligence communities of the power that be.  Second is the tinkering of the US adventurism in the region was as a matter of Superpower design and plan to dominate the world. Although, its main purpose was to sift oil out of the middle east. The truth of the matter is it will haunt the USA from the violence they have sown in the area. No matter how they employed the tactics of both psychological and arms wise to destabilize the concerned government would boomerang into their homeland as it was and as it is going to happen to all those who get into the sovereignty of another country. I hope though I am wrong.

    • Todd MatthewsTodd Matthews

      Something you said jumped out at me: Superpower design to dominate. You’re correct, as the Soviets were every bit as corrupt. At the end of the day, the Cold War between the US and Soviet Union was like Darth Sidious versus Lord Voldemort; you’re not going to have a good outcome as both superpowers wanted the Middle East for their own selfish tendencies rather than leave the resource and mineral-rich region alone. 

  2. Aabidah AhmedAabidah Ahmed

    It’s great that you found a relation to Raven’s Flock. I absolutely love all your articles with the information you give about the books you are posting.

    I am currently waiting for the finance to purchase all the e-books at once, so I don’t purchase it piece by piece as they will come at different days or weeks if I do so. I love this series so I am looking forward to reading them once I made the purchase.

    It’s great that you are explaining in detail about the Civil War and Ravens’s Flock relation. I am looking forward to another updated post.

    Thank you for this information and all the best.

    • Todd MatthewsTodd Matthews

      Definitely more to come on this front. I wanted to, as with most of my fictional works, give a connection to real-life events and influences, and there are a lot of them in this Series from a historical standpoint. 

  3. PentrentalPentrental

    I appreciate the time you spent creating this Syria War timeline. It’s pretty fascinating that you tied it into Raven’s Flock. With Syria it’s unfortunate that these truths, such as the US’s involvement since in the 1940s, go unspoken in the main stream media. It’s important to bring to light the facts. I’m not surprised that oil was the cause. 1984 being one of my favorite books, I will continue to check out your writing, again very fascinating thank you.

    • Todd MatthewsTodd Matthews

      It goes very unspoken in both the US and the media, and for many of us, we weren’t even taught these unfortunate truths in government schools. It’s a sad but true story. The fact that the US and its Intelligence Community routinely, to this day, tries to fix elections and prop up puppet leaders is one of many reasons why other countries hate us. It’s even more disgusting when we in the US accuse another country of meddling in our election, when we’ve been doing just that since 1947. Total hypocrisy on America’s part. 

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