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Syrian Intervention Timeline and its Direct Relation to Raven’s Flock, Part II: The Obama Years

Okay, Freedom Flames, it’s time to talk about Part II regarding the Syrian Intervention and how this relates to my upcoming book, Raven’s Flock, set to be released in early 2020.

My previous article can be found here if you missed it, which covers events between 1947-1957, providing a solid background as to how authoritarian regimes swept into Syria, mainly due to interference from the CIA and MI6 over an oil pipeline…go figure…

Today, we’re going to fast forward all the way to the 21st Century, where the US stirred up opposition to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his regime. It didn’t begin in such a way they teach kids in public schools these days, which might go along the lines of, “Assad has been brutal to his own people for years, which is why the US had to go in there and take him out.”

Isn’t it interesting how public schools and the mainstream media love flip-flopping between the human rights card and weapons of mass destruction (WMDs)?

Let’s stop here for a moment: Suppose Assad was everything the mainstream media says he is, where there’s hardly any evidence that he is; something I’ll cover further down the topic.

It still doesn’t explain why the US sells weapons to Saudi Arabia, mainly to use against Yemen in the present Civil War that has ravaged the country. If the US claims we need to protect democracy and our Constitution, Saudi Arabia surely doesn’t practice either; in fact there’s a brutal regime running the nation where basic freedoms like Freedom of Religion is discouraged, sometimes under the threat of death.

The same goes for nations like Qatar and the UAE, other nations the US supplies weapons to. I don’t know, maybe if a nation openly condemns Iran these days then they somehow champion freedom while Saudi Arabia fires missiles made by Lockheed Martin at Yemeni school buses where the bus in question was hauling Yemeni kids to and from a field trip. The bomb killed forty kids.

Definitely take a look at the linked article if you want to see some photos of what US-intervention, be it proxy or non-proxy, really looks like to the Middle East and per the UN, it is the worst humanitarian crisis in the world at the moment, with two-thirds of the country in need of aid.

Anyway, enough of my opening statement. Let’s explore US intervention in Syria.



We have to go to an article from Wikileaks that was published back in April 2011, written about here at the Christian Science Monitor, which reveals the US State Department secretly financed Syrian opposition for five years, or since 2006, as reported by the Washington Post.

One of the reasons for the State Department’s financing was back between 2006-2011, the Obama administration looked to lure Syria away from one of their key allies: Iran (who would’ve thought?). At the same time, the administration was looking to bring Syria closer to the US and its allies in the Middle East like Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the UAE, etc.

Isn’t it rather fascinating to see that despite the differences in American politics today, both sides of the equation seem to be in agreement on perpetual war. Only a few days back, on CNN and Fox News during the morning of July 18th, 2019, both networks, after CNN finished a segment criticizing Trump’s and his supporters’ antics at his North Carolina rally rather Fox defended such antics, both then hosted a segment regarding the shooting down of an Iranian drone by the US in the Strait of Hormuz, justifying the act and accusing Iran for being aggressive in the strike.

Hmmm…wonder what would’ve happened if an Iranian ship hanging out in the Gulf of Mexico with bases in Cuba, Mexico, and Venezuela (hypothetical scenario) shot down a US drone in the same area? I’m sure the war propagandists everywhere would be labeling Iran the aggressor in two seconds, even if the situation did take place in international waters.

What I’m saying here is, you had Obama align himself with the same allies, perhaps with a few more restrictions on them than the Trump administration, but nonetheless, still saw enmity between the US and the Syrian regime, which of course is backed by Iran and Russia, among other key players.

Anyway, back to the situation in Syria and the Obama administration; I just had to throw the above scenario out there.

What the administration was trying to accomplish, however, was to make it look as if the pro-democratic anti-government protesters had sparked an uprising without outside interference or alienating the current government, so they had to be rather cautious about this.

Much of this funding, at least $6 billion dollars, had been funneled through a group of Syrian exiles living in London and a front known as the Movement for Social Justice Development. This group was connected to Barada TV, a London-based station broadcast in Syria, which provided extensive coverage to the mass protests.

While the US feared the Syrian government caught on to who was funding opposition groups, Iran had been providing assistance to their ally to crack down on the protests. As you can see, we have two powers playing Proxy, much like what’s being done in Yemen, where the US is funding the Saudis and the Iranians are funding the Houthi faction.



Now, while the crisis in Libya was unfolding, Syria was becoming a battleground of its own, both with Western intervention, might I add.

On March 17th, 2011, the US, Israel, and NATO-led an Al-Qaeda-sponsored insurgency into Daraa, a town that borders Jordan, and not far from them; Israel itself.

As an article from Global Research states, media reports already acknowledged that the protest movement came from Washington, as the linked Washington Post article in the above section points out.

The article further states that the March 17th-18th had “all the appearances of a staged event involving covert support to Islamic terrorists via the Mossad and/or Western Intelligence.”

Going back to Part I, we do know that the CIA has had an interest in propping up a puppet regime in Syria literally upon the Agency’s creation.

It only makes sense that after decades under Assad, who I’m certainly not condoning here by any stretch, that America and the West had finally thought it was time for another upheaval; hopefully to overthrow the government and finally, after decades of failure, to get their long-awaited pipeline that would only enhance their allies while inconveniencing nations like Iran, whose economy relies on oil exports.

I want to briefly shift gears here and talk about a scene in Missing in Columbia, as Syria was also on my mind when writing the final piece to Trilogy I back in late-2017. The scene basically states how the Southpoint Empire gains such influence worldwide.

First off, their Intelligence Agency that closely resembles the US’ CIA and tends to, a) Sponsor protests, as we can see happened in real life over in Daraa, and b) train, arm, and sponsor rebels in order to overthrow regimes to instill their own leader.

If one reads the linked article above from Global Research, they will find that NATO indeed was looking to arm Syrian rebels, which at the time included Al-Nusra, who possesses ties with al-Qaeda and ISIS, which had been active long before any of us heard of them, as early as 1999, in fact.

On August 18th, 2011, I’m sure we all remember the ‘Assad must go’ quote from Obama. During this time the US released new sanctions intended to undermine Assad’s ability to finance his military operations.



On August 1st 2012, Obama authorizes secret support for Syrian rebels, which he proclaimed to be, “Moderate Rebels.” In the linked article, you’ll find that during this time the US and its allies were also collaborating a secret command center that Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar were operating near the Syrian border.

The intention for this base was to help direct military aid to Syrian rebels. Within the same region is a Turkish/US military base known as Incirlik, which also housed US Intelligence operatives.

In 2013, the CIA expanded their clandestine effort to train opposition fighters in Syria amid concerns that US-backed militias were losing ground.

Finally, in April 2014 the CIA quietly ramped up aid to Syrian rebels under another clandestine program it runs in Jordan. Also, at the time, the Pentagon was drawing up plans for a more direct and public American role in Syria.

In October 2015, the CIA provides thousands of fighters trained in Jordan with communication equipment, Intel support, and anti-tank missiles. These fighters re-enter Syria through Jordan.


Relation to Raven’s Flock

More of the modern-day interventions can be further linked to Raven’s Flock, such as rebel fighters being trained by intelligence agencies across the globe in the World of Gaia, but as mentioned previously, correlations can even be seen in Episode III of the First Trilogy, Missing in Columbia, which also holds many elements of US-led intervention in Syria.

But, the biggest parts are yet to come, as I unveil Part III of the US’ involvement in Syria and really undertake research in Syria’s alleged chemical attacks against their own people. Did these happen, or were they just false flags which will make up my conclusion (for now) in the Debunking 100+ Years of War Lies Series.

I honestly didn’t think I’d have to cover three parts of this intervention, but there’s so much that goes into Syria spanning so many decades that it was only necessary for this last episode to be divided into three distinct parts; a beginning, a middle, and an end.

You can review my main source with other links behind Part II’s timeline here, which may answer any additional questions you might have on the subject. I can also, to the best of my own ability, answer lingering questions as well.

So, stay tuned for Part III, and in the meantime, enjoy some of my lighter articles as well, many of which have to do with either the Lord of Columbia or Neo Skyehawk Series, both of which carry a Libertarian message within.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Jose G. Jose G.

    Interesting…I enjoy reading about modern news, especially what the U.S is up to. I’m not sure, however, what these books are about? What genre is it? I’m assuming it is based on the Iranian crisis, but I’d like to know a little more about the books. Also, what inspired you to create such an article, let alone website?

    • Todd Matthews Todd Matthews

      It’s always something new, Jose, especially this past week regarding shooting down an Iranian drone after getting livid about Iran doing the same thing a couple weeks prior. This comes around the same time the British seize an Iranian oil tanker headed to Syria, where media here just sweeps it under the table, but they then want to blame Iran when Iran retaliates and does the same thing. Total hypocrisy on the US’ part. And now, they’re looking to pass a resolution that will grant protectionism to those involved in secret CIA operatives both at home and abroad, basically looking to jail anyone looking to blow the whistle. This country is a complete disaster in all terms of freedom, I can tell you that much. It’s sickening.

      Anyway, enough of my ranting, these books are mainly an allegory of US foreign policy, much in an identical stance as Star Wars, but far less subtle. I want the reader to know who and what I’m referring to when they go through this series. It’s urban fantasy, but you’ll also see some science fiction in here, too, especially in Trilogy II. 

      This website is a hybrid affiliate/selling my own digital product website. I’ll be doing some book reviews on some of my most influential books that inspired me to write Lord of Columbia, in time, anyway. As for articles such as these, they all fall into the category of real-life influences behind the creation of this series.

  2. Henry Henry

    Hi Todd! And I can’t believe Obama was the President awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize! When Obama was about to deliver his speech about peace days (as an acceptance speech), he had just planned to order 30,000 American troops (besides those that had already been sent) into battle in Afghanistan.

    I’m interested in continue reading about Obama’s secret support to these “Moderate Rebels.” Thanks for the link.

    • Todd Matthews Todd Matthews

      It’s crazy, isn’t it, Henry? I can’t believe he won the Prize and literally rode it throughout his entire presidency whilst dropping over 100,000 bombs in the process while killing hundreds of thousands and displacing millions more, eventually putting Europe in an immigration crisis. It’s akin to how the US propped up puppet dictators all over Latin America and want to complain about caravans coming to the States. Moral of the US’ 20th and 21st Century interventionist foreign policy: Don’t intervene in other nations’ affairs. 

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