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The Curious Case of Savannah Rivers

A little bit of character background today on one of my favorites in the entire Lord of Columbia Series: Savannah Rivers. If there’s one character that I consider a journeyman, or in this case, a journeywoman, it’s Savannah.

And no, I don’t mean journeywoman as in Savannah bouncing around from place to place in the Lord of Columbia Series.

Also, when I’m talking about character background, I don’t mean background in the same way as I would, say, giving information on the character’s life before the events of the story.

Because Savannah literally came from a different story.

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Flags, Names, and Other Symbols in Lord of Columbia

So, I wanted to go ahead and give some clarification information on a few symbols and logos spoken of in the Lord of Columbia Series which are also seen on this blog. I’ve written a couple posts in the past describing a few of the symbols but this particular article encompasses every single symbol, from sports logos to the flags, one will come across when reading the Original Trilogy, or Books I through III.

During a late-night convo at a gas station (it’s actually the place to be in my hometown) friend of mine once pointed out that there’s always a reason behind me placing elements within my works. He couldn’t have been more right, and the same goes for the hundreds who have taken the time to comment on my blog.

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A Q&A With Todd Matthews on Northern Knights

What’s up, Freedom Flames, this is Todd Matthews, author of the Lord of Columbia Series, Libertarian and alternative media enthusiast, and sports fanatic. Welcome to my little rundown for the Lord of Columbia Series. Since I believe all writers have inspiration, and perhaps numerous inspiration, behind writing their books or book series, I thought it’d be fun to answer a few frequently asked questions regarding Northern Knights and the Lord of Columbia as a whole.

This interview will give you a firm background on Lord of Columbia’s themes, political messages, and of course, the future of the Series. It’s a rather short interview that I’m looking to place into my Northern Knights book description so space is limited, but it will give prospective readers everywhere a nice, little look-in to see if the work is for them.

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The “Spoiler” Prequel to Lord of Columbia: Taking Back Saturday

Young Adult Rebellion, Sports, and Romance (With Some Urban Fantasy)

For those feeling nostalgic about the Original Trilogy, there’s a prequel coming along with Raven’s Flock.

There really isn’t much to scream ‘spoiler’ here other than the fact the prequel I have planned for Lord of Columbia that will be available on all free platforms culminating with the release of Raven’s Flock in 2020 will reveal a little background on how things came about at the beginning of Northern Knights.

While we know Cain and his crew have been friends before Northern Knights, this prequel tells of how Cain and all his friends met, and what made them the Santos Knights shotball team as seen in Northern Knights’s subplot, where a few reviews have actually mentioned this as being a larger part of the books than I anticipated!

The book’s name?

Taking Back Saturday. It’s a nod to the day of the week most major sporting events at Summit University up in Richfield, North Columbia take place. The prototype cover features the familiar orange, brown, and white look, with four friends standing in the bleachers of a shotball (football stadium in the picture) stadium and gazing into the distance, one I’ve named Kettlewell Stadium in honor of the stadium of the same name whose track I use for workouts back home.

From initial drafts and the cover, I like to compare the sporty urban fantasy to a 1980s Coming of Age flick, except of course this one here is a read, namely because you’re going to see, if I can give away one spoiler, a university edition of the many great 1980s movies in one, single book.

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An Allegory Regarding American Foreign Policy

As many of you following my blog have already seen, Lord of Columbia is an allegory covering the entire history of the United States where Columbia (allegory for America) plays a key role in Trilogy II, which many will be able to relate to American foreign policy from 1898 to present day.

As a brief hint in Lord of Columbia Episode IV, entitled Raven’s Flock, I write about Columbia’s and the Western Powers of Gaia consisting mainly of Southland, Hessia, and Lourdes (England, Germany, and France) intervention in the Middle East. In the work, the nations of Dari (Afghanistan), Mestamia (Iraq), Damasca (Syria), Libia (Libya), Haman (Lebanon), and finally, Persia (Iran).

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Excerpt from Northern Knights

Hello, Freedom Flames,

Today is a special one indeed, as I’m providing a small excerpt from my debut book, Northern Knights, giving you a little bit of a taste in the book’s actual context.

Lately, I’ve described themes, messages, a few plot elements, and the book’s (along with the rest of the Lord of Columbia Series) main genre.

So, I hope you all enjoy this tiny excerpt from Chapter Two and definitely give me some feedback in the comments section as to what you thought while reading this rather action-packed scene.

Now, one thing to keep in mind is the language that I use. It is more adult-oriented, however this story is told only from Cain’s point of view, and a deeper point of view at that. Much of what you’re seeing are Cain’s thoughts as to how he’s using his own words to convey the story to the reader.

For the full excerpt including Chapter One, click here to claim the full preview.

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From the American Revolution to the War on Terror: Influences Behind Lord of Columbia

Brace Yourself for the Red Pill

For those of you following this blog and have even read the Lord of Columbia Series, you’re well aware that this series, while urban fantasy in nature, is an allegory of American history, starting with a modernized version of the American Revolution and, beginning with Raven’s Flock, stretches all the way to a War on Terror allegory.

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Get the Northern Knights, Swords of Destiny, and Missing in Columbia Collection Today!

Lord of Columbia Trilogy
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Everybody loves hot deals, and now you too can get in on the action by purchasing the first trilogy in the Lord of Columbia Series featuring Northern Knights, Swords of Destiny, and Missing in Columbia for only $6.99. This deal, advertised only here at Lord of Columbia Series rewards the reader with 53% off the cover prices if the books are bought separately.

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Raven’s Flock, Coming to You in 2020!

Raven's Flock

Dear Freedom Flames,

I hope you’re as excited as I am that Missing in Columbia has been released and is now available for purchase on Amazon. With Missing in Columbia up and running, the First Trilogy in the Lord of Columbia Series is complete, which I’m also referring to as the first season.

But, now that Season One is in the books, the focus is now on Season Two, which will bring about new characters and an entirely new situation with the first book entitled ‘Raven’s Flock.’

You guys and girls are in luck since I’m giving you a little bit of a preview as to what to expect when Raven’s Flock is released in early-2020, preferably January-February.

If you’re interested in learning more about the next dose of action in the new adult urban fantasy thrillers, strap in as I take you through some new characters, themes, and even a couple plot elements.

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