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The Skyehawk Chronicles

Do you love world history? Yes, no, maybe so, right? Well, do you love world history regarding fictional worlds and fictional historical characters set in a land where magic exists?

A little world-building, might I add?

Okay, I got your attention, because along with my premier Lord of Columbia Series where you can buy the First Trilogy on all bookstore outlets, there’s also a nice little freebie series I have over on Prolific Works called the Skyehawk Chronicles.

The Skyehawk Chronicles discusses historical characters that are mentioned in the Lord of Columbia Series in passing but play a relevant role to the world history of Gaia, the setting of both Lord of Columbia and Neo Skyehawk.

The free work follows two main characters, Neo Skyehawk and his best friend, Seneca LaSalle.

They’re two individuals who value freedom and liberty while growing up in different backgrounds.

For more information, take a look at the plot summaries below.

You can also click on the image shown at the beginning of this article which will funnel you to their pages on Prolific Works where you can claim your free copy.


Episode I, Fighting Authority

Fighting Authority serves as Episode I of the work.

The original name and cover of Fighting Authority before the rebrand, entitled ‘The Eurean Kingdom.’

This episode was originally the prequel to the Chronicles before I rebranded and combined the five novelettes into one work, and documents the meeting between Prince Neo Skyehawk and a peasant girl from the oppressive land of Tamuria, Seneca LaSalle.

Original cover work of Fighting Tyranny

Neo is being forced into a marriage he does not want to the daughter of Tamurian King Ruslan Romanoff, Princess Kia. Kia is a spoiled girl who thinks of all commoners as existing to do the bidding for her and Tamuria. They’re fodder to her.

Neo, despite his noble upbringing, wants nothing more than to live like the common people and spread the sport he invented, shotball, across Eura. Becoming King is not on Neo’s agenda and when he runs into Seneca in a chance encounter, the two run away from their dreary lives.

However, Seneca is skeptical of Neo due to her prejudice against all Monarchs, stemming from her status as Untouchable in Tamuria. When Seneca makes life difficult for Neo, she inadvertently puts Neo and herself in harm’s way.

It’s the breathtaking beginning of the five-part series, and we’re just getting started, so let’s continue our epic adventure.


==> Download The Skyehawk Chronicles <==


Episode II: Fighting Tyranny

In Fighting Tyranny, Neo and Seneca catch wind of a potential Tamurian invasion. The two friends race against time as the Tamurians embark on carrying out a false flag attack, blaming any nation that stands against them to justify a foreign invasion.


Episode III: Fighting Treason

A major false flag attack is carried out, this time from within the homeland. Neo and Seneca command a small force in an attempt to reign in the unlikeliest of perpetrators.


Episode IV: Fighting the Great Plan: Part I

Seneca discovers her natural power to control Spirit, which arrives as a blessing and a curse. She, Neo, and her friends go out of their ways to help her cope with her newfound ability as the land once again faces an outside threat.


Episode V: Fighting the High Seas

When the Tamurians threaten war and invasion toward the Western End of Gaia, Neo and Seneca realize that a Tamurian takeover in the West will involve a full takeover of Gaia. Will they be able to stop them in the epic conclusion to The Skyehawk Chronicles?


==> Download the Skyehawk Chronicles <==


More to Come

The original cover work for Fighting Treason.

If you enjoyed this article and/or have downloaded and enjoyed the books, rest assured there’s more to come. In the coming months, be on the lookout for Raven’s Flock, Episode IV in the Lord of Columbia Series which is scheduled for an early-2020 release date.

Original cover work of Fighting the Great Plan: Part I.

And if you haven’t checked them out yet, feel free to visit the pages of my premier full-length new adult urban fantasy novel series, Lord of Columbia, where you can check out the other works on my homepage, as well as a blurb about Raven’s Flock.

If you have any questions, ideas, concerns, or any feedback related to either the Lord of Columbia Series or Skyehawk Chronicles, feel free to drop a comment below where I’ll be glad to answer any question you might have.

I would like to thank everyone for taking the time out of their day to visit the Neo Skyehawk Series page, and be sure to check back often for updates regarding the series.

You can also Like my Facebook Page here, follow me on Twitter here, or if you’re into awesome images my Pinterest Account can be found here.

Thanks again, and please come back soon.





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  1. Hi
    Thanks for your lovely post.
    I Like this story of two people belonging to different backgrounds. Neo wants to live the life of a commoner spreading his sport and Seneca coming from an untouchable caste and disrespect for the upper cast. Ultimately they become good friends to fight not only for their own life but also for Ddraigoch.
    I have joined your email list for further updates

    • adminadmin

      Thanks, Arun! The story of Neo and Seneca kind of walked into my head during my first edits of my Lord of Columbia Series. It was initially going to be in a separate world but the idea struck me to place it in the same world as my Lord of Columbia Series. Both series’ will intertwine in time, so I’ve even linked these books to Northern Knights and Swords of Destiny for them to read as well to get some background information on the history of this world.

  2. OMG! This sounds so exciting and adventurous. I feel tickled by the theme. What an amazingly talented writer you are! Thank you for posting…

    • adminadmin

      Thanks a bunch! I’ve always envisioned this scenario with a high-end individual befriending and going through cultural challenges (especially in medieval-like times) with someone of a completely different status, as low as such a status can go. Once I wrote the first draft, I knew the plot was going to work. Now working on Episode IV, I’m exposed to new challenges and plot elements but the overall story continues to expand.

  3. I enjoyed reading your article a long with the descriptions of each episode of The Eurean Kingdom. I don’t play games like these, but I have friends that do. I’ll be sure to share your site with them.
    Your writing is very easy to follow and I love the theme you are using.
    I think it’s pretty cool that you can get a free copy of the game. Nothing is free anymore!
    Thanks for sharing,

    • Hi, Devara, these are actually books, but it’d be cool to make them into video games someday. And yes, these books can all be found on Prolific Works, formerly Instafreebie.

      • You Got Me!
        Sorry about the misunderstanding. I just recently read an article very similar to this one that was an actual game. It’s funny though, because at first it sounded more like a book to me. I wish I could find that website again, I’d share it with you. I’m not sure how or why I thought this was a game.
        I love to read, but I’m not a big fan of world history. In this case maybe I could be interested. Fictional historical characters and magical, throw in some sports, drama, and romance; I’m very curious now!
        I’m glad it’s not a game….

        • No worries, Devara! This work is based on world history, but definitely takes its own route in its own world. It’s based on our own, but definitely different from our real-life world history.

  4. Wow, your world-building sounds amazing! There are lots of readers out there who love fantasy, and these sound like books they will truly love.

    Your work sounds highly imaginative and thrilling. I hope lots of people discover your books and tell others about them.

    Wishing you lots of success!


    • World building is what has always attracted me to fantasy! It’s an amazing but fun challenge to build a world complete with its own landscapes, magical systems, creatures, etc. It becomes a solace from reality, too!

  5. abioye olalekanabioye olalekan

    Your story caught my interest;

    I reallylove the way you outlined the story where Neo and seneca is the main act. I actually read every word to see where the story ends. I will definitely re-visit your site because I can see you give such great and accurate information.Thanks for your indepth analysis

    • Todd MatthewsTodd Matthews

      Thanks, Abioye! This story is just getting started, too, setting the stage for the parent Lord of Columbia Series! Definitely stay tuned for updates in the future. 

  6. LouisLouis

    I’ve become somewhat of a fan of your page. I like your style of writing and I believe there’s huge potential for you in scriptwriting. I am certain this book will be a very good read but I think I’ll enjoy this as a movie. To be fully able to capture the thrilling actions as depicted by the author. 

    Keep writing more adventures, you’re doing a great job

    • Todd MatthewsTodd Matthews

      Thank you, Louis! Scriptwriting would be a dream come true for me. I would love to turn these into movies at some point, both series at that. The action within the works is nonstop, so for those who love action and a lot of adventure will be in for a real treat! 

  7. PaulPaul

    Hi there,

    This is interesting and exciting, specially if you love fiction – just reading your article got me interested in learning more about the characters and what happens in their story. Sounds to me like the two friends, Neo and Seneca are bound to fall in love some time or another. Any hints on what episode IV would be about? Thanks!

    • Todd MatthewsTodd Matthews

      Hi, Paul, the only word I can say about Episode IV is suspense. There’s a lot of action and uncertainty throughout the entire plot; a few elements which even surprised me as I wrote them!! A huge clue I can definitely leave is that Episode IV is also the work that connects the Neo Skyehawk Series to its parent Lord of Columbia Series. 

  8. CheriCheri

    One of the things I truly love about the advent of the internet is the ability to really interact with people — like authors — whom, in the past, remained completely unknown and elusive to most of us. Smart authors like you are taking full advantage of all the new and exciting ways you can connect with your readers, and, well…you’ve got me hooked! Your enthusiasm for your characters and their stories is so contagious that there’s no way I could pass up claiming my free copy of Episode 0. I look forward to reading it and learning more about Neo Skyehawk. Thanks so much!

    • Todd MatthewsTodd Matthews

      Thank you, Cheri! It’s truly amazing how the internet has connected us globally. I truly believe it’s the greatest invention of all time. I hope you enjoy Episode 0! It was truly a blast to write! 

  9. dreamgirl93dreamgirl93

    I like history especially for the famous historic characters and their unique personalities. But I did know that there also were fictional historic characters. 

    I don’t read a lot of fiction, but the way you have presented this information made me interested on it. 

    I also joined your email list. I like the adventure that the history presents. I like the idea of a friendship of two people of completely different worlds. I am curious about something though: Is this history totally based on fiction and they are only fictional characters or there is some base on reality?

    • Todd MatthewsTodd Matthews

      That’s what really got me into history in the first place. What you’re seeing here are events inspired by world history in their own, separate world and situations. More of myself drawing inspiration from events and places in world history. 

  10. MaryMary

    I love the world history, I mean I do love factual history. I know that there are a lot of countries that have historical fiction characters. I don’t know what exactly the purpose of having fiction characters in our history, but they are interesting because they are so strong, powerful and very devoted to saving their country. I haven’t read about Lord Of Columbia, so your story makes me curious about the characters in the book. You must be so talented to write about this kind of topic. Thank you for sharing the information with us.

    • Todd MatthewsTodd Matthews

      Hi, Mary, what you’re seeing here is a work of fiction that was inspired by world history. I would say it’s more geographic in nature, the places within this series were inspired by historical events of world history. 

  11. Hans Erik JørgensenHans Erik Jørgensen

    Very interesting. I must admit its totally new for me

    • Thanks for your take, Hans. And yes, my style is going to be new for many, as I’m not only creating a world, but the Neo Skyehawk Series is practically a history book for this world as it relates to my actual Lord of Columbia Series. Kind of different, but it’s something I’ve wanted to do since I was in grade school.

  12. My brother loves this stuff ! I’m sure this will help people decide if this series is what they’re after and wet their fiction appetites!

    Great work,

    Paul (WA)

    • Thanks, Paul. One reason why I wrote the Neo Skyehawk Series was to give readers a free “test drive” of my stories and writing style to see if they wished to invest in the paid Lord of Columbia Series. What’s cool about the Neo Skyehawk Series is the fact the stories take place in the same world and are even linked to the plot in Lord of Columbia.

  13. NickyNicky

    These look and sound amazing, my partner would definitely enjoy these books! I may have to consider these for a present for him. Thank you for sharing and well done on creating these, you are clearly a very passionate author.

    • Thank you, Nicky! These are quick reads, as well, with each book being between 10,000 and 15,000 words. Book IV, which I outline here might be a little longer. I’m about 13,500 words in and am just now starting to get to the climactic scene!

  14. Neo is a typical example of “follow your dreams no matter what”.

    It is always good to read about characters who want to be independent and do what they really want in life.

    Even in the real world and in today’s society, there are too many people out there who think they have to hide their true selves and live life based on what other people think/want.

    I would definitely be interested in reading the whole story of Neo 🙂


    • Hi, Christina. I have the same feelings about Neo. He’s in a position to be an immediate success but it’s not on his terms. Instead, it’s one of those cases we see a lot in today’s world, where a lot of people may be successful in society’s eyes but inside are miserable, despite a well-paying job and even a higher social status. It goes to show that we can’t judge any one person until we truly get to know who they really are. I think Neo can definitely teach us that.

  15. BabsieBabsie

    I’m actually really loving the story lines and characters as you portray them in your outline of the books. My son is an avid reader, and this would be completely up his alley for sure. I think I might even want to read it when he’s done, captivated by the part where despite his noble upbringing, Neo wants nothing more than to live like the common people and spread the sport he invented, shotball, across Europe. That’s pretty cool. (I watch a lot of Hallmark movies lol).

    Thanks for the great suggestions. I appreciate it as always. I love coming to your site for ideas.

    • Thank you, Babsie! Yes, the Neo Skyehawk Series is one that can be enjoyed by both kids and adults. The Lord of Columbia Series stresses reader descretion since it contains a lot of PG-13 elements, but the Skyehawk Series, especially the first two novelettes, are suitable for all ages. They’re easy to read and they contain a simple, straightforward plot.

  16. How awesome of a hobby / skill that you have. I am always impressed by those who write books and get them published. This series sounds very interesting so I’m going to look into purchasing these books too.

    • Thanks, Christen! Writing is definitely an underrated process. Many think we have it easy but it’s the exact opposte. It’s definitely work!!

  17. KandiKandi

    Wow!  I didn’t realize you had actually written the books until I got down to the end.  That’s amazing.  I really look up to writers that take their passion and turn it into a great story like this.  I would love to know more about your work and read your series.  Thanks for sharing, your an inspiration!

    • Todd MatthewsTodd Matthews

      Thanks, Kandi! And yes, part of embarking on such a project is my love for writing but the real reward comes when others are inspired to pursue their passions, whether it’s in writing or something else! 

  18. KellyKelly

    Coming across your article was just such perfect timing.  I love the opportunity to leave my reality behind for a while and getting lost in other worlds.  Fantasy fiction is my escape.  After reading your page, I know I have found my next series to get lost in.  I will be checking back often for updates on future novelettes.

    • Todd MatthewsTodd Matthews

      Thanks, Kelly! I’m the same way. And I think you’ll like these; they’re fast reads and I’m getting closer to releasing two more back-to-back in early to mid-April. 

  19. Damewan MuliarDamewan Muliar

    I enjoyed reading your synopsis. I am looking forward to reading the first book and downloaded it. Thanks for sharing it and I look forward to future books in the series.

    • Thank! My entire goal here is not only to make a full-time living as an author but to inspire others to do the same. The more individuals pursuing and succeeding in their dreams, the happier of a world we will live in. Hope you enjoy the books!

  20. I really like your page. I’m a Kindle author also but have written only non-fiction at this point. I would love to move into fiction soon but haven’t done it yet. I really love the idea of creating a back story based on the history of the main characters in your series. I will be coming back and checking out what happens in your worlds you have created. I hadn’t heard about your series until now but I’m very interested in it now.

    • Hi, Larry! I’m actually the exact opposite! I went the fiction route but have drafted a few nonfiction pieces; basically a story about my time working as a personal trainer between the years 2012 and 2017 at my very first place of work. And yes, creating these background stories has been a fun experience and I’m just getting started!

  21. Larry O'Connor JrLarry O'Connor Jr

    I really love your page and I’m totally interested in your series. Honestly, I was interested in it by about the 3rd paragraph. It’s great incorporating your current stories into a historical narrative based on the background of the novel series. Personally, I think this is genius and a great move to being a top selling author. I will say though that it seems like you were creating hyperlinks when you put in the text something like you can find text like here, “You can also Like my Facebook Page Here, follow me on Twitter Here.”

    • Todd MatthewsTodd Matthews

      Thanks, Larry. I got the idea from J.K. Rowling after she released Pottermore a few years back, but it wasn’t until 2018 did I really sit down and plot out some of the historical backgrounds in my Series. I think I will start incorporating hyperlinks, especially to my Twitter, which I’m very active in. 

  22. KBKB

    Wow! This is the first time I’ve been introduced to the process of novelettes, it’s actually quite interesting. I’ve always been one who liked the old-time Fantasy, Castle, Kingdoms, and Commoners aspect of a story, so I’m sure I’d find interest in your writings.

    • Hi, KB, you’ll definitely love these novelettes! They’re kind of medieval-like, so if you’re into that, this is definitely going to be up your alley.

  23. Wow The Neo Skyehawk Series is very imaginative! I admire writers like you that can take world history with its struggles and themes and mix it with fantasy. I hope that your novelettes will become Netflix series someday!

    Thank you for sharing your amazing gift to all of us!


    • Hi, Mark, and it’s kind of what the Neo Skyehawk Series is all about, plus any spinoff Series I plan on developing; a relevant world history in the created world of Gaia. I would definitely open to a Netflix series if anyone out there becomes interested!

  24. Maria LapointeMaria Lapointe

    Very exciting to be honest. I love novelettes even though I haven’t read some for a while so I will take into consideration. This caught my interest for sure…I think even if it’s new for some people, this will catch them right away. It’s definitely something different, especially since it’s related to your Lord of Columbia Series. 

    • Todd MatthewsTodd Matthews

      I’ve always loved introducing my readers to this world via novelettes simply because they’re faster reads and in today’s society, everyone loves the fast reads! They’re also fun to write and provide a break from the marathon of novels, which can definitely be mentally taxing at times! 

  25. QueenQueen

    Hahaa.. What suspense! Was already sunk into this beautiful story of Neo and Senecca. Curiosity got the better part of me and I forgot I was not  reading a novel at hand.

    This story looks interesting and I would very much love to see how it ends.

    By the way I love how you compose your words, makes the writeup really very interesting to read

    will check back for more of this.


    • Todd MatthewsTodd Matthews

      Thanks, Queen! I always do my best to give the readers hints but careful to be vague enough not to go overboard! 

  26. PeacePeace

    Hi Todd, I first read ”Eurean kingdom” as European kingdom. So I was wondering if you had European kingdom in mind while coining that term? 

    Neo and Seneca’s story interests me very much. Because I like a plot, where the high and mighty in the society, falls for the lowly. I think it’s extremely romantic. 

    The Neo Skyehawk Series, looks like it promises alot of fun. 

    • Todd MatthewsTodd Matthews

      Yes, the continent of Eura (or Eurea, it can be pronounced both ways kind of like Europe and Europa), was inspired by Europe. In fact, Ddraigoch was inspired by Wales, and there are others like Southland (England), Northland (Scotland), Nordica (Scandinavia), Lowerland (Netherlands), Tamuria (Napoleon’s France), Hessia (Germany), and Fleming (Belgium) are just a handful of nations within Eura and their real-life European counterparts. 

  27. tchecktcheck

    Hi Todd, very interesting read, you obviously have a great imagination and have picked an interesting time period, I am curious about where you get your inspiration, and other authors you read? This seems like a story that could take more than the 5 books you plan but you’re off to a great start. Keep up the good work, looking forward to the series, thanks again T.C.

    • Todd MatthewsTodd Matthews

      Hi, T.C., much of my inspiration is a blend of fictional works I’ve read plus real-life historic and current events. It’ll definitely take more than five books in both Neo Skyehawk and Lord of Columbia; a combined total of at least twenty when it’s all said and done! 

  28. slowyarnslowyarn

    Cool! I’m a HUGE Jim Butcher fan, and used to follow his website regularly. He blogged whole workshops about how to write novels, which was both really fun and excellent marketing, since the truth is that most of us can’t– or at least never do– write our own novels in spite of our aspirations. I’ll check out your novels. Do you recommend starting with the Colombia series, since I like urban fantasy?

    • Todd MatthewsTodd Matthews

      Sounds like the Jerry Jenkins type, so I’d definitely be a fan, too. You can start with either series. Neo Skyehawk is the history book series while Lord of Columbia will be more climactic if you begin with it. With Skyehawk, you’ll get a lot of clues early on. I’ve always said if you wanted to go chronological order and gain some knowledge of the series’, start with Skyehawk. 

  29. TopazdudeTopazdude

    Wow, Interesting article! Your world-building sounds is awesome. I’m part of the population who are readers out there, who love fantasy, and these sound like books we will truly love. It is interesting. Your work sounds highly imaginative and thrilling.
    Yes, the Neo Skyehawk Series is one that can be enjoyed by both kids and adults. The Lord of Columbia Series stresses reader discretion since it contains a lot of PG-13 elements, but the Skyehawk Series, especially the first two novelettes, are suitable for all ages. 
    I hope lots of people there will discover their books and tell others about them. Thanks

    • Todd MatthewsTodd Matthews

      Lots and lots of world building, I can tell you that much. And yes, the first two (three if you count the prequel) can be enjoyable by all ages. Things do get dark starting with Fighting the Great Plan: Part I, I will caution, but the first two are great for everyone who loves fantasy. 

  30. MichelMichel

    I do love history and what better way to read it than with a bit of fiction intertwined. Lesley Pearce is one of my favorites who writes historical novels with fictional characters living in the midst of some great historical moment.

    This series looks like another great addition to my bookshelf. I think I must buy them all while I can because there is nothing worse than reading one then wanting to carry on with the next one straight away and not having it available.

    • Todd MatthewsTodd Matthews

      Hi, Michel, there are a lot of correlations within this series to real-life history. While the world here is completely fictional, readers will be able to point to great historical moments that happened in real-life as to what occurs in these novelettes, just told in my own way. 

  31. Dave SweneyDave Sweney

    Thanks for adding more ‘meat’ to your series with this post. I feel like an insider based on the many posts and articles that I go through on your website, and it adds another dimension to the stories as I read them. That is a special thing that I have not had the luxury to have much.

    Most of the series I have read over the years are by authors who either are long dead or ones I have absolutely no chance of ever getting any insight to how they were thinking or what the intent may have been with some of the characters or situations in their stories.

    This particular post I have bookmarked, as it takes us through the beginnings to the present and will be updated as you say, as more novelettes are published for our delight. The two main characters, Neo Skyehawk and his best friend, Seneca LaSalleare compelling in their pursuits and adventures.

    Thanks for this post, it really helps put the storyline together and is a nice place to follow the progress of the story and characters in one spot!  

    • Todd MatthewsTodd Matthews

      Insider! I really like that term. And I agree; anyone who ventures to my site will get some really sweet behind-the-scenes treats and we’re just getting kicked off. Insight is something I’ve always wanted to offer because I believe it allows the fans to get closer to the series in general, and therefore, the world the series takes place in. 

  32. NuttaneeNuttanee

    I love the prequel, we get to know how each character developed into what they are now. Of course, the princess is going to be a spoiled brat and drive Neo to another lady, classic lol. If you think of this theme in current time, we can compare that to the trust fund kids who do not know how to join the workforce. Cannot wait to find what Senaca did. Will sign up for the email list. Thanks for the share!

    • Todd MatthewsTodd Matthews

      Yes, I agree it’s definitely classic and almost a cliche, which initially made me a little hesitant to use it, but when one follows the series into what becomes of the entire cast, it’s definitely destined to take its own route; kind of a scary one at that. I will state that Seneca is definitely going to be the star of this one, that’s for sure! 

  33. haiku67girlhaiku67girl

    I must be on a trip to Serendipity because this website is intriguing. I myself have been a “writer” hoping to get my first book published and the way this guy has promoted his writing works on a website is quite savvy to target a particulate niche for a particular audience. Great in having those social media links attached so others can stay in communication with him to keep up with his latest posts. Also smart is him displaying his books available through Amazon and letting viewers know about them thru ad affliate links and using the funnel tools to link viewers back to his site to learn more about this latest updated works. Brilliant – hope I can do something similar for my own writings one of these days. Great design!

    • Todd MatthewsTodd Matthews

      I think you definitely can and will succeed. Writing is an uphill marathon, but amazing things happen when one continues on their journey toward the top. Though I’m nowhere near it, I know I’m closer now than I have ever been in the past. You can get there, too. 

  34. Brilliant site, Todd. You’re an inspiration for those of us who are fellow writers that have yet to be published online. I never would have thought to create a website not unlike yours for my own story that I have shelves a half a dozen times during the last couple years. But being a part of the WA site and being able to view other member sites like yours is a great motivator. I will look into reading more about the Lord of Columbia series to start. Much more continued success to you!

    • Most definite! While it’s not an affiliate site in a sense, as WA definitely specializes in affiliate marketing over marketing one’s own products, the SiteRubix platform, networking, and other benefits WA brings had me thinking. While I have another site that’s truly a niche site, I was immediately motivated to create this as well while building my other site slowly.

  35. ChrisChris

    Good site Todd, and you have done a good job at getting your viewers engaged early in your post. Your content is laid out in a good manner. It is easy to read and follow as you get your message out. your photos are a good size and very nice looking. You have the different episodes and leave your audience aching for more. As I read it end like a TV episode that leave you hanging until the following week. Great job!

    • Todd MatthewsTodd Matthews

      Thanks, Chris. I always try to be vague with my synopses to give the readers a nice taste of what’s to come but careful to not give away too much to spoil the plot. 

  36. AngelAngel

    Dear admin,

    When I saw the name of your website to be Lord of Columbia Series, I had hoped that the storyline would not at all be similar to that of the Lord of the Rings books by J.R. Tolkien. I have even watched the movies and wondered what the storyline was, I could not tell at all which were the good guys against the bad guys. I also found that the movies will often times depict a different version of the story versus what you read from the actual books storyline. I had a bit of nightmares from watching the character saying regarding the ring: My Precious. It was beyond creepy. 

    To my utmost surprise, I was thrilled to read that this Lord of the Columbia Series is centered around a kingdom story. I often love those kind of storylines because it is adventurous, full of mystery and wonder. Not to mention that it comes with a moral lesson also regarding the main character being the Prince. I know a little bit of the Untouchable Caste name. They are the lowest and the Brahmans are the highest caste. This is due in part to my background regarding the Indian caste system. This story reminds me a lot like the Prince and the Pauper. The prince wants to live a simple life and not a luxuriously rich life based on the inheritance he obtained from his father. In other words it is like everything was given to him freely and without doing much work in the process. 

    In your mentioned series, I sure do hope that they come up with a movie so I can better visualize what the characters are supposed to look like. I do understand the phrase: What you sow, you shall reap. The prince wants to plan his own future and not have someone else have a say in what his own future will be about. That is pretty understandable. He wants to be independent, be his own person or man for that matter. The peasant girl and him share a same similar background in that she too wants a chance at a better life away from being poor. 

    However, in your own opinion what effect would the storyline have if those roles were switched as in the girl was rich but the prince poor? Would the effect involve more women to read the book then or not?

    Wishing you all the best with your online success above and beyond the horizon,


    • Todd MatthewsTodd Matthews

      Hi, Angel, I did think of your question and it became my primary motivator to switch the main character from Neo to Seneca in Book II of the Neo Skyehawk Series. I felt her story was more compelling. As for the scenario regarding the girl being a rich princess and the guy being a poor commoner, if not lower, I initially thought of that, too, but felt the story of Aladdin had already beaten me to the punch! 

  37. Incredibly engaging series! Do you have a newsletter where I can receive updates in my inbox directly?

    • Hi, Derek, I do! The subscription option should pop up at the lower end of the screen! Feel free to sign up, as I’ll be sending newsletters often starting in a few weeks.

  38. VictorVictor

    Awesome stuff here gets you really excited to go on an adventure. Definitely looking forward more.

    • Thanks, Victor, and more is coming fast. Once I release Missing in Columbia, two more Neo Skyehawk books will be out, which will revolutionize the series, I can tell you that.

  39. Your post is absolutely awesome. I was fully captivated when I was first greeted by the striking banner right at the top. And then the summaries on the different episodes of The Neo Skyehawk Series were simply breathtaking.

    You are very innovative and creative, wonder how you get all those inspiration, did it just come upon you naturally ?

    This post is certainly very different and outstanding as compared to the many other posts that I’ve read. Good Job.

    • Thanks, Jeffrey. I tend to draw much of my inspiration from books, TV shows, and movies I’ve read or watched in the past. But, the core purpose of my inspiration is drawn from many of the dangerous events we see shaping our world today. From multinational corporations colluding with government, such as Genie Energy, among others and America’s spearheaded war machine that’s practically there to usurp civil liberties, uphold puppet regimes abroad, and strip innocent nations of their resources, to Ron Paul’s ‘What-If’ Speech, and everything in between.

  40. Emmanuel BuysseEmmanuel Buysse

    This looks like a series to follow. I love history, and certainly these kinds of history, with wars and freedom fights and so much more.

    It is something that is underestimated today’s day and age, I think it is because of the mentality, which is sad. Because what happened then, is what made us. 

    Now anyway, like I said, it made me interested, so I’m going to check this out. 

    Thanks for sharing it! 

    • Todd MatthewsTodd Matthews

      Thanks, Emmanuel! I definitely was inspired by a multitude of history, but as this is fiction, it’s in a fictional universe with my own spin on it. Nevertheless, you’ll see a lot of correlation here between our world and the World of Gaia. 

  41. MarkMark

    This is right up my alley! I love reading, but read mostly non-fiction. As far as the fiction I do enjoy, it’s almost always something along the lines of fantasy/adventure, science fiction, or historical fiction. That’s why I’m a fan of both Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, as well as the Ramses series by Christian Jacq. I really love the themes here and I can totally see myself getting lost in your writing. Awesomeness!

    • Todd MatthewsTodd Matthews

      Thanks, Mark! I’m more of a hybrid type, opting for both fiction and non-fiction, but I love writing fiction that is derived from nonfictional events. My nonfiction stuff is usually sports or history, more than anything else, and the rest is fiction, but there has to be nonfiction derived as inspiration. 

  42. LouiseLouise

    Hello Todd,

    In answer to your first questions, yes to both.

    I do enjoy history very much and also fictional history and its characters.

    These new books sound like something I would choose to read as do your other books of Lord of Columbia.

    You must have great fun writing them.

    I like the theme of rich verses poor, monarchs and serfs, I can relate because I love medieval and Tudor history so much but prefer to read fiction rather than fact. 

    You tell a great story Todd

    • Todd MatthewsTodd Matthews

      Awesome, Louise! It was definitely a lot of fun, but a lot of trial and error, too. Then there are the edits, drafts, erasure, starts, and stops, but in the end, we got there. 

  43. CarmenCarmen

    I generally do not like fantasies, but this (epic?) fantasy has given me some interest; for friendship between two characters from different backgrounds (Neo Skyehawk and his best friend, Seneca LaSalle). That can also happen in reality; I would like to make a small remark; you seem to have forgotten to link text to facebook, printerest and twetter, although you say the link is here (at the end of the post); I hope this helps

    • Todd MatthewsTodd Matthews

      Hi, Carmen, while I do believe everyone stereotypes different classes of people, especially if one is brought up to dislike one class or another for whatever reason, I do believe friendship can emerge and does emerge from different types of people. And yes, I have. Can’t believe I’ve yet to catch it. Thanks for the heads up. 

  44. HenryHenry

    Hi Todd! History has always been interesting. In real life and in a fictional environment. I appreciate this novelette you have put together to give us a background of what takes place in your two main books.

    The meeting of Prince Neo Skyehawk and this peasant girl from the oppressive land of Tamuria, Seneca LaSalle must release a truly interesting clash of two different (and even opposite) perspectives.

    • Todd MatthewsTodd Matthews

      Not only a clash of perspectives but a definite clash of cultures. There’s a lot going on here as two individuals from completely different backgrounds take centerstage. 

  45. Jose CruzJose Cruz

    Hello, I’ve always been interested in history. There’s something we all can learn if we paid more attention to what has happened. 

    I really like these two characters – Seneca and Neo; they have different upbringings. However, they share the same disdain for monarchy and wealth. 

    Their love is for freedom and liberty. 

    I think most of us love freedom, but are we willing to lead our lives as a testament to being free. I think our concern with security makes us think twice. 

    I also find Seneca’s power to control spirit fascinating. It’s very interesting that it is described as a blessing and a curse. May be you can elaborate on that. 

    Thank you 


    • Todd MatthewsTodd Matthews

      Jose, you are right on. What’s interesting is while the reader realizes the disdain the duo have for Monarchy and power, how Seneca comes to brand Neo as a spoiled Monarch early on. It goes to show oftentimes in society we might think of others of higher status in such a way until we really get to know them. I’ve been guilty of this in the past and I know a lot of people who have been as well. 

  46. RgpratapRgpratap


    Another interesting story from you. This scenario is enough to make your work attractive, with an Untouchable crossing paths with a Monarch, and the rocky relationship between them. And how Seneca thinks of Prince Neo at first is so reasonable and practical. I simply love it. Thank you so much for sharing your creative thoughts.

    Warm regards,

    • Todd MatthewsTodd Matthews

      Hi, Ranao, I’ve often wondered how two individuals from completely different classes in an age where they literally remained separate would interact if forced to do so, or in this case if fate led them to one another. And bam, Neo and Seneca were born! 

  47. TylerTyler

    Thank you for this article. I love fantasy type novels and really look forward to reading these. I like being ahead of the crowd for up-and-coming authors (I read Harry Potter before it blew up).

    I hope to see your name on movie credits in the future 😉

    The plots sound intriguing and interesting. You don’t give it all away, but enough to create a draw.

    Keep writing and keep promoting. 

    Good luck.

    • Todd MatthewsTodd Matthews

      Hi, Tyler! Movie credits might be far-fetched, but I can definitely make it a goal later on in the future! We’ll see what comes of it. 

  48. Chidiking88Chidiking88

    I love to read about world histories. Well, fictions are good mental incitements for me. Most of all, I love to read novels or books that deal with some few protagonist’s fight for the course of freedom and liberty.

    The piece about Neo Skyehawk and Seneca LaSalle’s will is, from this article, a historical fiction that will incite the fulfillment of freedom and fight again unfriendly monarchical structures of the reigning king as practiced by the daughter of Tamurian King Ruslan Romanoff, Princess Kia.

     Not everyone wants to be in such shackles of a monarch. Also, Seneca’s discovery of her new power to control spirit is my favourite part. I love books with a good portion of supernatural features. I also love the touch of romance here. I will go through this novelette through the link you provided in the article.

    • Todd MatthewsTodd Matthews

      This Series will be right up your alley, that I can guarantee. Feel free to download! 

  49. Todd,
    I’m not a usual fiction reader besides 40k but the i find the themes quite interesting. I like the contrasting backgrounds that Neo and Seneca come from and how they overcome this to eventually become friends and work together under extreme circumstances and threats of invasions. I’m also a sucker for anything set in medieval times, and you have surely created an intricate world in this setting.

    • Hi, Ryan, I definitely set this one in a medieval-like atmosphere, combined in a manner of speaking with the Napoleonic Wars. Kind of a hybrid here, to say the least, but it definitely leans medieval.

  50. Hi Todd, I love the plot of all your episodes. Although – and you are very creative – you write a fiction, the names of the characters as well as the names of the “kingdoms” are very suggestive … should we read a hidden message (perhaps more contemporary?) in your stories?
    Beautiful “trailers”.

    • Thanks, Vincent! There’s a message there, not just in Neo Skyehawk, but in both Neo and Lord of Columbia. In fact, stay tuned for a post on the subjects. Things are about to get interesting.

  51. GomerGomer

    I like the Fighting Treason episode as I can relate to it. Being an activist, I feel the emotions of the characters, of fighting a dictatorship. For them, they are fighting to save a kingdom while me here in the Philippines, we’re fighting an awful president who turned out to be a dictator. For other activists out there, there’s a must-read book, a good piece of story worth reading while waiting for our demonstrations to start.

    • Todd MatthewsTodd Matthews

      Thanks, Gomer, and I definitely feel the same way here in the US. While I’m not a Trump hater, I’m not a fan of collectivism, which both Parties here in the US tend to embrace, even if one of those Parties acts as if it’s not the case. It’s definitely a work for those everywhere looking to overthrow tyranny, so may we all live our lives as individuals. 

  52. Selenity JadeSelenity Jade

    Wow! This sounds like an exciting prequel series! History and fantasy together? Plus they’re free? Cool! I can’t wait to see how your writing career takes off. Writing this extensive of a series must have taken a long time and requires a lot of dedication. Congratulations on your publishing career.

    • Todd MatthewsTodd Matthews

      It definitely has taken a while to build, yes. Almost four years, to be honest, but it’s well worth the time, effort, money, and commitment. Not just the dedication, but one must also be willing to ferociously self-edit their work and constantly improve to ensure the final product is a high-quality one. It will take time, but it will definitely pay off in the end, especially as one builds their reader base. 

  53. Julia KossowskaJulia Kossowska

    Hey, this looks fantastic!

    I love it when series overlap and intertwine!

    I have just downloaded Fighting Tyranny and I am going to flag this up to my twitter followers who I think would be interested.

    Neo and Seneca sound like an interesting couple of characters.  I am also curious about Princess Kia (is it deliberate that this rhymes with Princess Leah?) – will she return to the story? Will she mature and become likeable – or at least improve?

    I will also download The Eurean Kingdom.

    Thank you for letting us have these for free – I am sure I will be returning to get the others.

    All the best,


    • Todd MatthewsTodd Matthews

      Glad you liked the synopses, Julia! Kia will definitely be a pivotal part of this series, that much I can give. As for anything else surrounding her, I can guarantee the character will evolve. 

  54. ChasChas

    Hi Todd,

    I am glad I found you article, because to be honest, I don’t read much anymore. I am too busy! However, you have changed my mind with this tale of Neo and Seneca. now, I will have to get the books to see what happens! I am going to sign up for your freebie, The Eurean Kingdom. This is a book series, isn’t it? Or is it like a kindle download? Either way i am sure I will enjoy it! Thanks again Todd!


    • Todd MatthewsTodd Matthews

      Hi, Chas, this is a series and I actually have two more novelettes on the way so I can’t wait until I add a these two books as they’re series-changing. I’m crazy busy, myself, so I have no time to read anything but my own work! This is kind of like a Kindle download via Prolific Works (formerly Instafreebie) and can be downloaded in PDF, epub, or mobi formats. 

  55. EdenEden

    This is a story I would be into reading. It engages you into wanting to know what happens to Neo and Seneca. I am intrigued of the story based on a monarchy, makes it interesting. With Neo wanting a different life and running away with Seneca. I like adventure, history, fantasy and action, although I don’t read any books at the moment. It works well and sounds like a brilliant read. 

    • Todd MatthewsTodd Matthews

      Thanks, Eden. Neo and Seneca’s adventures are just starting with these first three (four if one subscribes to my list) novelettes. I have two more coming soon and the scope of the series changes completely in these next two works. 

  56. Karin NauberKarin Nauber

    Wow! What a great sounding series. I love the rich world/poor world concept taking place in a fictional (yet familiar) place. Do you write your books exclusively for release as e-books or Kindle editions or can hardcover or paperback be purchased as well? Where do you get your ideas? How did you create this fascinating sounding place? Do you make a pretty decent living with your writing?

    • Todd MatthewsTodd Matthews

      Hi, Karin. These books here are only in e-book format on Prolific Works but I plan on releasing them on Amazon as paperbacks. While the paperback versions aren’t free like the e-books, it’ll give those such as myself who prefer paperbacks a chance to read the series.

      I’ve done a lot of observation in world history, with much of it coming from flawed economic systems we see all over the world both ages ago and even today. 

      Ddraigoch is a fictional version of Wales, with the name coming from Y ddraig goch, or The Red Dragon, which is seen on the Welsh flag.

      Not a full-time living yet, but the arrow continues to point north, which is an awesome sign. I’ve always been one to state turning both books and love for the writing craft into several cash flows, be it a blog like this, a course, or even blogs from an unrelated niche, which I’ll be releasing soon as well. 

  57. HighLife101HighLife101

    Awesome info about a new book series, Lord of Columbia and the Neo Skyehawk Series.  I am always on the lookout for a good story.  Love Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones.  Stories where you can really immerse yourself in an entirely new world.  Both of these series sound perfect for me, with adventure, suspense, & epic fantasy  Love the little snippets of overview you give to really get people excited about the story line.  It really sounds like a cool series. I am excited to sign up to your mailing list and receive the The Eurean Kingdom.

    • Todd MatthewsTodd Matthews

      Thanks! I hope you like The Eurean Kingdom and feel free to download the rest of the Skyehawk Series! 

  58. DancinscotDancinscot

    So many books so little time! This series sounds like an intriguing adventure, the kind I like to follow.
    The universal themes presented here hook all of us book lovers, right?
    Wouldn’t we all like a chance to act upon them in real life. But, we don’t get that chance, thus the allure of such books.
    We all like to see a privileged spoiled brat meet some resistance – Princess having become a derogatory term these days, and to no wonder.
    This series looks to be among the best of the escapism reading offers.
    The free novelette is a great bonus.

    • Todd MatthewsTodd Matthews

      Oh, if you want escape, you will love these books, I can definitely promise you that! Yes, I use many names and labels as correlation to certain terms in these works, too. Good eye! 

  59. PentrentalPentrental

    You definitely grab the reader’s attention with the first few questions. In a world of Marvel comics and GOT this is a great topic to write about. Honestly have never heard of this series, so glad you wrote about it to bring attention for readers. Freedom and liberty, great things to value. Can’t wait to check these out. Thanks for the reference!

    • Todd MatthewsTodd Matthews

      Feel free to give them a rundown! Just click on the cover images and you’ll be funneled to Prolific Works where you can download your free copies! 

  60. tman61tman61

     look like very interesting books.Was going to look at your writing where you said there was freebies but i couldnt find a way to get there with out getting off the page, My be you can add a link that will take us to it. Where did you get the idea for these books. Im diffently going to go on amazon and try to link one of your books on my webpage.


    • Todd MatthewsTodd Matthews

      Yes, I actually embedded the links in the book images, but I’d be more than happy to place some text images in the article as well. I’ll definitely be updating that tonight.

      My idea for the Skyehawk Series is actually a historical spinoff for Lord of Columbia. Global affairs, especially in today’s world were my main inspiration for writing Lord of Columbia, and Skyehawk naturally followed. 

  61. ChristopherChristopher

    Hi Todd:

    So great to hear that you’re an author. How long have you been writing? Do you write specifically in this genre? Do you have favorite authors who inspire you?

    I’ve never read books about alternative histories but the idea is really fascinating. I bet you’re finding an audience for these  because what you’re offering is unique and special!

    • Todd MatthewsTodd Matthews

      I started writing in 2010, but took a long hiatus due to my former fitness training career. In 2015 I started writing again and ultimately in 2018, preferred it over personal training so I stopped training altogether, got a normal day job, and have been working on my writing business ever since.

      Fantasy is the go-to, but I’m a closet inspirational genre writer, and there will be works released there as well, but they won’t be featured on this site due to this one featuring LoC and Skyehawk exclusively. Rowling and C.S. Lewis are primary inspirations but I like Bradbury and Orwell, too. 

      Many of my themes are based on writings by Austrian economists and the entire Anarchocapitalist (not the kind of crony capitalism we see today) philosophy.

  62. Marlinda DavisMarlinda Davis

    Oh, I made a mistake on my last comment. This is a book series! I see where I can get the exclusive copy of ‘The Eurean Kingdom’ by subscribing to your email list but how do I go about doing that?

    I will bookmark this page to keep up with your updates and I have also followed you on social media. Looking forward to more!

    • Todd MatthewsTodd Matthews

      Hi, Marlinda. You can go ahead and click on the Eurean Kingdom image and it’ll take you straight to Prolific Works where you can join the list and download the other works as well! 

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