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The Santos Knights are North Columbia’s Team

Just a little information on how shotball entwines with the plot in Northern Knights….

Part I: Triumph

Santos Knights

“Once again, the Richfield Stallions saw the immense talent of this Santos Knights team as the clock hits zero. The Knights win their eighth Summit Bowl in nineteen seasons, the most championed team to date in the SSL.”

“You are witnessing one of the greatest wanderers of all time, Nathan Gene, tearing up the crumbling Leistung defenders once more this season as he’s done during his four years in both the SSL and the CAA.”

“And boys, are the Knights glad to have him back in Santos for a few games.”

“Here we are taking it down to the wire again.”

“We’ve been doing it all year, why not do it again. The hearts on the Santos’ side of Kettlewell Stadium are pounding again.”

“It’s why we’re the Kardiac Knights. Here we go again, eight seconds remaining on the clock. Lancer Roberts inbounds to Adam Syndari and he’s going to throw it….no! He’s going to take it all the way down the field with only the goalkeeper to beat!”

“But can he get there in time? Can he get there in time? He needs to kick it.”

“Three, two, one, Adam drop kicks…and it’s goooood! He snuck that ball right into the lower corner of the net and the keeper bit high. What a way to end the game and the Knights will play Leistung next week with a chance to reach their first Summit Bowl in over forty seasons.”


Part II: Tragedy

“We’re in hour twelve now of the forced split of Summit University from the rest of the CAA as the body count continues to rise in Winters with hundreds more missing and presumed dead in the horrendous bombing yesterday that wiped out the Colonial League’s premier team, the Winters Wanderers.

“Word is saying that General Randelo Jefferson will take the stage soon to discuss the future of the University and whether those living in what is now South Columbia will have the ability to dissent from the now-occupied South to the free North. Here is General Jefferson with the latest out of Forest City, North Columbia.”

“Last night, former Santos Knight and Summit Cavalier Adam Syndari ordered the deadliest attack to date on Columbian soil, killing hundreds of thousands of civilians with thousands more missing. The City of Winters is gone and is now considered to contain radioactive levels too high for anyone to inhabit.

“As a result, Columbia has split and the North will continue to defend its territory from a Southpoint invasion over the border. We will stand strong and wage a Revolution of Ideas unto Southpoint in hopes that someday such ideas will become mainstream in South Columbia.

“Therefore, I will guarantee you all that a plan has been put in place that will allow the continuation of Summit University, which will continue to invite students from all walks of Gaia to attend. Every student from every nation and territory will be admitted into Summit if they ask for it.

“And lastly, the twelve-team SSL and all sports will rise to prestigious collegiate status, and will no longer serve as the club league it did when Summit had the opportunity to play in the CAA. I’m proud to announce that shotball and our other sports will continue as a top-quality product. We will always be known as the Summit Cavaliers, collectively, as one, and the colors of wine and gold will continue to represent our university.

“Our university’s motto, Progress and Prosperity, will continue to epitomize not only Summit, but of all North Columbia and its allies. Thank you, may the Mother and Spirit bless you, and may they bless North Columbia and Summit University. Goodbye and goodnight.”


Post-War Santos Knights

“And what started in August ends here with the final play in the regular season as the Santos Knights make it all the way through sixteen weeks without a win.”

“So, Cain, how do you respond to pressure?”

“For me, it’s all about going out there with a sense of urgency whether we’re up by twenty, tied, or losing big. I live for these moments, and there’s never a stage too big for me.”

“What is your greatest attribute that you bring to the Santos Knights?”

“Never say die mentality and a hard-nosed style of play. Neither is any better than the other.”

“I’m here with Ironton West phenom Lira Ross, who led the team in scoring in three of her four seasons. Lira, why Summit over the CAA?”

“You know, I initially just wanted to come here to learn the truth about Gaian affairs and sort of got sucked into the SSL by a few new friends.”

“Have you gone all in at this point?”

“I have. It’s just a competitive mental break from my schoolwork, so I’m looking forward to going out and competing, helping Santos in the same way I helped Ironton West.”

“Micah Riscattare was a first-team All-District and All-Regional down at Tesla High. Lord of the Dance, and a Senior Class Officer. Micah, you were a three-star recruit exiting high school. Why Summit?”

“The last four generations of my family attended. It was an easy decision to choose the SSL and play over having to wait my time at a prestigious CAA school. History and tradition into one, plus we’re getting taught facts.”

“I’m standing here with Santos Knights freshman, Blaze Gretels. You were one of the best defenders at Columbian Trail High, what made you come to Summit?”

“It was really all about gaining an opposing viewpoint from what the Southpoint government shoves down our throats. I understand the risks involved, but I’ve always lived by the quote ‘I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees.’ I wanted to rise up. Summit was an easy choice.”


High School Days

“It’s the senior, Cain Riscattare who is a rather late bloomer taking the pass from his defender and he immediately launches an arc downfield to his cousin, Micah—Micah leaps into the air aaand he’s got it! Another acrobatic catch near the sideline by Micah Riscattare! What a throw from Tesla’s Cinderella to Micah! These two have been a hot one-two duo all season long.”

“Thirty seconds to go in the game, Lira Ross runs a crossing route and her center squeezes the ball between both defenders. She jukes out the wanderer and drop kicks it into the net! The speedy and sure-handed Lira Ross does it again for IW High, her eighth point of the evening!”

“The Barnesville attacker leaps up and makes an outstanding catch—no—Blaze separated him from the ball, he separated him from the ball—a monstrous hit by Blaze Gretels as Columbian Trail recovers the loose ball and the clock runs out here in Hyden, South Columbia. Columbian Trail takes it on a last-second forced fumble!

“Okay, here we go, Cain takes the ball, Cain getting rushed, he throws near the sideline and Micah got both feet in bounds! He reached out about as far as you could, and the only one in this stadium who knew Tesla would retain possession was the accurate arm of center Cain Riscattare.”

“The Portsmouth keeper throws to the wanderer on the screen—no, it’s picked off, and Lira Ross has it. The keeper trips and Lira places an easy drop kick in for the score, and the game is out of reach. Ironton West is going to beat Portsmouth here in the Sectionals.

“It’s time for one more play and it’ll end the game. A corner inbound, these have a high percentage of scoring. Okay, we’re up by one, Hundred’s wanderer inbounds on a kick, they’re going to look for a headbutt which will put two on the board if they get it, but Blaze Gretels intercepts it!

“He leaped over everybody and the clock is going to run out. What a thrilling finish in the final game of the regular season on Senior Night! Columbian Trail is going to beat Hundred, fourteen to thirteen in a thriller.”

“And Cain Riscattare is skipping to celebrate that last score from Micah Riscattare.”

Woooo! Woooo! Finish them! Let’s finish it!

“And Tesla is going to beat Island Stream for the first time in over a decade, led by the Riscattare cousins, both of whom might just be looking at scholarships to play in the CAA.”


Secret Voyage to Summit

“And we’re here at Tesla High with Cain Riscattare. Cain, what does your future hold?”

“I’ve decided to take my talents to the Southpoint Empire and start work in Hessia.”

“And it looks like Micah Riscattare is nodding as if in agreement with Cain.”

“I’m going to join Southpoint’s efforts at increasing global security in Hessia.”

“You know, we can’t justify not giving to Southpoint, so it’s our official retirement from shotball.”

“Blaze Gretels stated today he’s going to, as so many do each season, bypass his collegiate career to serve in the Southpoint Corps.”

“Lira Ross informed her recruiters today that she’s going to Afrikaana on a humanitarian mission for four years, but left a possibility that she may attend college in her early-twenties.

“Cain and Micah announced their retirement today from shotball at a joint press conference held at Tesla High, implying that they will be serving in Southpoint’s corps.”


But in Reality…

Flag of Columbia

“And it’s like a new dawn has shifted among Santos Complex as who would’ve thought? Cain Riscattare and his band of misfits just won the Intra-Complex Tournament and have guaranteed themselves a spot on the Santos Knights.”

“It’s the old ruse for those looking to attend Summit to play shotball and learn the truth about the Southpoint Empire. State you’re going to be working for Southpoint, get a work visa which is your ticket out of South Columbia, attend the Kent Airport, and fly off radar into the Atlanto-Ithacan Triangle, and reach North Columbia while substitutes stationed here assume your identity elsewhere in Gaia.”

“It’s a ruse only Randelo Jefferson can think of that’s seventeen years in the making. Come to Summit, and each year, thousands of South Columbians whose parents and grandparents attended decades ago do to this day, as if North Columbia’s calling them.”

“And because of it, the Santos Knights have a decent team for the first time since their River Bowl appearance seventeen seasons ago.”

“They’re calling them the Big Four, with Cain and Micah Riscattare joining the legendary Lira Ross and solid defender Blaze Gretels here, all of whom ended up in Santos Complex along with two other freshmen in Amy Still and Derek Gray, giving them the youngest starting lineup in the school.”

“But they’re far from inexperienced.”

“Riscattare gets the ball from Blaze Gretels, he runs, looks, fires between both defenders and Micah has it, tossing one to Lira Ross who scores on a drop kick and ties the game!

“These Knights are a far cry from the 0-16 team or even the 2-6-1 team that started the season. Sitting at 6-7-1 and for the first time in ten seasons find themselves in the thick of the Southern Conference Championship.”

“Oh, the hype is there now as Cain Riscattare floats one up to Lira Ross, who comes down with it and gives the Knights a chance to win yet another game in the final seconds. The Kardiac Knights have returned to Santos Complex, and my, am I glad they’re back.”

“Of all our years calling Prime Time games, we’ve never seen a group of freshmen take control of a team quite like those playing for the Santos Knights this season.”

“From rags to perhaps someday riches, the Santos Knights went from complete obscurity and irrelevancy to become one of the more dangerous teams in the SSL. A fourth-place finish in the Southern Conference, their highest finish in a long, long time. Not the top half of the South, but they’ll take it.”

“The Santos Knights are North Columbia’s Team.”

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