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Who is that guy in the picture? That’s just me taking a selfie! A very serious-looking selfie for some strange reason. Honestly, I wasn’t angry in this pic or anything! But why the selfie? Because today’s article is about me and where I get my information regarding Libertarian-based influence.

And yes, I’m a Browns fanatic; just read my books! But there’s a much greater reason I write other than just promoting an allegory regarding a love for the Browns and a disdain for the team in Southwest Pennsylvania.

I think a common interest between those on the far-Left and those on the far-Right is the continued demonization of Libertarian credibility. It’s something I’ve heard and read from both ends of the spectrum: Libertarians tend to be mean-spirited people who spread misinformation.

Probably because no one group of individuals decide to challenge thestatus quoo more than Libertarians, and when you’re like me and write fiction with a strong Libertarian background, literally allegorizing the built world that is a carbon copy to Earth, such demonization picks up in many arenas.

Do people like Tom Woods, Ron Paul, Daniel McAdams, Jake Morphonios, and others live to spread misinformation, or do they have a point?

Or are they hypocritical for appearing on Russia Today, a news agency either partially or fully funded by the Russian government?

No, and no.

The only people looking to tell us misinformation and propaganda is being spread are those who believe American patriotism is akin to following one’s own government when it is obviously the opposite.

I mean, weren’t the American patriots of yesteryear people who fought their government at every turn?

You can bet on it.

So, when I write my works in Lord of Columbia or my later series that I’m dubbing the Prodigies (starting with Braden Hawk), I use such information to create plots.

But is it misinformation?

Highly unlikely, but I’ll share some links and let you draw your own conclusions.

1. Reason Magazine

2. The Mises Institute

3. Foundation of Economic Education

I’m practically taking politics out of the equation, so the above is what makes these three sources so formidable.

Not only do they take away biases, but they also use independent research to conduct their own content, something I’ve always championed. They take zero sponsorships and lobbies; instead, they’re supported only with donations.

And it’s honestly what separates these sources from the mainstream: There are no corporate-backed sponsorships, no lobbying, but consistent challenging of the status quo, which is thrown down our throats via CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, and other big-time outlets.

But they’ll never tell you that Rupert Murdoch, who owns Fox News, is also on the Board of Advisors for Genie Energy, an Israeli oil company based in New Jersey.

On the same board sits Jacob Rothschild, Dick Cheney, James Woolsey, Bill Richardson, and other high-profile names from both sides of the equation.

Genie has permission from the Israeli government to dig for oil in Syria’s Golan Heights if anyone’s keeping score.

This is something you won’t find above, which simply adds to the zero-bias, fact-based recording.

I also believe many in the mainstream think my info, and the info of others, is coming from places like Lew Rockwell, the Ron Paul Institute, and other similar locations. And believe me, I do gain some info from these outlets, but I look for outlets that are backed by research, where I can literally pull the source.

It’s what the three websites linked above can do.

And it’s why I use them with almost every single one of my Libertarian-influenced posts on this blog, as well as historical data that are allegories in my own works.

If you look beyond this article and further into this category, you’ll see a good deal of my sources coming from the three websites listed above.

With my new Prodigy Series coming within the next two years, you’re also going to see the same allegories, but since the series itself takes place in the real world, I’ll be going one step further and sharing article links that inspired the works. In other words, the Prodigy Series is going to be inspired by true events.

Kind of cool, right?

It’s in my never-ending quest to use writing to help expose the atrocities of all forms of statism while joining the fight with my independent allies in fighting the corporate-backed media giants.

Thick skin, demonization, and probably a little bit of persecution are in our futures, but we have strength in our growing numbers.

And it all begins with driving traffic to every relevant source out there.

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